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  1. Opening day in CT, 22 lbs 9" beard 1" spurs.
  2. Nice! Congrats!
  3. Beat me to it. Of course Chuck Barris was the king of all spies though.
  4. They want to clone this horse. No kidding.
  5. Thunderball was one of the best. The remake, Never Say Never Again was also pretty good. Also Sean Connery.
  6. Runner
  7. Double surgeon is what I use bottom fishing. It's easier for me to attach large jigs with a loop knot than using a TA style clip and I don't recall a loop ever failing.
  8. Shuck
  9. I'm in. Pretty plug. Thanks.
  10. Sounds like the OP doesn't set the hook at all. If I was using bait and circle hooks I'd do what you described, any other scenario I'd set the hook!
  11. Chest
  12. Bit
  13. I had a 1 year old pair of beans that started leaking last year. They were in great shape. I was able to get a replacement under warranty. I sprang a leak in the new ones after a few times out, but there was a visible hole. I repaired it with aqua seal. If the seams start leaking, I Doubt they will replace them again. If they dont, I'm done with them. The reason I bought them at their price was the warranty. I have a pair of $60 waders that started leaking but I didn't want to deal with shipping, that's why I bought the beans. The quality is about the same. Id rather buy 3 or 4 pair of those and patch as required than spend the money on overpriced beans if they no longer have their lifetime warranty.