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  1. Well said Gulf Vet. My apologies. Sometimes when my sense for sarcasm gets the best of me, I reach for some back-handed relief in order to address the hypocrisy of the libs and Camp Obama. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Obama was the POTUS and Commander In Chief and Benghazi occurred on his watch.
  2. You're being too hard on Obama. You can't blame Obama for the Benghazi fiasco. He did talk with his Sec. of Defense (Panetta) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Dempsey) during the initial stage of the terrorist atttack, but afterwards, President Obama was nowhere to be implicated as a party to the US response. He was just struggling to make sense of it. From the internet: In his testimony in the Senate Armed Services Committee last week, Panetta said he informed the president at their 5:00 p.m. meeting of what was going on in Benghazi. Gen. Dempsey testified that the meeting lasted a half hour. Panetta and Dempsey also testified that after the meeting ended they did not talk to President Obama or the White House again that night. “We know nothing about what the president did on the night of Sept. 11 during a time of national crisis, and the American people need to know what their commander in chief did, if anything, during this eight-hour attack,” (Senator Lindsey) Graham told CBS on Sunday (5 months after the Beghazi attack). Seems Obama just delegated the response to the team, while he tended to other more important issues of the day. He was just covering for the team with that video stuff.
  3. The Democrats command an intimate, incestuous relationship with the mainstream media, at the expense of the public's need to know. I pulled this quote from the internet: The purpose of a free press is to guarantee free and open debate and discussion. Sadly, it is not the norm of the free press outlets shown above.
  4. Not sure if I ever heard this line used, as such, but it's pretty good. Thought provoking.
  5. Yes. Agree. Not that Obama was a saint, but at least when Obama committed a shameful faux pas, after some reflection, he personally took himself to task, not like the tRumpster. Remember this one, when: US President Barack Obama admitted he should have expected to be criticized for hitting the links on the same day that he addressed the beheading of American journalist James Foley and spoke with his family. 'Part of this job is also the theater of it,' he told NBC News' Chuck Todd. 'Well, it's not something that always comes naturally to me. But it matters. And I'm mindful of that.' ...(Obama) said he was 'heartbroken' over Foley's death and that it was hard for him to hold back tears while speaking with his family....Obama blamed the contrasting images partially on how the press follows him everywhere, even while he is 'supposed to be on vacation'. He added: 'I should have anticipated the optics' of playing golf. (source: ******* dot co dot uk). Obama. I real stand up guy.
  6. False. At best you are cherry picking words from some obscure source. Before the election Republicans said it was safe to vote for trump? Really? Nonsense. You cultivate the illusion that a bold and declarative statement will convince others to nod in agreement with your specious presumption. A simple web search will suggest your statement is gibberish, at best: "An incredulous President Barack Obama called Donald Trump’s claims that the upcoming election could be rigged “ridiculous” and said he’s never heard “someone complain about being cheated before the game was over.” (source: nbcnews dot com)
  7. Sounds like you defend their atrocious tactics to surreptitiously subvert the results of an election.
  8. You have a vivid imagination. And, that's a compliment.
  9. In so much as you are guessing, do you visualize the commie chorus will be bipartisan or will the cries be from one party in the main?
  10. If you lived in the Philadelphia area, or were an Eagle fan, you might remember the name Belinda Gay. Google the name and then lookup the Wikipedia section under "Murder". It'll give you a shiver.
  11. Exactly. Simple. He is a pious hypocrite. He makes a living promoting and sensationalizing gun violence movies, yet has the gall to preach as an Anti 2A saint.
  12. Yes, FWIW, I would agree ALL parties can be "painted" in any light that suits a person's fancy. As far as the OP, and it's bias. You could make a case. And you did. Fair enough. No problem. Except, we're here to make our own case. I would counter the use of identity politics was pointed at a specific person, generally speaking, and gave examples that could be discussed. It said, "Her recent essay on identity politics, published last Friday by Foreign Affairs, is a forthright defense of dividing America into groups based on identities...." Is that a good thing? Not looking for an argument, just posing the question. The article does say "Not everything that Abrams wrote in her essay is wrong. She is right to note that organized labor for a long time discriminated against African-Americans, ....". So, I submit my argument is given to temper the perception that so many Republicans are guilty of partisan politics while dismissing or ignoring the specific OP about Stacy Abrams, in particular. At one time, not too long ago, there was unanimity, bipartisan consensus that we were "rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country" (WJC SOTU 1995). Now the subject has been turned into the identity politics issue of the day. Got to go out now. Need to get some errands done this afternoon.
  13. A picture is worth a thousand words. Your list was a picture. At face value it paints one party in perhaps a bad light. Really, I don't know. I just skimmed the list and admittedly, I'm not very good at skimming. So, I got a flavor that Repubs are bad. Too, unless it's in Free Parking, I always do my own fact checking when someone offers up a point or photo. In this case, I'm not going to check your list of stories to validate any bias applied by the "journalists" or bloggers represented in your list. It would take all day. But if search results are based on numbers, the articles in your list fall out of the most popular or oft queried searches. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Using my Duck-Duck-Go browser search tool, I queried "Identity Politics". The first 80 results had none of the cherry picked, distilled list of outliers that you display here. I stopped at 3 requests for additional hits.
  15. Short story. I bought 2 season passes for Stone Harbor, NJ beach this summer. There are 2 ticket windows, each on a different face of the building. From my approach, only one window was in view and someone just stepped away from the window. Put down cash for the tickets. Done in 20 seconds. Unbeknownst to me, the mob had formed a long waiting line across from the other window opposite a small boardwalk to the beach. That line was servicing both windows. I never saw it. Poor situational awareness on my part. Two guys ran up to me cursing and frothing at the mouth. Stood my ground, mocked their use of profanity in front of women and children. Escaped with my life.