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  1. I think a closer comparison would be the Exocett and NRX, tho i realize thats not your predicament... i think you’ll find the exocett more versatile, atleast in terms of line pairings, and how that relates to different fishing scenarios
  2. Sadly I rarely see these rods on the second hand market. Myself, Im probably just going to bit the bullet and pay retail for the 4wt after not seeing anything. Might have better luck in the spring.
  3. In my opinion, Tight Lines embodies everything a fly shop should be. Knowledgeable staff/owners, great service, and a great environment.
  4. thread closed. No longer for sale
  5. I usually go to the “B Team” aka that flies that i tied that did not come put to my standards
  6. $250 cash meet up in NJ. Last update before hitting Ebay.
  7. Im interested in the 8wt. Was the warranty card filled out? Also, does the the 8 come with a tube or was it just the 10wts with no tibe?
  8. Open to trades on comparable value 9wt. Ok with older models as long as its in good shape
  9. I prefer a sale, it would be open to trades as well. 8, 9, or 10wt
  10. I have a 9/10 short stix in unused condition for $325.
  11. Price drop 325 shipped 300 meet up in NJ
  12. Are you interested in any trades for rods or reels?
  13. Unused Short Stix 9/10 $350 shipped $325 picked up. Can meet in NJ
  14. Excellent condition 7wt Nrx 6/7 nautilus nvg grand slam with amplitude costing interested in trading for similar caliber 8wt or 9w. Very interested in Meridians would also consider a comparable two hand rod for the 300-350 grain range
  15. The meridian has a little softer tip with a progressive action compared to many salt geared/fast rods. You can use a light grain weight weight. i wouldn’t load it up with a ton of grains The scientific anglers grand slam line has an aggressive taper BUT with out the grain weight of many other lines marketed this way. This is would be a recommendation for sight fishing, which sounds like what you are describing