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  1. I've actually got two Slammer 5500s. Was going to dedicate one to a boat rod and one to my 10'6" 3/4-4 Mojo. I can save some $$ and load one up with 40# PP and use it for boat and surf since I probably won't fish the canal more than a few times.
  2. Thanks guys. Had a brain fart on the Daiwa size. I do have a new Slammer III in 5500, tried to get the 6500 too when it was $130 but missed out due to pilot error. I'll probably pick up a Diawa or Gosa, but your opinion, is a 5500 Slammer adequate?
  3. I've never fished the canal before but I plan to give it a go this year. I know I'm under gunned with my current gear. I stopped by SWE today to pick up some jig tying stuff and handled a TFO 10'6" 2 -6. Very nice rod. I'm thinking I may pick it up. Was thinking about pairing it with an 8K BG, possibly a Saltist, or may splurge for a Saragosa. I don't want anything too huge tho. Is the 10K Gosa similar in size to the 8K Diawas? Are the 8K Diawas sufficient? Is 50# power pro adequate for the canal or is heavier better? Sorry for hijacking but this looked like a good thread to jump in on. Actually. Not sure if I was looking at an 8K saltist today or a 6K. I'll have to check them out again. Is 6K too light? Too many questions...
  4. Fools
  5. Hips
  6. Other trailers work, probably not as good as sandworms though. This was on a tube and otter tail. It was a charter on the otter though. Captain Bruce puts an otter tail on everything. We were using lead line trolling in LIS.
  7. 40+ year old knockoffs. Cut mono fine, not sure I've tried to cut braid with them, they've been in my boat bag as spares since I've been using braid.
  8. Double post
  9. Cheap but effective.
  10. Lock
  11. Board
  12. I went to a small show last weekend put on by the Narragansett Surfcasters. Pretty decent for a small show If you were looking for plugs, custom or otherwise, jigs, etc. I'll pass on Mohegan, I'll probably be dropping too much coin at RISAA.
  13. This sounds very similar to the 4' reloading bench i built in the spare bedroom when my daughter moved out. Very solid 2x4 frame, legs in "L" configuration, and a recessed shelf (so I wouldn't be banging my legs into it while sitting on the stool and reloading). House already had a nice work bench in garage. This is where I pour jigs among other things. Also have a long bench in basement that I rarely use. If I ever get back into building rods it would be perfect because of its length.
  14. Jumpin minnow here too.
  15. Here's the Stellar Lite I posted about.