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  1. If I didn't already have most of those (which I just realized when checking the rack in my fish cave), I'd have bought them, because that's a great price for plugs that are tough to find.
  2. I think I have a new one for Tuna, as well as some all-but-new ones for stripers. How many are you looking for and what's your budget?
  3. Thanks, J. See you tomorrow.
  4. This one might get transformed into Christmas presents via the SOL Christmas Family Auction.
  5. Thank you, gents.
  6. Justin, $30 cash when we meet up tomorrow on Cape?
  7. Greetings from Dartmouth, MA gents. I recently acquired this plug, so I'm seeking your guidance re value, as I debate whether to keep it, fish it, or donate it. As always, your insights are greatly appreciated.
  8. Seconds, please.
  9. One of my fave Pikies!
  10. Hi Jim, It is indeed open to anybody who wants to donate anything (plugs, lures, books, rods,reels, knives, etc., etc.). Donors need only PM pics and descriptions to me. I'll post them, then after the winner has paid SOL, you will be notified of the winner's name and address to ship your donation to the winner. Do you think that you can get pics and descriptions to me by 11/23?
  11. Words are insufficient to express my gratitude for all veterans, so I will simply say "Thank You" to all who've served, some of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice. A special thanks goes out to my Uncles and my Dad. Some were and are very dear friends, and one I never knew. I write this to honor them and to acknowledge my gratitude for both their service and having had the benefit of their wisdom over the decades. The photo is the cover of my Uncle George's book, Brothers and Heroes, which describes the military service of his six older brothers. From top left, going clockwise: --Jean Clovis Lambert (aka my Uncle John). Sergeant, USMC, Korean War. 1st Marine Division. Inchon-Seoul, Choisin Reservoir Campaign. It will have to suffice to say that he was in the thick of it in many ways, most of which he'd prefer that I not describe. He and my dad were very close, so I saw him a lot while growing up, and got to be good friends with his sons, Eric and Marc. Its no wonder that, after freezing his butt off in Korea, he's now enjoying retirement in FL. --Armand Bernard Lambert, PVT, USMCR, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. I never knew Armand, for he was KIA 21 July, 1944, Guam at age 20, after having enlisted just one week after Pearl Harbor at age 17. Remains never found. Perhaps the most-decorated of all of my uncles, with a Purple Heart, Victory Medal WWII, Marksman, and Presidential Unit Citation (all posthumously). First combat action: Guadalcanal, 30 July, 1942. --Paul Robert Lambert, Sergeant, USMC. Stationed in China with the Third Marines, Third Regiment, Maintenance Battalion after having joined Second Marine Division, 6th Regiment, E Company in Japan. Always known to me as "Mon Oncle Paul" (having grown up in a French-Canadian family in Augusta, ME), I always looked forward to my family's time with his family, including some six cousins. --My Dad, William Alfred Lambert, Staff Sergeant, US Army. Enlisted 29 April 1949. Stationed on Tokyo during the Korean War as a driver for Generals Ridgway and Clarke. Re-enlisted in the National Guard for almost 20 years. Few days go by that I don't think of him. --Laurent Albert Lambert, PVT, US Army. Enlisted 23 April 1945. The Italian campaign had ended by the time that he arrived in Italy, and after having been accidentally shot in the leg by a fellow soldier, he was assigned to the Red Cross. One of the most considerate and generous men that I've ever had the pleasure to know, he helped so many hundreds of people (including his then-13 year old nephew with a new gas tank mounting bracket for my mini-bike), and always with a smile. --J. Louis Lambert, Airman 1st Class, USAF. 17 June 1952 to 16 June 1956. He hid his childhood paralytic polio from the USAF recruiters. The only "Fly Boy" (as his brothers christened him) among the Lambert service men, he spent most of his overseas time in N. Africa, specifically in Morocco as a French/English translator Although he moved to CA when I was a boy, I was blessed to have had the opportunity to create a warm friendship with him as an adult due to my many business trips to Los Angeles, during which I rarely missed an opportunity to spend time with "Mon oncle". Specific to Veterans Day, he built a memorial/monument to his brothers on his property, complete with a flag pole and a bronze plaque, which exists to this day.
  12. Thank you, Chuck. I have some UL spinning gear!
  13. ^^^ I've seen similar approaches with all types of shop vacs. The separator is an important component. My shop vacs (one "Shop Vac" and one Rigid brand) are way too loud for me, so I use an old "Delta Dust Collector" (3/4 HP, 580 cfm), that was my Dad's many years ago. Sits atop a 40-gal (or so) barrel. Very quiet and can be readily modified. I'm guessing that one could readily find them on CL for <$100.
  14. I have, but it was about five years ago. I plan to hit the G again soon. PM me if you want to meet up there.
  15. Great news! All you have to do is PM some pics and a description to me. I'll then post it and after the winning bidder has paid SOL for that reel you'll be notified of the winner's name and address, at which time you can ship it to him. I'm still in for donating some fresh 30# braid to go with this reel.