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  1. Over spring break, I am lucky to be going on a sailing trip around the abacos and other islands in the Bahamas. Our sailboat will most likely be withing 10 miles of the shore for most of the trip. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience fishing in these locations. Any info on inshore trolling, reef fishing, or flats fishing in the bahamas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I'm Colin Brennan, age 15, and this is a mahi mahi i caught two weeks ago offshore in the Willmington canyon
  3. Two years ago i was fishing off the beach in my kayak. A rogue wave broadsided me, the kayak flipped and everything went into the water. After swimming the kayak back to shore, I was glad just to be back on land. But, later that day, I looked down by the water and saw a bunch of kids holding my rod and reel and taking pictures with it like it was a lost treasure. After thanking them, I was luckily able to get my setup back.
  4. I'm Colin Brennan, age 15, and this is my personal best weakfish caught behind Margate, New Jersey on 6/24.
  5. I used to use power pro, but then I switched to suffix 832 and I like it much better
  6. All over southern Jersey's jetties and beaches! Thanks for the chance Penn
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by mitchellgoosen What rigging do you guys recommend for a very slow retrieve. Last night I was crawling it and noticed it had almost no action. Don't remember my rigging, but found it somewhere on this page. I use 1/0 4x vmc trebles with owner 70lb splits, and this setup has action even when retrieved slowly.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Buckmark22 Edit: Can somone repost with the picture attached? I am apparently technically challenged. Here you go EDIT: TO JUDGES: NAME AND AGE ARE IN POST ABOVE. PLEASE DO NOT DQ. THANKS - TLDIG
  9. Not a horrible event, but definitely one of my most frustrating days out on the water: my dad, me, and two friends were out fishing on my dad's boat last week, and we quickly got into some nice fluke fishing. About a half hour in I got a 22 inch fish and we netted it, measured it, and I took the buck tail out of it's mouth. Next, for some stupid reason I put it up on our cutting board and with one strong kick it flaps out of the boat and swims away... But, luckily we ended up getting an eight pounder later that day, which I made sure to keep close to the deck
  10. This is my younger brother, Owen Brennan (age 8), with his first fluke of the season caught on 6/1/2014. Luckily, he's now starting to get hooked on fishing.
  11. I'm Colin Brennan and I'm 15. This is a schoolie I got on a mother of pearl bomber while fishing a south jersey jetty this weekend on 6/7/2014.
  12. I have a 5000 and whenever I have an issue with it, I just take off the side plate and clean the main gears then pack it up with grease again. If u run into trouble with this just look at the schematic sheet to guide you.
  13. I got out on opening day of fluke season here in nj. This was my first keeper of the season, a 4.5 pounder caught on a bucktail. Colin Brennan- Age 15- Caught on May 23
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by magikbbg Quote: Originally Posted by steelfish after reading all the whole thread I have two questions: 1. why many say that you should never use freshwater to clear your fillets?, read something about that when you are not near of saltwater anymore then forget about using freshwater to clean your fillets of course after a filleting job) 2. how you you prepare and eat those big striper's heads other than fish soup? our seabass sometimes are as big as those fatcows and I might try them too. Hi. I didn't realize this thread came back to life. To answer your question - cleaning it with freshwater makes the fish spoil faster. So in the event you want to eat your fish raw or want to store it in the fridge without freezing it then the best way is to avoid the fresh water rinse. And i don't know the since behind it but it is a fact that fish spoils faster under same conditions when washed and unwashed. When you wash sashimi it loses it's firmness and subtle taste and becomes waterlogged and flavorless. (FYI- all sushi [not claiming all do] at restaurants in nyc must be previously frozen as a Health safety rule!) Split the head with a big knife and hammer. Easiest but most dangerous to work from inside head down and out to the mouth. Then chop it some more. Big bass can make soup many times. A completely split in half head when broiled skin side down makes a good meal. - on your trigger pic - that is an impressive skinning it's so perfect. Looks like something I saw at the bodies museum lol. magikbbg- when filleting and preparing fluke for sashimi purposes, what exactly do you differently? Thanks.
  15. I would go with the 4000. I have the 5000 and use it for similar fishing without any issues at all. I'm yet to be outgunned with it, but i've come pretty close. So, i'd say it's beter to have a little extra power just in case with the 4000.
  16. Does anyone have any reccomendations for filleting and preparing fluke for sashimi? I've never done it but would like to try it. Thanks
  17. I'm in. Thanks for the chance!
  18. I'm in, thanks