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  1. I remember when the progressives flipped on them. They got caught hiring illegals. That’s when I heard the first negative nightly mainstream news story. Funny how things change.... In my neck of the woods you need a full round of fresh immunizations if you want to go into the local Walmart. I havent bought much stuff from them. A few weeks ago I went through replacing all of the light bulbs in my house with LED’s. Walmart had Some that are US made. I was pleasantly surprised and purchased them.
  2. I fluke in Raritan bay with a 6’-9” Shimano Trevala and a Quantum Cabo 40 spinner. Mostly 3/4 to 2 oz jigs. My Cabo is 10 years old and showing signs of corrosion and I think it is time to retire it. I have been watching Skinners videos and he is using a Quantum Accurist bait caster with a thumb lever. I’m tempted to switch to this method but I would definitely need to the left hand retrieve. Is this that much easier as he claims? I have to flip the bail on my spinner when I want to adjust line and that thumb lever looks easier to deal with. Anyone who has made that switch, can you give me some insight or comments? I haven’t fished a conventional in 40 years but I was able to cast those things from shore without issue. My first setup (when I was 12) was my dads conventional Garcia-Mitchell on a fiberglass rod. Fished riverbanks with it.
  3. 40 years ago she was 40. There are better pics of her from that time. Even 20 years ago she was attractive. She hides the funbags but she’s got’m.
  4. thats an acquired taste I haven’t acquired. May as well be carp......
  5. Saving the best for last......
  6. How old are your cabo’s?
  7. Yes this is true. Not sure if you guys know how distribution works for these stores. They are the middle men. When Walton first arrived on the scene, JC Penny and Kmart told the distributors that they would not do business with them if they sold to Walmart. They tried to choke out Walton from expanding. He inturn started going directly to the manufacturers and buying bulk. Cut out the distributors/middlemen. The Chinese junk took over after the company went public and Walton retired as the chairman of the board. He was a pro-American goods guy all the way.
  8. Old Hag

    .....a blast from the past. Lol
  9. I have been fishing a quantum Cabo 40 for about 10 years. Its showing some corrosion so I may retire it. Paid about $279 for it. I’m not sure what to replace it with. I’m thinking about going all American this time. Maybe IRT 300
  10. a small privately owned localized chain can still be considered mom and pop. Once you cross state lines, or become publically traded, then you are no longer mom and pop. just a note.......HRC was a Walmart corporate lawyer.
  11. I fish from an aluminum boat. Nothing says stupid like fishing in a metal boat in salt water while waving a 7 foot graphite rod in a lightning storm.
  12. Barring all feelings, If there was a legitimate legislative basis it would have been produced already.
  13. This is not a case of doing the same thing.
  14. Everything going on in the Middle East today can be blamed on Carter. He placed that first domino.