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  1. Payment received, so Lot 1 is sold. Will ship them tomorrow.
  2. No worries at all! Lot 1 is yours pending receipt of payment.
  3. I'm sorry, but they're already priced at a discount of 40% compared to my local shop prices.
  4. Prices are for immediate PP w/USPS First Class shipping with tracking # Metal lips: 1. Two new BM Jointed Swimmers $38 One in copper over pearl with a Danny Lip and one in pearl/pink/pearl with a Junior lip. (Typical BM blems on both.) SOLD 2. Three Billy McFadden Swimmers $42 Signed “Mc 05” and never even rigged. Perfect hardware on all of them. Look to have been stored, given the few scratches that you’ll see in the pics. Weights are all about 1 ¼ oz. 3. Pair of new jointed eelie-style swimmers. $20 Unknown builder. One in olive/silver/pearl and one in black/silver/white. Each weighs ~2 ½ oz. 4. Pair of Gibbs $32 Gibbs yellow/white Danny has cut belly hooks that are pristine (and SHARP!!) tinned Mustads (to the best of my knowledge), with an XHD dressed tail hook. 3 ¼ oz. Gibbs Trolling Swimmer (aka “GTS”) in yellow/white is used. 3 oz. 5. Pair of Lupos $40 Large Lupo Danny in blue/white is new. Perfect hardware with perfect hooks, including the signature “tape wrapped” dressed tail hook. 3.1 oz. NIP Lupo “DANNY DEEP TROLLING & CASTING” in classic color pattern of blue/silver/white. Note that the package has a split in the bottom of the plastic bag. According to the package it is 6” long and weighs 2 oz. 6. Two swimmers $25 Atom A40 in blue swirl looks stored but never fished. 2 ¾ oz. Captain Bills red/white swimmer looks carried but never fished. 3 ½ oz. NEEDLES 7. Pair of Habs Needles $42 Habs Sr. yellow appears never-carried. Weight is just less than 1 oz. as shown. 6” long, including loops. Habs Jr. in olive appears stored given the pointers/scratches on only one side. It looks never-fished given the perfect condition of the hardware. Belly is marked with “3.8”, which is exactly what it weighs on my scale. Body is 9” long, not including the loops. 8. Assorted needles lot $38 -24/7 yellow/white has been stored but never carried. Couple of pointers. Hardware is new. 7 ¼” long. 1.3 oz. as shown. -Tsunami Timber in olive/white. Other than 1 pointer aft of the belly hook hanger on left side, it’s in new condition. 1.5 oz. -Gibbs black/silver/white. Lightly fished. 1.75 oz. -Big Ed (RIP), new, in BI Green (fluoro green over pearl belly). 1.4 oz., fast sink.
  5. Interesting to learn. Are all of these very low in gliadin proteins?
  6. one time bump
  7. Sheesh, Carl! What else would he have done? He learned from you!
  8. $18 and you keep the bomber?
  9. I don't use bread machines. Just my Kitchen Aid mixer and traditional bread loaf pans.
  10. Baking your own GF bread is pretty easy these days. I use the dry mixes from the following, in order of preference: Pamela's Bob's Red Mill (available for short $$ at Ocean State Job Lot stores, for those of you who live in New England) King Arthur
  11. I've never purchased GF bread crumbs. I just keep the leftover slices of GF bread in the freezer, then chop them and bake them in the oven.
  12. I was in Paris last month and REALLY wanted to visit that place, but it was closed every time I had the time. GRRRRR!!!