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  1. Thanks SOL please close. Will list may be later.
  2. Thanks for the offer Jimmy, but lowest l can do is $200. I found the second spare spool too. So everything that came with the box is included including 2 spare spools.
  3. Used it for couple of seasons, maybe some minor cosmetic flaws but functionally pretty close to perfect. It just came back from shimano reel service center down in SC. I’ve enclosed the picture of repairs order. Comes with original box, line reducer and 1 extra spool(can’t locate the other one) paypal shipped 219 American dollars. thanks
  4. Sorry Jonathan price is firm. It’s brand new still in the original packaging. It retails for 250
  5. Hard to find size for us short guys.... anyone?
  6. Brand new Patagonia wader, never used. Size medium short. PayPal shipped $200 east coast. Thanks
  7. I have a St Croix wild river 9’6 steelhead rod in excellent condition if you are still looking for one. I can do $125 shipped
  8. Offer retracted
  9. I’ve shipped rods From here to NJ many times before with USPS, cost anywhere between 7 to 8 dollars. 2 piece 6’6 rod should be easy to box and mail it. If can do it, I’ll offer $80 for st. Croix premier rod to ship it to 21236. Thanks.
  10. Offer $75 for St. Croix premier 6’6 shipped to 21236. thanks
  11. Thanks Kurt, I like 26, but that can be worked with I suppose. It’s tempting, Let me think about it. I already have the same exact rod, I’m thinking about back up.
  12. Hey Kurt, what’s the reel seat distance on that