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  1. The two older ones are Precision Built. One is the Mosquito and the other is Silver Moth. The automatic I'm not sure of the make.
  2. Ok, thank you Falmouth. I will let you know this afternoon.
  3. Thanks for your patience.
  4. I had a late meeting yesterday and didn't get to the post office. I will get there today at 4pm and report back to FalmouthFisher amd Starsandstripes.
  5. I'll do it 7Rivers. I know you will fish them well. Paypal info on the way. Thank you.
  6. I just want to take a picture of the tail chip so the buyer understands it will fish well, but it is epoxy filled so it is still sealed. Going to keep the price as is, but thanks for the offer 7Rivers.
  7. Ok. Thank you. Paypal info on the way.
  8. Ok, I will look it up and let you know.
  9. No problem. Yes, boxes are included.
  10. Mods, please move to PLUGS section. Thx.
  11. Four boxes of various new rubber worms, sluggos, etc. $25 plus actual shipping. Paypal only. Or pick up in Northern Bergen County.
  12. BM is lightly used. Lefty is lightly used, fishable has a repaired chip in tail. Wade is new. Older stock. Take all three for $85 shipped PayPal only.