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  1. Pic of Ed fishing, standing in the water with his headlamp on, pointed over the water!!
  2. Is that a Jesse markup RF?
  3. Wetsuit-wearing tourists? At night?
  4. @Buckeye Caster, check your PMs.
  5. If your town is like mine, you can get used microwaves for free by simply placing an ad in your local free-stuff FB page. I did this a few months ago to cannibalize them for the 3rpm motors for lure drying spinners. Within a week I had four perfectly serviceable micros here. (If you go this route, don't forget to salvage the two powerful magnets!) In my post I also asked for used toaster ovens for drying plug bodies prior to sealing them and powder coating lead heads. I got four of those in a week as well. HTH
  6. Mornin', Mike. How are things?
  7. They don't provide haircuts anymore???
  8. LOVE them!! In timeless colors, no less.
  9. @Asmedeiros1990, that is one badd-azz glider!!!
  10. Like a Tijuana hooker on a Saturday night in a juke joint full of riled up cowboys.
  11. Offer $50 shipped for the lot.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear this. This short verse seems, sadly, appropriate: FORGOTTEN WARRIOR He lives alone In the hills and the trees He bares his soul To the cool mountain breeze He talks to the Spirit He listens to the Wind They shield him from memories Buried deep within The world has forgotten The sacrifice he made The scars he bears remind him Of the high price he paid Freedom is not given But with blood it has been bought By warriors such as he And by the wars they fought We can't forget our warriors Or let them die in vain But with respect and honor We can help to ease their pain Our Freedom will be taken If no one will defend God bless our Forgotten Warriors Who live to fight again. -Unknown-
  13. harley48, You'e a winner! PM coming up.
  14. @Sudsy or @TimS, could you please make a temporary exception to the "no PMs until 15 posts" rule in order that I can PM Buckeye to make arrangements for getting my donated plugs to him and, ultimately, to a late vets' son? Barring that, would either of you forward a PM to him from me? TIA for your help, as always.