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  1. Sold pending payment.
  2. One last shot. $185 shipped or $170 local pick up.
  3. $160 and you have a deal.
  4. $170 shipped
  5. Yea I'm not really sure what the thought process is going with a smaller less powerful reel for the new Coastal.
  6. I'd love to meet up and get out there with you on the kayaks, but that's a haul for me. Might be worth the trip though.
  7. I took it as a joke. Pretty sure I sensed some sarcasm in there.
  8. These threads are all depressing.
  9. How about $185 local pick up.
  10. Ok lets do $185 shipped or $175 local pick up.
  11. Located in Shelton, CT.
  12. I did not bother to take any pics of the rod as the description is fitting. Anything in particular you are interested in?
  13. The lure rating is 3/8-3/4 oz. However, as is typical with St. Croix it can handle a little more.
  14. My mistake, sorry guys. Location is Shelton, CT.