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  1. happy to help i think the first time it got unfolded was for the picture. bought these reels 10+ years ago i may have another 1 or two bags rattling around in the garage holding spare spools or parts. you need any boxes? i have at least 1 have several spare spools loaded with line and the zippered mitchell spool ppuches too if you need let me know what you are looking for and we can work something out
  2. Found this in my garage
  3. the terramar woolskins stuff they have on there now has held up great for me over the years I have several shirts and a few bottoms I also have gotten the smartwool and ice breaker pieces, but the terramar is warm, good quality and a lot less expensive
  4. Can I get your shipping address

  5. ill take these thanks
  6. anyone got one laying around? I built one for my daughter last year. Would like to find another to build northeast thanks- Jim
  7. gauging interest on a custom made Tom bag 4 tube front pouch with bucktail loops side pocket pork rind holder, other side custom stitched 20oz bottle holder white sailcloth excellent condition stainless d rings for belt attachment asking 450
  8. How about $210 picked up with the spare spool if you still have it? thanks
  9. Is that shrink wrap over the o rings on the knob?
  10. respectfully - new with warranty is available without looking hard for 26 bucks more delivered to forfeit the warranty and purchase used, to my mind is where the price difference from new comes in. I'd go to 145 shipped, you keep line. Looks to be in great shape With all respect, and thanks for considering
  11. would you take 140, you keep the line?
  12. danielson clips\
  13. in re-reading this thread, I apologize if i hijacked this or made it confusing for the original principals, wasn't my intent.... I was trying to keep up with several threads at once and I think I stepped in here and muddied the waters. Mea culpa mighrtyrime - if the offer still stands id be happy to take that line thanks