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  1. They sell these little hand held feeders that hold a few tablespoons of sugarwater. Hold them up near a feeder and they'll readily eat out of your hand if you have a bit of patience. Really cool.
  2. Dozens of good places to fish. Best advice is to drop in to Surfland at the end of Plum Island Turnpike and ask what's happening.
  3. Fresh mac is an excellent tasting fish, even the small ones. Filet them immediately and broil a trayful for a couple minutes and serve them at a party as appetizers and you'll have people fighting over them.. But, like bluefish, FRESH is key.
  4. Rusty Can is excellent, much better than American in Rowley
  5. Looking back at three quarters of a century, the best days of my life were spent on the riprap watching my father cast, waiting for the dawn to break so I could explore.
  6. Salisbury beach jetty is productive for bass, and you can catch plenty of small skate and a stray flounder, and I've often seen lobsters pulled in when they wouldn't let go of the bait, I've often seen sturgeon hooked there, been in the middle of historic bluefish blitzes, once seen a migrating Atlantic salmon landed. But NO scup, ever.
  7. A good reason to travel with the rod on the roof and the reel in the trunk, rig up by the light of a headlamp after parking. A blank rod has virtually no wind resistance.
  8. I really like my rod made by Jim Pitittieri in W. Mass. Shipping was excellent also.
  9. Back in the 70's a very good friend of mine lost his Golden Retriever in the river fishing at night. With a big outflow dog jumped in the river around the point above the sand bar and vanished.
  10. Take it!! I, at least, thought it was really cool.
  11. I use the website "tides4fishing" which gives a very accurate rundown of the ocean conditions, temps, river currents weather, tides, surf height, even maps Bookmark it for instant info.
  12. Worst case of Poison Ivy I contacted was 10 years ago while deer hunting in December. I set up a blind among dead twigs, had my hands on the twigs, later learned, after my eyes had swollen shut and the rest of deer season washed out, that the dead twigs can carry the urushiol, the poison, for a couple years. Google poison ivy rash images for the ultimate horror viewing.
  13. I've fished the river and beach front for over 50 years. The one constant about the sandbars is that they are always always changing, due to storms, currents, riptides. There were a couple days in the last few weeks where the rip currents were insane around the sandbar in the river.
  14. Someone earlier mentioned seeing 5 seals. I drift fished the river on Friday for a few hours, from the point by the lighthouse to the bend in the north jetty. and saw so many seals I couldn't count them. At all times, low tide, there were a dozen or more seals in sight, many coming within a short cast of the boat. A few days earlier on one of the party boats someone actually hooked into a seal, a crew member immediately cutting the line.
  15. Is Gloucester too far for you? Couple schooners cruise the harbor every evening, pretty comfortable set-up.