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  1. Sorry for your loss.
  2. Nah.....the smartest guy out of the PG bunch is probably Tomkaz. Keep in mind I can only judge based on the limitation of what I read here. If we throw some math on this board I can probably be competitive.
  3. Is that a thing? Really?
  4. This is silly I was trying to be funny by borrowing a historic quote. You didn’t get that I was trying to be funny. I explained that it was just to be funny. Then someone else jumped in. That’s why I referenced to understanding context by reading post #123 where I stated that it was intended to be humor. I probably shouldn’t quit my day job. If a person needs to explain their humor they are (1) either the smartest person in the room or (2) the exact opposite. I think I’m more in (2) terroritory.
  5. Thats typical progressive behavior. Pounce before understanding context. Read post #123.
  6. I’m sure you are just all broken up about it. Some of your fav’s are safe.
  7. Shtik...... A shtick is a comic theme or gimmick derived from the Yiddish word shtik, from Polish sztuka and German Stück, meaning "piece" or "thing". The English word "piece" is sometimes used in a similar context. In stand-up comedy context a near equivalent term is a "bit". Another variant is "bits of business" or just "bits".
  8. It’s shtik based on a quote from a speech about Muslim/terrorist. Herese a clip..... Abdelrahman al-Rashid, a Muslim and the managing director of Arab news channel Al-Arabiya, stated that "It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims" and blamed radical clerics for hijacking the peace-loving and tolerant religion of Islam
  9. Most gays are not pedophiles but most pedophiles are gay.
  10. I have been reading through PG for a couple of years. I have seen everything you guys contribute. There are some intelligent people here. I judge not by the opinion but the depth of content and ability to debate ideas. FIshinMortician is definitely one of them. Dude, sorry, but all I ever see from you is 3/4 snarky lines and then you will call someone dumb. It’s the same thing over and over. I’m not trying to say that you lack intelligence, just that you are not displaying it here. There is nothing wrong with short snarky posts. Hell, it’s mostly what I do because it can be entertaining when I’m bored. However, you tend to insult people for their beliefs yet offer nothing to the contrary.
  11. That’s similar to my contribution to that thread and I am a dumb engineer. The problem is model replication of the material failures with the millions of variables that can not be accounted for. Intelligent men with experience were brought in to surmise what happened and this is the best we can ask for. Period.
  12. Butboi would be a wasted choice. The democrat will already have the gay vote. The vp choice will have to be from a state that is a toss up to get any leverage. If the dnc fixes the primary again and Sleepy Joe wins, the vp will need to be a person of color, but knowing Biden, it will be the woman with the best smelling hair.
  13. I did my part to repeat history. I answered some poll questions like I was a leftist. When I get in the booth I will practically jump on top of the Trump button. Smashing it down fast and hard as if my life depends on it. Have fun with you polls libs.....it’s all you will get.
  14. No way.....you lose detail. Join me in the “dark side”.
  15. I applaud the efforts of ICE. They are doing the work other Americans do not want to do.