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  1. Now this I do not believe…….
  2. I think I’m the most right wing so far….
  3. Im sure you read all of the comments on the site. It’s more likely a creation of libertarians trying to get people to relate to them. One interesting comment was that it represented a more old school British libertarianism.
  4. Yup….already two babies in the hospital because of this. Maybe more to come over how ever long it takes formula producers to negotiate the big guys cut.
  5. Abbot has 44 percent of the market share.
  6. Nothing I didn’t already know…..It’s my religious beliefs that get me classified above the line for authoritarian. I did something similar some years back and it classified me as conservative with a lean toward libertarian. I would assume having received similar results each time that it’s more likely accurate. There are a couple of people here I hope will take it…..
  7. How is Russia doing? The Rouble saw record highs recently.
  8. The memes prove it…..the left is void of original ideas.
  9. And now we have monkeypox…..4 cases in the UK. Anyone hear about this?
  10. Yes….they should note the absence of a bulge in the crotch area.
  11. People have traditionally viewed military service as a defense for the nation. Defense is not murder……..
  12. Yes…..This is Demi Moore from yahoo this morning……
  13. It’s befitting for a fake president.