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  1. I limit these guys to one finger. Trump is beyond being an elected president. He is ruling the liberal hive mind.
  2. It doesn’t matter if Trump has a venue or not.....he still speaks constantly in the heads of democrats.
  3. It’s just a little practice for his future life in prison....
  4. If no mask is available you can put a brown paper bag over her head.....the one pictured may be a double bagger....
  5. Did the knife have a “black” handle grip? The black handles are known to be especially dangerous. I think they are called “assault knives”...
  6. Didnt the Dems just set a precedent by telling Texas they couldn’t sue another state for elections.......?
  7. It means he resigns as governor and doesn’t get “removed”on his resume.... Same thing with Joe.....if they smell the audits going against them they will remove him that way to keep the office.
  8. I would rather have not had the program at all.....but if they are sending checks out anyway, I would consider it a tax return.
  9. She needs a taste of the recent democrat history. Remember how Texas was answered by the courts just a few months ago?
  10. It would only bother some people not all. Dems will move on to the next fraud like nothing happened. Time after time it is proven that they have no shame gene......
  11. Would there be another election? Wouldnt Biden’s ticket be disqualified and Trump declared winner? Would Biden be removed by the same military that is guardingI him if he refuses to leave? Would be nice if they got to be the ones to do it. Won’t be any trouble finding volunteers. I got a feeling I’m going to need more popcorn.....