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  1. Are you talking about the one in Patchogue NY? I visited them a while ago before covid. Kind of scummy if they are doing these things. The bait shops in Queens have huge lines them but did not notice the prices on anything change. They sometimes have trouble getting bait like bloodworms and clams but they seem to always have bunker on hand.
  2. First bluefish of the year on a bunker chunk fishing the noon rain. It was a small blue could not have been more than 4 lbs. The stripers were in the mid 20 inches.
  3. I use spinner baits and mainly the $1 ones from walmart and the Luck E Strike Brand a 3pk is around $4. They work for me in LI and Westchester county. I have also caught striped bass in the bays using them before. I mainly use the cheap stuff because I like to stretch my dollar and 1 strike king spinner bait is $4 while I can get 4 from walmart it makes sense to me. I always use a trailer on my most of the time a short paddletail swimbait like Cabelas Hoochie Koochie its a very cheap plastic but is of good quality. No stinger hook for me. I have caught my personal best pickerel on a chartreuse spinnerbait and a purple trailer. Weird combo of colors but I was just combining colors no real reason behind the choice but it worked so yay.
  4. Went digging for sand worms so I could go porgy fishing on the north shore. No porgies just smaller schoolies. Spoke to a old timer who passed us and he told me Yesterday he was catching bass in Jamaica bay by livelining bunker in a boat.
  5. Just remember guys pretty girls are a dime a dozen but good hearted girls are hard to find.
  6. Waited on the line yesterday at a local tackle store for 1 hour to get some bunker. The bunker was super fresh and new yet not even a nibble yesterday. This morning a measly hit then when I reeled it in a caught a 4 inch tomcod on a 4/0 hook.
  7. All of you keep skunking need to focus on 1 spot and learn the pattern of that spot. Not to brag but I have caught at least 2 dozen striped bass this year. Yes there mostly shorts but I write all this in a log. I write down the wind, tide, temperature, and moon. Every single fisherman should be keeping an active log. April was mediocre for me but May is not. I fish a location 1 minute from my home that most guys would glance over. Is it a prime spot no but its so close by that I can dedicate more time fishing than traveling. Fish your home waters dont chase fish. You chase fish you waste your time just learn your areas patterns. Also if you are not catching fish on lures switch to bait and wait it out. Yes lures are more fun but your goal as a fisherman is to catch fish. Do not be a purist use whatever technique will catch. If someone told me that donuts as bait catches big fish I would do that. If you are skunking on 10+ outings you are doing something wrong. You are either on the wrong tide or you are not using the correct technique, or you are not losing sleep or maybe the waters you fish have no fish. This year I caught one 20 in fish on a bucktail, one 30 in fish (line broke 10 lb test no enough) on a sp minnow, and the rest have been on chunks on bunker from the tackle shop. Good luck guys.
  8. Wish I can catch some porgy. Honestly just been catching striped bass as of late. You should try baits as opposed to lures I only managed 1 striper on a bucktail this year but I got 20+ stripers on bunker on my outings thus far.
  9. Palomar has always been my go to knot. I used to use J hooks but after using Inline circles my last few fishing outings I will never use a J hook or offset circle hook again.
  10. Got to my usual place on the east river and did very well I got a couple of 24+ inch plus striped bass. Been using inline circle hooks and I did not have a single gut hook. That is all for me no more J hooks or offset circles I am an Inline for life now.
  11. Yup DEC green uniforms and everything. Can regular police officers even give you a ticket for keeping an undersized striped bass? Maybe if they knew the rules but I am not sure of this.
  12. Yesterday fished the east river with my "friend". He is more like a guy who fishes near me and I encounter him multiple times and we sometimes exchange info but other then his name I no idea who he is. I skunked but he caught a 23 inch fish that he refused to put back. The law showed up not 1 minute latter and nabbed him and gave him a $175 ticket. I do not wish harm on anybody but I chuckled at this.
  13. Wish it into existence please XD
  14. Where you store all diamonds in a Jewelry box but seriously use foam inserts in the plano boxes those pick and pull type. You can get them at home depot and they work really well. It does take a while to set it up but it works.
  15. Alright guys its been almost 2 weeks and I have not gotten a fish of reasonably adequate size and I have fished bucktails and chunks with some luck on sub 15 inch bass but nothing bigger most days I just skunk and leave. Yesterday I noticed that the bunker I bought had no smell to it it was frozen and it thawed and smelled like nothing it was not slimy and was incredibly soft. I then went and bought another bag of frozen bunker but this time they were slimier and actually smelled like bunker. I then went fishing with it and I caught a 25 inch bass (not a monster but a improvement) and I caught another 24 inch bass. Needless to say I believe the first bag of frozen bunker was soaking in water before it was frozen so all the slime and smell disappeared but the second bag of frozen bunker was frozen sooner it was "fresher" perhaps and it still had the bunker smell and slime despite not being as good as the freshly caught thing. Some of you might be saying this a rookie mistake but I thought it was interesting I actually began to lose alot of confidence in my technique so it was refreshing that better bait gave results. Or it could have been bigger fish were in the area I after I bought the bait. Anyway in summary Fresh Bunker > "Freshly" Frozen Bunker > Watered down crap bunker. Also if anyone wants to know I was using an 8/0 mustad inline circle hook with 50 pound mono leader a beefy spro swivel a fish finder rig and 30 pound mono mainline on a 9 foot shakespeare alpha bigwater rod Tight lines guys