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  1. For now!
  3. This guy DONATES $40MM, yet folks bitch. WTF??????
  4. PM me with your tel no and I'll ring you with something positive, in stark contrast to the responses from the nattering nabobs of negativism posted to date.
  5. Payment received. SOLD.
  6. Oh wisest of the wise ones, we are indeed honored that you deign to grace our group of humble plebian piscators with your dismissive comment. Forgive us, for we can never hope to know what you know. Shall we will assume that a striper-catching deity such as yourself will no longer lower himself to partaking of such drivel from the masses? We sure hope so!! Useless comments are just that. Wishing you and your Valhalla mates tight lines, Phil
  7. Built with completely weather-proof materials, these mount to the round Yakima cross bars. Your bike is securely held in place by the adjustable double arm bracket and a ratchet strap holds the front tire into the channel. (I believe that these are called the Yakima Raptor Aero Bike Rack. See stock photo for what it looks like on a vehicle.) I’ve driven for hours at highway speeds with two mountain bikes in these racks with zero problems at all. I have two of them, with what Yakima calls SKS (same key system) locks, so you only need one key to unlock both racks. A few scuffs and some dust on them. Everything works perfectly. No rust, no corrosion whatsoever. Each one mounts to the round crossbar with 3 Universal Snap Around clips for each bike. I have one clip per set, so you’ll have to get two more clips per rack for the front flat plate. I just saw a set of four new clips available online for about $10 + shipping. These sell new for $130 to $160. I’ll sell each one for $75, or buy the pair for $125. Cash and local pickup only.
  8. I have one or two FW tackle boxes in medium size that I no longer need. They're plastic (I forget the brands, but they are solid boxes) with multiple trays to hold everything from large Jitterbugs to Mepps spinners to small Rapalas. LMK if you (or anyone you know) can use one and I'll bring it to the Ditch to deliver it.
  9. CONGRATS!!!!!!
  10. YOW-ZAAA!!!!!!
  11. Don't know about "Gospel", but it works for me.
  12. The jointeds (like all jointed plugs) don't cast very well, which is why I primarily use them in either of two scenarios: 1. In close 2. Back-swimming. Some folks call it LDP (long distance plugging). Essentially, that involves a short cast into an outgoing current and letting the plug drift back out into the current, then stopping it in one spot for a bit, maybe retrieving it a little, and repeating. Jointeds do a much better job of imitating baitfish that swim with an "S" motion, such as Atlantic Herring. YMMV.
  13. Catch 'em up John!! Payment received. SOLD.
  14. You got 'em! PM sent. Sold pending receipt of payment.