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    Gorham ,me
  1. Yup ! figures ,Fractured a vertebra in my back in may ,still in a brace however decided to give it a go 1st time this year and yup the horrid red mung !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. so i normally fish between scarborough and saco .As of late the red alsae crap has been miserable ,,I work in portland and am thinking of hittinf a few place from back in the "old "day that i used to fish beteen portland and yarmouth ,I used to fish on the far end of a well traveled bridge with the old stanby sassy shad ! Caught a few of a beach " that you dont hear of " Hoping the fish are still around
  3. went between scarborough and saco 2 rivers and oceanfront ,the northern most river was chock full of an algae bloom,ocean front in 3 spots was covered in the bloom also ,finally hit a river in saco ,,i had only two hit while i saw a couple guys doing quite well ,i walked over and they were using chunck mackeral ,I was using worms and clams ,They had the magic bait i guess ,The fish i saw landed where mostly around 20 " although they did get one 29" ,Was a nice day to be out ,
  4. So finally a day off tommorrow friday 29th and want to hit the salt ,Question is after all this rain do i avoid the river and hit the beaches or shouls i still hit the rivers. i am out of gorham and will be fishing from shore or possibly canoe . What say you
  5. Yup and sunglasses !!
  6. Thanks for the effort !
  7. did a little fishing down on wells /ogunquit over the weekend bunch of 12-15 in the river ,Got back to the truck leaned rod against vehicle and set my clear type tackle box on roof telling myself i shouldnt ,reassured my self i wouldnt forget it ,Yup forgot it got back and it was gone !! Couple plugs,divers ,hooks swivels weights small tape and knife and a handlefull of plastics like the sand eel imitations with the weights hooks !! kickin myself in the arse now !!! live and learn i guess i know its long gone and hope somebody reads this and doesn't do the same thing .
  8. Sounds good ,i will usally throw a few on the grill ,when they open its a little garlic and shot of frank red hot
  9. So how did ya make out ,headin that way this weekend and hoping to wet a line ,I know in the past i've seen fish caught at the mouth
  10. of course just after the extra low tides ,hah hah , Better than nothing i guess
  11. Nice what your favorite way to eat them ?
  12. Looks good i found a few the other day but they were quite buggy
  13. Olive oil little garlic, s & p ,Then sprinkle lightly with a splash of vinegar ,I just put 5 quart bags in freezer and pickled 10 pints yum yum
  14. I'll second that !