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  1. 7 ft Jigging World Black Widow 150C and a Diawa Lexa 300TW spooled with 20 LB Sufix 832. Great fluke outfit. Had my best fluke season in years.
  2. Sufix 832. Used to use Power Pro, but got two bad spools that really screwed me up. Never had an issue with Sufix.
  3. I mis spoke. Rhodan said I'd cavitate in 3' seas, not 2'. Anyway, even with the 84" shaft I did cavitate from time to time. I don't keep the shaft all of the way in usually,. but I do when its pretty rough. i've been in some snotty stuff where the motor came out of the water, but it really wasn't an issue. I'm glad I went with the longer shaft.
  4. I lost a ton of photos in a flood. It sucks, but we find some pics here and there that bring back great memories. I do have a bunch of digital pics, but they're mostly recent.
  5. Very sad. My condolences.
  6. l'll see you there Joe. It's always a great show.
  7. Weird. I've had bad power pro that consistently failed for no reason but to have 2 different types of braid fail in the same manner on different set-ups is interesting.
  8. Friday was a bit snottier than expected with wind against tide but we managed a few nice fluke and some seabass. Saturday was awesome weather but no wind and hardly any drift. The new TM took care of both days, put some nice fluke in the boat. Far from lights out, but enough action to keep things interesting plus a couple of real nice fluke to 7 pounds. Hundreds of dolphins in the bay on Saturday between house on the rocks and Fort Adams while I was heading to Jamestown to gas up. Saw lots of birds and some guys hunting albies, but I'll wait until there's a solid bite before I go burning gas chasing them unless they pop up close by.
  9. I've done it, plan on doing it again after my boat is out. Already have a couple of charters lined up and may do an open boat even while I'm still in the water anyway. Sometimes its nice having someone else do the driving and maybe learning of a new spot or two.
  10. Some 80 something year old lady got a 10.2. I got a 7.1 and a bunch of other quality fish. Action was near non-stop. Slack tide was a bit slow, but enough stragglers and seabass to make it interesting until things picked up again.
  11. dew
  12. Aren't Black Hole blanks manufactured in Korea?
  13. I'm heading out on the Helen H tomorrow out of Hyannis.