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  1. Flag
  2. Caught some earlier in the season on cocahoe minnows.
  3. Simpson
  4. Lately albie snax have been working well for me.
  5. A few years back I remember hearing they were making that movie. Never did though, too bad. It was a great read. I liked all of Clancy's books. Not a big fan of the op-center ones that were based on his work.
  6. Blurple SP.
  7. Not sure what you mean by the ramp of the roller. The gold ramp is curved but the silver roller in the center looks flat. When did they start using bearings? I bought the reel in November of 16. Tried flossing the roller with a rubber band and then a length of line, not sure I was able to spin it long and fast enough to replicate the problem. I will take it apart when I have a few free minutes
  8. I've been moving my 5500 between my surf rod and a boat rod until I decide on either getting a second one one of something different for the boat. While surf fishing and doing well with schoolies a week or two back I noticed when not hooked up that the reel was making a high pitched whine when reeling in. I forgot about it and went out a couple times this weekend. Ran into some large blues on saturday while on the boat, I didn't notice the noise and the reel handled the fish (7-10 lbs or so) well. Yesterday, after having my albie snax attacked by a smaller blue (~4-5 lbs) on a lighter outfit i grabbed the slammer set up with a diamond jig. I didn't hook up, but when reeling quickly the noise was back, and loud. I just Checked the reel out in the garage, it seems fine when cranking the handle fast, but I didn't have any line out or tension on it. Could it be the roller? the roller seems to spin freely. I gave it a drop of oil anyway. Has anyone had this issue and if so, what was causing it?
  9. That's my thinking. Had a good night with the schoolies up to small keepers last week. While unhooking a fish i noticed I quickly dunked my BG. Same thing happened last season with my Battle II and it froze up and I was done for the night. The BG kept on working. Sprayed it down when I got home as usual and it seems fine. Got into some bluefish yesterday and put it to the test, passed with flying colors.
  10. Maid
  11. I was also fishing in RI on Sunday and heard the CG talking about the vessel "Crunch Time" taking on water and then later hearing everyone on board had been picked up.
  12. I normally throw a few dollars into club raffles for a chance to win nice gear. At my fishing club sometimes I'll win a plug or some kind of soft plastics, once I won a rod but not one I expect to use except for rare occasions if I use it at all. I've never won a gun raffle until this past Saturday. A club appreciation lunch with a bunch of guns, a crossbow, compound bow, etc. up for raffle. I threw a few dollars into the kitty. Maybe 350-400 people at the event, a 5 gallon bucket full of tickets. I figure I have next to zero chance of winning, my number is picked first out of the gate! Walked away with a Springfield Armory M1A Loaded! By far the nicest gun on the table. I'm pumped! I should have grabbed some Powerball tickets on the way home.
  13. My MK III 22/45 is still a royal pain to take down and reassemble. I've installed a number of mods and it's a sweet shooter, but I avoid a full take down in favor of just cleaning what I can reach without.
  14. New park pizza was awesome. Easy walk from where I grew up. Lenny's was good too. I even liked Pizza City. When visiting my mom before she passed we would usually order from La Villa in Lindenwood. But the BEST pizza was Quartuccio's on 101 ave. way back when.
  15. I just can't see spending big bucks for pliers. I'm using 7" KVDs for the past 3 seasons. There is some slight rust on the cutters. They cut mono but not braid. I carry KVD split ring pliers too, they cut braid just fine. The sheath the pliers comes with sucks tho. Word a hole in the bottom and if you're not careful, the sheath will come off of the clip when putting the pliers back in. I've had that happen on the sand and I'm my boat, luckily never while wading.