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  1. Lookah-that right there. 'At lil round fish be justa swimmin away, try'na keep jes behind that longah one. Doon a danged good job, too, by the looks of it. Hang in there, Nemo!!
  2. Would those be offered free?
  3. Does recipient have to then offer another item? (I'm OK either way.) If so, I suggest that recipient has X time to to post his item to donate. (Suggest X<=24 hours, or 48 hours.) Not requiring recipient to subsequently post a donation is more in the spirit of giving with NSA (no strings attached), which, if what I've witnessed of you generous scoundrels in the past is any indicator, won't be a problem for the donors. (I also know darned well that none of you will be too shy to contradict me if I've mis-spoken.) Other topics for your consideration and feedback: Trying to do this all in one thread could get very messy. One approach could be to use subject line nomenclature, such that every offering has a subject line that starts with a common opening phrase, followed by a number, followed by a description, which is similar to what was used in the past for the SOL Christmas Family Auction (R.I.P.). I'm not hung up on the verbiage, but here's an example of the structure I just described: PIF #1--Day Glow Blurple Bet Your Bippy 8 oz. Glider A separate PIF thread in which donors could claim one or more PIF numbers would minimize donors' posting PIFs with the same numbers (because they're posting at just about the same time). This thread (possible working titles: "PIF FAQs"?, "PIF READ ME"?, other ideas?) would contain the rules of engagement (whatever we end up agreeing upon) as the first post. Donors can make subsequent posts in the "PIF FAQS" to reserve/claim one or more PIF numbers (e.g., from @PSegnatelli, "I'll donate PIF #1" (or similar)). Recognizing that times are tough these days, might we consider allowing recipients to sell their donated goods if they need to? Perhaps with the caveat that doing so would preclude them from accepting any more donations? Honor system. Instead of an interval measured in time (e.g., One week before claiming another donation), would it be simpler to define that period in terms of n number of PIFs?
  4. damn.
  5. The tenets of Jerry's very informative OTW article on plug selection can also apply to selecting tins, at least IMHO. Title: "Choose The Right Plug" Subtitle: "Eliminate the Guesswork: A Methodical Approach to Plug Selection"
  6. Jerry Audet just announced his upcoming series of fee-based "Surf Scenarios", the first of which (reading outflows), is now up on u-toob for free. Search the toob for: First Surf Scenarios, Free Session December 16th: Outflows! Links being verboten here, you'll find info on the whole series at: indeepoutdoors d o t you-know-what forward slash seminar-series
  7. Jeebus, I'm not sure I can handle any more right off, mate. My head's still spinning looking at what you just posted!
  8. I'm in.
  9. Let us know, please.
  10. Several recent threads here have touched on blind plugs & roll, much of it with regards to A40s (and some Dannies). I have to confess that I'd never really thought about it, but it makes sense to me now. The old ATOM A40s were blind and most of them (except the skunks) were uniformly colored. This observation is by no means conclusive, for one might very well find other old school A40 & Danny builders who did use eyes for what little I know. I rarely fish A40s, but I'm now keen to see what the blue swirls look like as they're rolling underwater. Same goes for the blue cloud patterns found on Pichney and Lupo Dannies.
  11. Ev, Nice to see a deep-swimming Pikie (how deep does that one go?), and that's a great choice of colors!!
  12. Malign me and my POV all you want, just spell my name correctly.
  13. $30, inc. shipping. PM coming up.
  14. Here are some pics of the Jr. I mentioned. LMK if you're interested. What's left of the signature: