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  1. Last time I caught one I was trying to get one. That had to be around 20 years ago in Jamaica Bay when I went to visit my parents. Used to be great fishing for them in peconic bay, great south bay, and our of sheepshead bay back in the 80s.
  2. postage
  3. I was on a party boat about a week ago and someone on the other side of the boat let out too much line . He brought up my rig and the mate cut it off. I watched the mate tie a clinch knot from my braid to my swivel. I told him that I don't trust clinch knots when using braid, they slip in my experience. He assured me that his improved clinch knot would be fine. He pulled it to demonstrate, it slipped right out. He was pretty new to the job. I'm sure he will be using Palomar knots from now on for braid to swivel connections.
  4. Grape and strawberry Manns jelly worms were the go to bait for weakfish in the great south bay back when they were around.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Boated 4 up to 35 pounds yesterday and dropped 2 more large ones live lining pogies in the bay. Today, from shore, nothing much. A few 20 something inch schoolies.
  7. Contrast
  8. Trout
  9. You will get a lot of responses but what you're thinking about will work. Easy.
  10. You can get them at a gun company from Kentucky. 14.99 on their web site.
  11. I have a brandy new 5000 sitting right here. It seems well built and very smooth. I'm planning to spool it up today and fish it next chance I get. I looked at the 6500, way bigger than I expected. The 5000 is bigger than a Penn 5500. Seemed right to fill the niche when I need something a little bigger then my Penn.
  12. I like the accurist. The thumb bar is great, wish I had it on all of my casting reels.
  13. Lower bay, caught maybe 35 schoolies tonight with one 34" fish mixed in. 1 st keeper of the season, released. Nice fight on light tackle.
  14. No pics, but killed the schoolies tonight on a storm shad. One 34" fish took some nice runs, first keeper sized fish of the season, safely released.