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  1. I can do $42
  2. Will you do $40 shipped for the pair?
  3. I'll take it for $30. Send me your Paypal info.
  4. Is the RM Smith still for sale?
  5. Interested in this as well. I'm looking for a camera that I can mount on the bow of my Outback just for still shots. Not interested in video. Voice command pictures would be great.
  6. Just gave my new Coastal TWS a test drive the other night and I'm really liking it so far. Hopefully I'll be able to put to a real test soon.
  7. BG is a great reel, especially for the price. The 4000 is likely bigger than necessary though. I use a 3000 loaded with 20# braid from the kayak in the river and it is plenty of reel.
  8. Well the assumption would be that you would never need that port. Good points though.
  9. Is there a reason you shouldn't just fill the extra port with silicone?
  10. Looks like an awesome weekend. Wish I was closer.
  11. So how did it go?
  12. This is true. I should have been more specific.
  13. They are not waterproof. That's what your dry suit is for.
  14. NRS Paddle Wetshoe. 100% worth it. Also, if you're wearing hunting/hiking boots you might not be dressed properly for the conditions. Not sure what the water temps get down to around you, but I recommend picking up a dry suit or at least dry bottoms and a dry top if you haven't already.
  15. Very nice! On plugs too. I've been having some luck in the river too and can't wait to expand my horizons this year.