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  1. I've been using BackCountry Navigator PRO for years. I believe it was $10
  2. Since the acquisition of SA in 2013, and the release of SharkWave product in 2014, it doesn't look like SA has made any advancements. And now Orvis is marketing a "PRO" flavor of line. From comparing the descriptions of the lines, it seems the SA SharkWave and Orvis PRO lines are very similar.
  3. I use a mono shock leader and FG knot, from 30lb braid to 50lb mono.
  4. Between the 5wt and 6wt rods I have, always the 6wt for smallies. I'll use an 8wt for larger flies (largemouth, pike). I suppose I would go with a 7wt to cover a wider range of offerings, but the 6wt feels perfect for smallies in the CT river. I'm casting a 6wt Sage Response w/Rio OBS, and it's been working very well for me. And when I pick up the odd fallfish, it's still kinda lively and not too wooden.
  5. I've had plenty of luck with trout. But the takes can be very subtle, so I lift the rod tip a bit any time I sense something is just different.
  6. I picked up a winter flounder this morning while fishing a popular sandy point. It was only about 5" and caught on an SP Minnow Bullet in green mackerel. I was not targeting flounder.
  7. The woman gathering water samples at Higgins, was dragging it off the beach.
  8. Simms has some boots intended for wet wading, and in the description mentions some cleat retention feature. VAPORTREAD is their saltwater flavored model. No experience to relate.
  9. On our river tubes, that's called a "Boston Valve"
  10. Good to know about the crab flies working out. What style are you using? I have modest success with them but mostly with smaller fish, even when dredging deep channels. I've been using the Crab Pot (green) and Rag Head (tan), no larger than a half-dollar in diameter.
  11. To anyone not familiar with jet pumps, be aware that they can generate a tremendous amount of suction. If you're running shallow, you might end up sucking debris up off bottom if you're not careful. Rocks even. At a stop/slow speeds in shallow water, ease into the throttle until you're in at least more than two feet of water.
  12. If you're not doing long hikes that require breathable wader$, Hodgman waders have some boot foot styles that aren't expensive and are fairly burly. $70-80
  13. "The details of how Puntin was shot were not released but Yusko said the victim was handling a shotgun when the accident occurred."
  14. Is there a line included with the reel?
  15. And they won't ship it to my MA address...