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  1. With now two votes for 3/0 belly, it looks like I'll go with 3/0 belly on split ring w/flag tail. Thanks guys.
  2. Since I'll neuter that tail treble, I never worried about it. (I do appreciate your concern, though.)
  3. Hello there, Mr. S.! Thanks for the input. I think they're decals, not painted. I'm a fan of tail flags, for sure, usually on a (cheapo) split ring so they lie right up against the plug body in flight. Having a pair of cut hooks, however, would aid in the side to side swing, so I've read, though I can't say that I've seen it with my own eyes (just never looked that closely). Heck, most of the pencils I used to throw at the ditch were canal rigged, so how "disconnected" were those belly hooks??
  4. 1.5 oz., 6.25" Spec for current version is a pair of cut 2/0s. I don't know which hook they use, but they appear to be longer than the VMC 9626 4X that I have in the fish cave. Plan is to have a belly treble and a neutered (either lollipopped or hook points cut off below the barbs) treble on the tail. Leaning toward cut hooks for swing/momentum (so I've read), but split rings are NP. (Let's skip any "How strong are cut hooks?" discussion, OK?) Is there any significant penalty if I up the hook size by one (to 3/0) for better hook exposure? TIA, as always, for your help --Phil PS. I did indeed rescue "DD" from a dumpster while looking for appliance warranty documents for a new neighor. (Her (totally nitwit) contractors had *put them back into the cartons* before tossing the cartons in with the construction debris.) She (the plug, not the neighbor) was more Dee-Zasstah than Dee-lite--pretty filthy and banged up a bit. After some cleaning, epoxy sealing and a couple coats of Sparks Will Fly (couldn't find any nail polish in "Gibbs blue", but this was close enough for me) she just needs a final epoxy topcoat and some hooks before I let her fly right into Buzzards Bay.
  5. Hi Chuck! I'm OK, thanks. Back on SOL in the last couple days for the first time in a year or more. All of my gear--plugs, tins, reels, bags, you-name-it--has been jumbled in boxes and collecting dust for three years, but I'm getting back into the swing of things now. My son asked me about fishing together a couple of weeks ago. Told him I'd forgotten how to fish. (Not that I was ever any f'n good at it, even on my best days.) Turns out I wasn't kidding. While trying to sort out the *stuff* in one of those boxes, I found a sheet-load of plastic swimmers. Could not remember the name "Redfin". Mambo Minnows took a while too. How've you been? Doing any fishing with beerdoh? I just reached out to him yesterday to solicit his feedback on a couple of rods I'm considering for ditch pluggin' sticks (ODM DNA, AirWave Elite, Star P-flex, etc.)
  6. Ya beat me. Juniors are ~6" long.
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