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  1. Drinks
  2. Nice job Joe. Thanks for putting it together.
  3. I asked my dentist for the old x-ray plates. He thought he was legally obliged to pay some hazmat company that rips him off to take the lead. Thought he'd get into trouble if I took it for free. Not sure why I still go to his practice.
  4. just bought one of these last season. So far, so good.
  5. You can put lipstick on the pig...
  6. Damn. I have a 112 Senator and a 500 Jigmaster, but I haven't used the Jigmaster for blackfish since the 80s. The newer lighter gear is way more fun.
  7. I still have 20# mono spooled on my 940. It just doesn't seem right to put braid on it. It doesn't get much use anymore anyway.
  8. I just picked up a Diawa Saltist 35H too. Love the reel on my Black Widow 300C. That's a pretty heavy duty combo I picked up for Nantucket Shoals fluke fishing but was my new favorite blackfish combo when I was fishing with rigs. When I go lighter for jigging, I use a Nexus and an Okuma Komodo 364P. Love that reel, it's got some pretty beefy gears. The weak spot as I found out is the handle. I broke it trying to get a few cranks on a big tog to keep it out of the rocks. Replaced the handle with one I picked up for a fluke reel (accurist) and I was back in business. This just reminded me that I need to get a new handle for the accurist, thanks.
  9. I left NY (Queens) in '88. Never looked back. No more family there anymore, I'll never set foot in that rat hole again.
  10. Might as well. They may just hand you your credentials for signing up and forgive your student debt too. Why not?
  11. I'll throw my grundens on over my sweatpants in a little while and see if my snow thrower starts. Wife is disabled, but I don't think I've ever seen her touch a shovel when she was 100%
  12. I have 50/50 and 70/30 rods. I like 70/30 better, especially for slower action rods. I really don't have any issues with higher quality 50/50 rods, but I'm used to transporting 70/30 rods and the only issue I have with them is moving them from the garage through the house is to remember to watch the tip and be careful of ceiling fans.
  13. I'm gonna guess that after the chatter from this latest psycho display dies down, the next time we hear about Antonio Brown will be about a domestic abuse arrest or killing someone while DUI. I give it about 8 months.
  14. i'm in. Thanks and Happy New Year!