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  1. Smart man, Chuck! Things like "Well, I know that I said I liked your solution, but wouldn't it be cheaper if we ... ?" and "It really doesn't have to meet code, couldn't you just slap some <whatever> over it?" are definite warning signs.
  2. V. Nice! LOVE the brown one.
  3. Thanks Dennis. That's how they look to me as well. No way I'll attempt to open those eyes. For the reference plug, I'll use cut hooks on the original screw eyes. (So how the he!! does Gibbs get closed eye hooks on closed eye screw eyes?)
  4. Thank you SC & DZ. Were the screw eyes open to accept the hooks, then closed and screwed in all the way?
  5. Does know what the stock hooks sizes were? IIRC, they were cut Mustad hooks. I'm rebuilding a couple of them with the ultimate goal of changing them from 3H to 2H (or one belly + tail flag, if at all possible), with the belly hook attached via a swivel on a piece of .062 SS transverse wire. Before I start with hook relocations I plan to use one of them with the original screw eyes and hooks config as a reference point. As always, TIA for your help, mates.
  6. All right, all right, if you're outta olive (or you're gonna be stingy about 'em) I'll take a black with gold eye fog.
  7. Sorry, I don't go to Boston much.
  8. That'll be one olive needle, please.
  9. Fixed that for ya, Bubba.
  10. LMAO!!!!!!!
  11. Good morning mate. I agree with your "no good look" for the most part, since we're splashing/sloshing/generally-making-a-ruckus when fishing pencils. The only times I could envision it making *any* difference is if one is slowly fishing a floating pencil--one that floats at maybe 45* or less in relation to the surface--with a kind of walking-the-dog approach or stopping the retrieve after a bump or swirl to let it slide backward and down. To the extent that it matters at all, it might matter more when fishing traditional and Polaris style poppers, either using a slow topwater retrieve interspersed with pops of various intensities or swimming them below the surface (the no-lip substitute for a metal lip).
  12. Happy to see that they'll be in experienced hands, Dave!
  13. You got em. PM sent.
  14. Geez, Lou-eez! Good eye, TL!!