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  1. So the globe in globalist is complaining?
  2. The only thing left up to interpretation is wether he was shown all of the documentation. So if he is lying then he was complicit but the factual part is still the same. The Warrant should not have been signed.
  3. Trump certainly is a fun president.
  4. RICO!

    @Gamakatsu Cmon gami. Just say it........ It has nothing to do with any other issues you may have with Trump. Its focused solely on Trump/Russia collusion. I just want to gage how this is being processed by progressive types. After all, it is fact now.
  5. RICO!

    But you didn’t say that you accept that Trump/Russia collusion never happened. You do realize that this is a fact now.....don’t you? Just a simple yes or no will do.......
  6. This time you managed to form sentences so I applaud you for that, but it still doesn’t make any sense.
  7. I think businesses that want to open should just do so. There are literally thousands of video clips showing people standing shoulder to shoulder and without masks and with the blessings of the officials. How could they possibly impose anything on us without looking rediculous? Oh....wait.....it’s democrats. Forget I said anything.
  8. Hey.....if they are not wearing masks when they beat a business owner with bricks then the are deplorables and don’t care about spreading the virus to others. Seriously though.......I don’t want to hear one more word about the virus from the goverment. That ship sailed.......
  9. Hope everyone realizes that Evinrudes were being manufactured here in the United States. Thats all folks....... No other company builds them here.
  10. RICO!

    So what do the SOL democrats have to say about this? Will they finally admit that this was a coo? Do they just accept this as if it’s perfectly fine? No big deal? I challenge them to state that they accept that there was no Trump/Russia collusion. Its an integrity thing......
  11. I wish I understood that. It looks like it may be funny.......
  12. RICO!

    These processes are more important than you think. It gets it into the legal record.
  13. RICO!

    .....and they elected him twice. You know what they say.....fool me once......