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  1. Also remember a healthy winter flounder fishery in the river near both Rt 1 and Rt 107
  2. I see the VP yammering away on Nantucket yesterday. He should be under quarantine for two weeks upon entering the state from whatever hole he crawled out of.
  3. A voice of optimism here: I witnessed the replacement of the decrepit Whittier Bridge that crossed the Merrimack on Interstate 95, from the first day of surveying to the last line painted on the asphalt. The state did a magnificent job. Traffic was rarely seriously hindered. And the finished product is a wonder, both architecturally and functionally. If the state can equal the Whittier effort on the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges, and there's no reason they can't, the final result will be well worth waiting for.
  4. 50 years ago cod were so plentiful off Plum Island in March you could lay a baited hook on the sand and wait for the surf to break over the bait and there would be a cod on the hook. That is NOT a fish story
  5. I was peripherally involved (as a witness) when the conservative president Nixon expanded the food stamp program by a factor of five using that exact same reasoning. Instead of paying farmers not to grow crops the government would give stamps to citizens who would use them to pay farmers for the food they would grow on the fallow land. Of course, eventually, the program was abused, filled with scams, and seen as another "welfare" act. The thinking is still sound, but...……..
  6. 7.594 billion...…………….is about 5.594 billion too many. Just about every ecological issue could be remedied if everyone concentrated on the single most detrimental fact of this planet, overpopulation
  7. A shout out to Dave DeBenedetto and On The Run, where he follows the striper migration down the Atlantic coast and writes about the fishermen he meets. But the best overall fishing book I've read is called Highliners, by William B McCloskey, still available in paperback from a giant online vendor not to be mentioned. I appreciate it because it mirrors my experience and the experience of several friends in the building of the great Kodiak fisheries following the 1964 earthquake. It was the wild west in modern times and McCloskey tells it like it happened.
  8. To any here of a literary mind, there is an unpublished 6 page short story by Ernest Hemingway in this week's issue of the New Yorker magazine about marlin fishing off Cuba.
  9. I'm thinking twice about eating any striper caught in the Merrimack this summer considering all the sewage that overflows into the river and the fact that scientists claim the beer flu virus is found in fecal matter.
  10. The Least Weasel is easy to identify in that it has a white belly and is smaller and skinnier than a red squirrel. They're fairly common all over this area. Recently I've seen them in Woburn and North Andover and Andover.
  11. surprised no one mentioned Doucette's and their great breakfasts, Cape side near the Sagamore
  12. My money is on Silverside
  13. I still occasionally use a very unique Al Cappy made one piece 12 foot surf spinning rod I had paired with an old Luxor, caught my first Canal bass with it. Trying to recall his partner's name. Was it Ed? Also, the flower show used to be at Horticultural Hall, near Symphony Hall.
  14. 60+ years ago and it seems like yesterday. I remember the fisherman vs. swimmer in the pool, the line attached to a harness on the swimmer's back, and of course Ted Williams flycasting a cigarette out of some "volunteer's" mouth