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  1. I’m not talking ugly sticks and penn prevails, I’m talking good quality blanks like Lami, Black Hole, ODM, etc. my gsb might need replacing soon and Even though I may just get another one.. I’m curious what else i should look at considering I haven’t shopped in about 4-5 years and see that the amount of rods available has almost tripled since then. I fish very rocky areas so I’m looking for the utmost durability without going into a heavy fiberglass blank. I, like most of you, fish a few hours at a time so I’d like it be as light as possible WITHOUT sacrificing durability.. so I’m not looking for just the flat out lightest rod there is. lures I throw are almost ALWAYS between 1-3.5oz with 2-2.5 being the majority of them. I also don’t need a rod that casts a mile.. 90% of my fish come within 30-40 yards of shore so distance isn’t a top priority. 1.) durability 2.) weight 3.) sensitivity what rod would you reach for if that was the order of important traits?
  2. I gotcha. So basically it becomes a scoop that picks up the weeds before the lure to help clear a path. 2 questions... 1.) have you caught fish this way? I ask because although it would certainly help keep the lure clean, does a big clump of seaweed moving 3 feet in front of the lure not spook the fish? 2.) when the “scoop” get loaded up with weed but the lure is clean, can you still feel the lure working and pulsing? I ask so I know whether or not it’s a guessing game as to whether there’s weed on the lure or just on the scoop planning to try it out regardless but figured I’d ask
  3. Almost a decade later and I’m just seeing this... sounds like a great idea! I’m not entirely sure I’m visualizing it correctly though, any shot you could post either a video of the the bending process or maybe just a picture of the final product so we can see what you mean? I think I get it but not sure.
  4. Agreed, we settled on a 21’ to give us a little more safety and still plan to only pass the 10 mile marker on the calmest of days
  5. Anyone else? How far out for blue sharks and porbeagles if I’m heading out from cape Ann?
  6. Sorry I should’ve mentioned that I’d be launching out of Salem on the north shore. I’ve run into plenty of blues while out near Jeffries but was wondering if they’re common closer in?
  7. I’ve been fishing mass all my life, there are plenty of areas you can fish, and a lot of people here believe if you say “cape code” that’s too specific... which area of mass do you plan to visit? There’s a lot of large areas I can point you to without being overly specific. you aiming for the cape, south of Boston, or north of Boston?
  8. Hey guys, my dad and I are planning to buy our first boat this fall or first thing in the spring. We do plenty of striper fishing but we’d like to expand our options to do some ground fishing as well as maybe some recreational shark fishing. Nothing competition worthy like makos and threshers.. just a blue shark or something that can give a better fight than a striper or bluefish. anyone know how close in blue sharks can be found? We’re on a budget so we don’t want to be shopping for a 23 foot boat to go out 20 miles if a 18 footer is sufficient within 10 miles on nice calm days
  9. *
  10. Hey guys. Got me a great spot I’ve finally got dialed in after a few years of fishing every condition. It can be super productive on calm nights and during the day when there’s bad weather causing the waves to become commanding. It is a VERY rocky area with lots of big structure below the water (see attached photo) I prefer a more moderate action rod for the types of lures I throw here, but I’m wondering if I should also get a faster rod with more backbone for the rough stuff when pulling fish away from structure becomes more difficult.... or is moderate better in big water to allow more give when fish are using huge waves and current to their advantage?? currently using a Lami 1201L cut to 9’2 for both conditions. Haven’t had any mishaps yet but it can feel undergunned in the big stuff. But going more than a 10’ rod would be hard given that I don’t have much room behind me for casting. Here’s a pretty typical day, some turbulence but nothing a 1201L can’t handle This is the same spot but during the rougher stuff where the 1201L starts making me nervous picture doesn’t do it justice, these are about 5-6 foot seas waves crash over a huge reef here and that’s where almost all my hits come, just inside that cresting wave
  11. Looking for either a 7 or 9 (leaning slightly to a 7 but will deal with the extra heft of the 9 if the price is right) Has to be Gen 1 No preference on bailed or bailess No preference black or gold Post pics of what you have.
  12. I too love reading threads from 13 years ago.......
  13. Lol.. is that your secret technique? Thanks for sharing, will certainly give that a shot!
  14. This sounds very interesting. I'm definitely going to give that a shot next season.
  15. Let's not get into live vs dead.. I have a spot I want to try snakes at with 12-15 foot deep water close to shore so I don't need the extra casting distance of dead. Plus I like the physical feedback of feeling the eel periodically head shaking to try and get off the hook. So.. how many casts do you make before you switch your eel? I've noticed after 4-5 casts my eels are not dead but start acting like it. Are they just as enticing when they're not wiggling around? When they get sluggish, do you continue a straight retrieve or do Start imparting an action at that point? Do you always fish them at the bottom or have you ever tried suspending them about 3 feet below the surface with a balloon? My spot has very sticky bottom and would prefer to suspend it if possible