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  1. Marty and Roccus, you hit the nail on the head. I have lived in the southern ME area for almost 6 years now and I "know" the spots but I have been skunked so many times it has been disheartening. I try different spots and different tides and I just give up as I don't even get a nibble. DISCLAIMER.... I do not nor will ever expect to roll up cast once and land a cow. It is more of what everyone is saying. That "local knowledge"! Like if I have some time and look at the tide chart I kind of know where to go to at least have a chance. Again... THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE COMMENTED!!!!
  2. Thank you all for all of the great information! With the family duties it is hard to get out when the tide is "right" I have to take advantage when even I can on what ever tide it is.
  3. Ok, I have a pretty good basis of knowledge but nowhere near "expert" yet. With this said, tonight's tides are looking like low at 7ish. Would/where should be a good place to practice casting? Up river, river mouth, beach, or back yard?!?!?! I have always struggled with this.
  4. Sweet. I am in Sanford more specifically. Lets try to get together sometime.
  5. Not at all, just didnt understand what was going on.
  6. York county, me
  7. posted what? My post or your post?
  8. So, towards the tail end of the 2018 season my Penn Prevail decided to snap into toothpicks. Would anyone out there have any rec's or (even better) a used penn prevail that I could... "use"??? My old toothpicks was a 10' more in line in maryland surf fishing and not the coast of NH and ME. I have always had the internal struggle of getting a plugging rod or another bait caster. I typically throw minnow sp's but prefer to bait fish more then anything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. As soon as I got back to my truck, I called Penn Fishing and was informed if that I take a picture of the model number and also of the damage they would offer a replacement rod at 45% off of the price since it was out of the 1 year warranty period. They also said it is for ANY damage, regardless of how it happened. Kinda cool! I bought the rod at KTP when it was on sale and most likely I could probably pick up another one locally at the same price Penn is offering. Maybe this way I can get something that best fits a "hybrid" style of Maine fishing. Plugging and also Bait fishing.
  10. It is a Penn Prevail PRESF1530S10. I have had for about 4 years and has been an awesome rod. If I could some how find another top section to it...
  11. Well, it finally happened. I was at a local river mouth yesterday fishing the incoming and I went to cast my SP minnow and then BAM! the top section of my rod blew apart! So now my season is officially over or I some how find the money for a new rod. Needless to say I was/am completed bummed about this.
  12. When I get home home bait fishing I vacuum pack them and throw them in the freezer, I still have a bunch of frozen Mack's from last year. STILL GOOD!!!
  13. Nice! I am glad to see that people are getting theirs this year. I hope to get out this weekend.