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  1. Looking for either a 7 or 9 (leaning slightly to a 7 but will deal with the extra heft of the 9 if the price is right) Has to be Gen 1 No preference on bailed or bailess No preference black or gold Post pics of what you have.
  2. I too love reading threads from 13 years ago.......
  3. Lol.. is that your secret technique? Thanks for sharing, will certainly give that a shot!
  4. This sounds very interesting. I'm definitely going to give that a shot next season.
  5. Let's not get into live vs dead.. I have a spot I want to try snakes at with 12-15 foot deep water close to shore so I don't need the extra casting distance of dead. Plus I like the physical feedback of feeling the eel periodically head shaking to try and get off the hook. So.. how many casts do you make before you switch your eel? I've noticed after 4-5 casts my eels are not dead but start acting like it. Are they just as enticing when they're not wiggling around? When they get sluggish, do you continue a straight retrieve or do Start imparting an action at that point? Do you always fish them at the bottom or have you ever tried suspending them about 3 feet below the surface with a balloon? My spot has very sticky bottom and would prefer to suspend it if possible
  6. +1 on the UK Vizion. I used to work at dicks and tried a bunch of the ones they carry because they were cheap with my discount. Tried over 10 of them.. none of the come even halfway to the reliability of the Vizion. It actually takes quite a bit of effort to get it to quit. There is a new version for little more money.. think the old one is still being carried though. Difference is the newer one has 3 different brightnesses. Old one just one brightness. I recently got the new one.. but actually like the old one better since it takes less clicks to turn it off. Both have the same ruggedness though. If you like different light strengths, go with the new one. Up to you which one to get but either will last several years.
  7. Wow, great info Hans. If I were to ask you one question, it would be if you felt any of the maneuvers were more effective than the others? I've read of 3-4 of them. Can't remember the names but they all seemed to be named after a person. Do those maneuvers require knowing which ear is effected? I haven't gotten testing to find out which ear is giving me trouble so I'm not sure if the direction I look while doing the maneuvers has anything to do with the effectiveness. Thank you so much, it's truly nice to have someone in the medical field actually listen and give some real answers rather than just nod along and then write a prescription!!! PS yes the doc when I had my first episode (absolutely debilitating) gave me meclizine and told me to continue taking it and it would eventually go away. After researching the types of vertigo and how they can range from bpv to meneieres to Central vertigo that can be caused by a tumor... I don't know how they could possibly feel professional telling me to essentially just sleep it off
  8. Agreed with Bill, good job not giving up. Always sucks to break gear and line with a blitz going on... But now that I think about it, during a crazed feed is when I used to usually have that happen as well. The first few times you run into it, it's so exciting that you forget to take your time and forget your fundamentals. Can't tell you how many times I ran into a blitz and lost ALL casting accuracy lol. They always stay fun, but with time youre able to keep your cool a little better and focus. Congrats on it, nothing quite like it.. especially when you happen to be the only one around!
  9. Thank you so much. This is truly helpful and reassuring. If you don't mind, I'd even like to have my GP read this the next time I'm in so that he can take several things into consideration.
  10. Thanks for the great news!! Be safe out there everyone
  11. Lol I understand your fear.. I sometimes get unnerved while I'm wading at night. Unfortunately, any episode during discovery channel's "Shark Week" will show you they feed/hunt at all hours of the day. They're opportunistic feeders, so if they're hungry and they sense something moving in the water... They're not going to check their watch first to make sure it's feeding time. Like you said.. all of our odds of being attacked by a shark are unbelievably low.. but that doesn't mean it's not risky to be in the water at any time of day. I used to think they preferred Sandy bottom and assumed I was safe on Rocky shoreline... That is, until I spent a night wetsuiting the boulders at Manomet Point in Plymouth only to read the next morning that a white had pinged a tracker a 1/4 mile away at white horse beach. Haven't been back since.. I stick to my North of boston waters where I don't think there has been a white sighting in decades. Just use your common sense and you'll be fine. Don't swim 50 yards to rocks in 20 feet of water at 2am when there's seals around...
  12. I have the 1200 and agree that I'd rather have the Montauk if I were using it for wetsuiting. I usually don't wetsuit in weather cold enough where I'd need a top but if I was going to, I'd prefer something more streamlined for swimming.
  13. Got it. Thanks, pm coming. Thanks Tim S
  14. I have the dremtech surftop. It should have latex cuffs.. the Montauk surf top has neoprene cuffs. Latex is more comfortable, thinner, and more waterproof. My jacket has been bombproof for two seasons now. Had a stormr neoprene surftop before and there is no comparison. All stitches are holding up and I put mine through a washer and dryer cycle once per month may-october. The neck gasket is not very tight, it will protect you from rain and large waves but if you take a dip, expect to bring some water inside. But it's not a drysuit so complete waterproofness shouldn't be expected. I've gone through some pretty rough outings and only came out with a damp sleeve ring and a few drops on my shirt collar. Like person above said, it's a tad baggy but I think it was designed to be worn with other layers underneath, hence the extra room I will say this is not really a summer time jacket. Youll be fine at night or in overcast conditions where staying dry is a priority but on a sunny day in July, this jacket will kill you. It's very warm and completely windproof. Get something lighter for hot days. Overall, I wouldn't trade mine for any other surf jacket, and I've tried most of them. Oh and lastly, it can go weeks without washing and it won't stink. The material doesn't hold water. Wish I could say the same for all the neoprene jackets out there. 3-4 trips and those things become rancid.
  15. If you want the reel, you have to post it here that you'll take it, per the rules. I don't want the overlords mad at me.