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  1. As soon as I got back to my truck, I called Penn Fishing and was informed if that I take a picture of the model number and also of the damage they would offer a replacement rod at 45% off of the price since it was out of the 1 year warranty period. They also said it is for ANY damage, regardless of how it happened. Kinda cool! I bought the rod at KTP when it was on sale and most likely I could probably pick up another one locally at the same price Penn is offering. Maybe this way I can get something that best fits a "hybrid" style of Maine fishing. Plugging and also Bait fishing.
  2. It is a Penn Prevail PRESF1530S10. I have had for about 4 years and has been an awesome rod. If I could some how find another top section to it...
  3. Well, it finally happened. I was at a local river mouth yesterday fishing the incoming and I went to cast my SP minnow and then BAM! the top section of my rod blew apart! So now my season is officially over or I some how find the money for a new rod. Needless to say I was/am completed bummed about this.
  4. When I get home home bait fishing I vacuum pack them and throw them in the freezer, I still have a bunch of frozen Mack's from last year. STILL GOOD!!!
  5. Nice! I am glad to see that people are getting theirs this year. I hope to get out this weekend.
  6. Here's something that will get people fired up quickly... Who out there in the local area try to keep up with the fishing reports and try to hit every location that can be made (without spot burning)? OR! Go to the same locations that you have personally found (or like because of the lack of PEOPLE), even though it may not be the right tide, time of day, time of the year, etc...? Your thoughts?!?!? Here's mine... I know where the fish are right now, but I would rather hit spots that are not "combat fishing" even though I know I may get skunked. I guess this is why after almost 4 years in ME, I have yet to get that "keeper".
  7. All of this talk about the fish being in is driving me crazy!!!! I wish I was around this weekend but heading up to Belfast area for the camping. Maybe tonight? Anyone around in the Wells area want to meet up?
  8. Well.... technically the post isn't a lie! And given this information, it backs it up. But yes... Major Troll!!!!
  9. Nevermind, I think I found it!
  10. What posting?
  11. I could not pull myself to purchase the nearly $50 ten day non-resident license. That is pretty much double of where I have been for work where I have fished. Knowing how to fish the surf I saw so many possibilities and it drove me nuts. Maybe next time...
  12. Well thank you all for the posts and suggestions. I am back on the right coast and happy to be home. I did happen to catch one fish which was a barred sand bass but that was pretty much it. I tried Manhattan, Hermosa (where I caught the bass), and Redondo piers. I also looked into a boat trip out of Redondo but that was about $80.... NOPE!!! I have to say I got a little discouraged as my sibiki rigs where a size too big to catch any bait fish, mack's, smelts, sardines, etc... and didn't the have the rigs for bottom fishing. Live and learn I guess. and then there was this guy... Other "people" started to feed him and well you know the rest...