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  1. Ok, Andrewdacook...rods are yours. PM on the way. Thank you!
  2. I reached out to bigcountry yesterday but haven't heard back. I'll give it until 6pm and if I don't hear by then they go to andrewdacook. Thank you.
  3. Ok, I PM'd you my paypal address. Thank you!
  4. Ok, I will check in with him.
  5. Ok, let me know. Thanks.
  6. Are you looking for all three? If so I will ship for an additional $15. Not looking to ship individual rods. Thanks.
  7. Putting these back up for sale. Reduced to $120 each. Or take all three for $250
  8. Reduced to $20 shipped
  9. Thank you. PayPal address on the way. Will ship Tuesday.
  10. Reduced to $45 shipped
  11. Ok, will PM and work out details. Thanks.
  12. Price is firm, thanks for the offer.
  13. Streamer fly box 13.5"x10.5" (Yeti sticker, not Yeti brand) $30 shipped
  14. New lead jig heads. Various weights. $50 shipped. Paypal only. 66 pieces.
  15. Solid copper 16oz copper mugs set of 4 + copper cleaner. New in box. $25 shipped. Paypal only.