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  1. Don’t have the box but it was only used once on a charter in west palm beach, got a nice sailfish on it. been sitting too long, thought I’d use it a bunch but it deserves a better home. Make an offer, I’ll probably say yes.. I’ve owned it 3 years and used it once lol at this point it’s no loss. spooled with 65lb Jerry Brown solid braid, with about 10 yards of 20lb mono backing. Thanks for looking, spring can’t come fast enough!
  2. a couple extra lures equates to 4-5 extra ounces. Adding a whole extra bag (and let’s be honest, extra gear other than just spare lures will undoubtedly find a home there) can be another 2-3lbs. I use ONLY flat lander gear because of how quality it is, but that quality comes at a price.. an empty flat lander bag is about full pound all on its own. Fill it up, 2-3lbs extra. And that’s on one side of your body, so when you’ve got a belt of 5-6lbs of gear on it without it being perfectly balanced, you feel more weight to one side and you compensate for it by using muscles on the opposite side more. 3-4 hours like that on a rock takes a toll. I’ve been doing this long enough to have seen the amount of gear some people carry with them.. it’s borderline a liability to their safety unless they’re standing on sure footing. I fish in areas where sure footing isn’t possible, so I like to stay as nimble as possible, hence only carrying the essentials. Some of the guys I’ve seen when I visit Montauk have enough gear hanging off their shoulder to build a plug from scratch right there on the rocks lol. It isn’t necessary, you don’t need THAT many varieties of plugs with you.
  3. I used to carry a ton of gear but I tell ya, going lightweight changed how much I enjoy fishing. I used to look like a navy seal out there lol, now I only bring what I really need, what I actually use, and have made an effort to bring items that have more than 1 use, rather than 5 items that are 1 trick ponies. Maybe once or twice per season I’ll wish I had something on me that got left behind, but the mobility of being lightweight EVERY time I’m out far exceeds that 1-2 times. My back and knees thank me as well lol
  4. Now THIS is what I was looking for. 316 is fantastic steel, got a few garden tools made of 316 that get left outside 365 days for the last 8-9 years without any signs of corrosion. Granted that’s not a saltwater environment but I know for sure this is the “clean twice a year” type of material I was looking for. Thank you!
  5. Suggestions? Never seen any split ring pliers made of titanium, wondering if anyone knows of any? At minimum, a set made from true stainless steel. why?? I like to carry doubles of my favorite lures with me, but to conserve space in the tubes, I like to keep the backups without hardware on them. I keep extra hooks with split rings on them in a separate container and like to just attach them when needed. The Texas Tackle pliers I have always rust to hell and become a bear to operate with one hand in the dark. yes, I could clean them and oil them after every 2-3 outings, but if we’re being honest… I won’t. I’ve upgraded all my gear to titanium/stainless wherever I can for this reason. I’d rather cry at the price but only have to clean/oil them at the end of the season. My Premio titanium pliers haven’t been cleaned once in 3 years and they look and operate as smoothly as the day I got them. That’s the kind of reliability I’m looking for and am willing to pay for it.
  6. Out of curiosity, are the majority of us recreational fisherman putting the majority of the blame on the commercial sector? It does seem that way anyways, and I have a gut feeling that the recreational sector counts for a much higher percentage of the total take/mortality rate than a lot of you are giving it’s due credit.
  7. Unfortunately not in a position to afford a private charter for tuna and as much as I drool over it, definitely can’t afford a trip to the fishing lodges in Venice, LA. Maybe someday but right now the sheer thought of spending 2-3k on a day trip to the canyons to possibly come up empty handed breaks my heart. YFT on the Helen H is looking like a viable option. Anyone here been in the last few seasons and can share what the experience is like? Where do people sleep, is food available for purchase or have to bring your own? Anything comparable to the trips out of San Diego? Have you been and not caught anything? $750 is an easier pill to swallow and would allow me a chance every year, maybe two chances per year.
  8. Great info, thank you. Any favorite spots for best shots at the kingfish? was thinking of a trip to Venice, LA for a combo of redfish inshore, and yellowfin tuna and amberjack offshore at the oil rigs.
  9. I am lucky enough to afford the occasional vacation with a charter trip thrown in every few years but am not lucky enough to be able to afford multiple attempts at each destination in a lifetime. That said, I have a “wish list” for species to catch. Some of them I already know where is the best place and time to catch them, and I’ve already made progress on my list. Some of them involve only a few hours drive from where I live near Boston, and others involve flights and a few days stay. if you only had 1-2 shots at the following species, where and what time time of year would you book a trip in the United States (please only list a non-us spot if it’s absolutely necessary as I won’t be able to afford more than 2 exotic destinations in a lifetime) I’m not looking for times of year where the biggest are available to set records, I’m looking for times of year of abundance to maximize my chance at one. Amberjack Mahi Redfish Snook Tarpon Kingfish Giant Trevally if it’s not on the list, I either already have a planned trip, it’s not on my list, or have already checked it off the list.
  10. First 3 still available or did sale go through?
  11. I should’ve added that we’ll be jigging and bottomfishing WHILE the kite is up. I asked if I catch an albie if we can bleed it and toss it out for a shark, and also asked if I could bring some of my own gear. He said “thumbs up to all of that, the boat is yours for 8 hours, we can go after whatever you want, however you want” Would hate the idea of sitting and waiting for a kite bite.. love the idea of jigging up dinner and/or amberjack while waiting/hoping for sailfish, kings, and blackfin tuna. Said if we limit out early (or don’t have much luck) that we can head in a little early to fish out in the front of the inlet tarpon and jacks as well. as much as I want to, I can’t have it be ONLY artificials as I’ll have my wife and father in law with me who both like to fish but are not experienced enough to catch big fish on artificials with much success.
  12. Ended up booking with Reel Intense capt Weston Russel. 35ft SeaVee has me not too worried about seas unless we’re expecting 6footers on a short period. Will post pics if we catch anything! Capt assured the windy conditions in march improves hookups for sails and Kings on the kite!
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