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  1. Yesterday morning, I picked up a few shorts on a pink Surf Candy fly from the beach. Today, it was 3 shad and no stripers, on an olive Surf Candy fly. There is some tiny 1" bait in the water, and I hooked a sand eel.
  2. 7' St Croix Mojo Surf with a 4000 reel
  3. The burden is, reasonable cause to believe a violation occurred. Yes, a mere technicality.
  4. I reluctantly picked up a pair of Croc sandals for $25, and they turned out to be much sturdier than they looked. Having no fabric to trap sand against skin, they didn't chafe either. And, they float. Looking now, they don't seem to be available. Crocs Men's Swiftwater River Sandal
  5. After getting a couple of seasons out of a couple pairs of Emergers, this time I opted for the Double L waders. They should arrive next week. I'll keep an eye out for those wear spots reported here. The Emergers worked well enough but quickly developed pinhole leaks, which I touched up with Loon goo. I think most of the leaks develop from me kneeling down. I'll try to avoid doing that, and getting poked by those dorsal spines.
  6. When I'm fishing from the rocks, I'm using a Daiwa Saltist 5000 on a 10.5 rod. A bit porky, but I like its fast retrieve and smooth drag. I've considered going to a sealed reel, to avoid the distraction of being concerned about my reel getting dunked in risky situations. In lieu of a nice reel, I'm going to keep up with the maintenance, try to care less about the reel getting wet, and get a spare reel to have on hand. Cheap insurance, and no chance of losing a $1k reel. False economy? Time will tell.
  7. Friday, two hours before low tide, got into a bunch of fish 26+. Largest was over 36". Fishing plugs from shore. I was fishing the same spot the day before, and picked up 6 fish in an hour on a topwater plug. This was my first time fishing this spot, and I needed spikes to get to it. Of the 9 hours spent fishing over a few days at my typical spots, I picked up 3 fish on the fly. Largest was 28". Friday was my best day fishing in quite a while.
  8. They say to trim the claws off? I catch plenty of fish on crab flies, and have witnessed stripers sucking crabs up. If I catch enough of them I just might eat them myself.
  9. I've got a Ketcham green crab trap that's yet to get wet. Maybe it's time to give it a dunking.
  10. Mossy 590
  11. Hers and His. Picked up last fall but have yet to get either to the range.
  12. A news crew vehicle was at the beach early today but I'm thinking they were just here to check the surf. The whale was up against the seawall of a private residence, and not easy to see. The carcass was removed via heavy machinery. Haven't seen any news blurbs about it yet.
  13. At first glance, I had thought the same. But then the lines I thought I was seeing looked more like intestines. I didn't spend a lot of time checking it out though.