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  1. 29 munchkin polaris please
  2. i'll take the other (2) 7'6" teramars for 140
  3. . i'm looking for an inexpensive starter setup. 8 wt 9' combo for schoolies and albies. anyone have a budget setup they are interested in selling?
  4. i'll take it
  5. looking for a few 9" muskie mania doc spooks. only looking for bone color
  6. i'll take the bg 2500
  7. looking for a Cardiff 200 or 300 in excellent condition. needs to be shipped to 02050
  8. i'll pass
  9. if you'd be willing to do 130 shipped i'll take it
  10. thanks for the reply, was hoping for something a bit cheaper. the lines prob 25 bucks but I want to put lighter line on it
  11. looking for one in excellent condition. pics would be great
  12. the fishery up here in mass has rebounded pretty well. the fish are bigger now which is nice, we usually don't keep any fish under 15" and we get a few fish every year around 5 #. just about every harbor north of cape cod has them in good numbers
  13. i'm going to experiment with this come spring. I've got a 23 parker cc dv. w/ bracket and f250 that sits low in the water before my crew of giants and enough ice make margaritas for a lifetime gets onboard. what size tabs are those marty?
  14. I have a penn 950 in excellent condition. $140 shipped
  15. what is this "new" word you speak of :). conch, seavee, onslow bay - i'm not fussy