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  1. Thank you for the clarification. I went with a Penn Slammer 3. The reeksva beast.
  2. Doubles and triple hook ups from 7 until we left at 1030. My thumbs are ripped up. Fish are covering the water column. Hitting from top to bottom. Shorelines are holding the larger fish. Hit mud flats or any shallows. Half dozen 30" to 34" were the biggest last night. Purple sparklie, black, and white were most productive colors. They are really aggressively slamming the lures.
  3. Surface temp was 54 yesterday eve. Herring are starting to move in. The fish fill the water column from top to bottom. Smaller fish breaking on top after dark. Schools are busting up. Larger hold overs are spread out. I’ve caught fish (local fish in the 30” range) in the mouth of all 3 majors rivers as well as up in these rivers in the last week. No ocean or even Hudson River fish as of yet. For lure size, DO NOT use anything under 6” if you want a good size fish. I’m using 9 to 11” plastics. Still hooking some small fish even with those monster lures. Remember the Herring are up to a foot longer and will be the Go To target of all larger size Stripers. You really can’t use a lure that is too big for the next couple months. If you just want to hook into some schoolies and have fun use a 5” white or clear and white plastic on a 3/8 to 1/2oz head. That includes at night. Fish on the bottom third of the water column are the easiest to hook. Try everything but if all else fails, cast out and let the lure hit the bottom before closing the bail. Work as slowly as possible as close to the bottom as possible. Good Luck
  4. I get crap from my wife with every pic. WTF would it kill you to crack a smile. That duct tape jacket makes you look like a homeless fisherman. Bla bla bla kiss my fishy azz.
  5. That's 2 of the fish caught last night. Conn River fish 2 nights before
  6. Even though all the fish I've been catching are well past the 5 yr mark they are in fact all holdovers.
  7. My .02 There are some older larger Striper's that stay in the rivers all winter. Mother Nature doesn't put all her eggs in one basket. Same as there are some smaller younger fish that run out to the ocean with the big fish. Local Schoolies (1 to 5 yr old fish) are the only fish you'll see here until May. Lots of fun but not migrating Ocean fish. Nor are the fish from the Hudson considered ocean migrating fish. They're schoolies (1 to 5 yr old fish) as well. If you want to target big fish, hit NY in April when the bunker arrive. Check out Striper migration maps. They're pretty accurate. I normally start seeing fish over 40" (6 yr old fish and older) come around LI to Block Island Sound second week of May. Pretty much same pattern all the time give or take a couple weeks. Although I go up earlier to play with the 30" fish. Nothing like hooking an exploding striper on weightless plastics on just about every cast.
  8. FBN PM back at ya Sorry if I come off like I’m looking to stir the poop. Def not. Just jerks me the wrong way when people think fish jump in the boat. Sure you can get over a feeding pile of schoolies and hook a bunch. That’s not the norm and it only happens with little dinks. The fish I’m targeting do not follow that pattern. There are no schools of 3 to 5 yr old fish. I’ll get FBN on the water and he can report what happens after that. [/url]" />
  9. Fluke I found the winter fish by testing a lure for an older gentlemen that made them. On my second cast I caught a Striper. Been fishing for them ever since. After I told the lure maker my discovery he laughed and said he's been fishing for them for the last 20 yrs. that was over 35 yrs ago. So YES, most def these fish have been coming here to winter over forever.
  10. You crack me up. Most and I repeat most guys do not catch fish boat or not. The ones telling everyone they caught 100 fish may have caught 6 and none were keeper size fish. Last few guys I've taken out got skunked while I caught dozens of keepers standing a couple feet from me using my gear. There's a handful of shore guys as well as boat guys that kickass on my river. Sure people look at the BS from the one blogger who feels the need to cast those umbrella rigs and count up the 4 12" fish he catches at a time. But that's not the norm. I'm on the river more than not for the last 35 yrs or so. I can tell you for fact most fishermen are doing what fishermen do. telling fish stories. So here's your shooting fish in the barrel challenge. I'll let you Capt my boat and put me over fish. Let's see you release just 20 fish in 2 hrs. Should be a price of cake. Like shooting fish in s barrel right. I won't even include my own rule where no fish counts in my boat unless it's over 20". Tell me when you want to head out fish Capt Jay
  11. We have enforcement. Only problem is they only enforce it on legal fishermen who they know will pay fines. At least that's what they told me as I pointed out guys tossing shorts in their bucket as I'm having the fish in my boat measured by the DEEP at the dock. Me no speak English only works from shore. I dive and spearfish as well as fish for blacks. Every single rock in the Sound has s black fish swimming around it. That said the amount and size of the fish are going down IMO. I've jumped off my boat after marking what I thought was Striper's only to swim into a large school of 7 to 10lb blacks. As in hundreds of fish. Very cool to see. I've also dove down after 3 hours of hooking nothing but shorts to see some trophies laughing at out offerings. In other words just because your not catching them doesn't mean they're not there. But again I'll state I think the numbers and size of blacks ate getting smaller each year in the last half dozen years.
  12. Calling all Tarpon fisherman.
  13. I need a couple. I like lighter poles to toss plastics. Fishing from a boat. Whats your go to setup that can hande 100lb plus fish? I'm thinking llike an 8 foot med rod with a light tip with maybe a Shimano Stradic reel. Don't want to break the bank but I also don't want to regret buying cheap gear and losing trophy fish. I was in Marathon fishing Vaca Cut a few weeks back and had a ball. Fishing from shore I never landed any of the tarpon I hooked into but had a blast trying. I"ll be more prepared as well as have a boat next time I run down. Thx people
  14. I've been a river rat my entire life. Found hold overs by accident over 35 yrs ago. Fished for years in the winter without seeing another fisherman. I only read a few posts on here because as we know everyone has opinions and I could care less about them lol But seriously, PLEASE tell everyone to not fish for hold over. They're interfering with my research. Not to mention the boat trafic gives the fish lockjaw. Well at least the size fish I'm targeting. Couple dozen keepers with only 2 shorts caught. Please leave me alone to do my research. After I get 50 yrs worth I'll release my studies. Until then maybe you could take up golfing indoors. That game is for people who don't know how to fish anyway. Tight lines or swing away. Fourrrrrrrrrrr
  15. I now have at least 4 bears (2 tagged and 2 not tagged) within a mile from my house. Friends sending me pics daily. One of the I tagged bears is the biggest black bear over ever seen. I wouldn't even guess at his weight. Freaken huge is my description. I have a crap load of pictures and videos my wife and daughter took. One of the smaller bears not tagged has gotten way to friendly at my house. Few weeks back I went out to get firewood. Walked up my deck and brought the wood in. Walked to my kitchen sink to wash my hands not 2 mins after entering my house and the bear was already on my deck ripping the feeders down. He must have been within feet of me when I was getting the wood from under the deck. Wayyyy to close for comfort. After I yelled and screamed at him only to be ignored I picked up the garbage pail lid and started banging it. He finally and very slowly went back over the railing same way he came up. I know this from the claw marks all over the wood. He makes it half way to the woods and decided he did not get enough. Turned slowly and proceeded directly back at me now that I'm on the deck. He stops to sniff my hot tub before thinking it was a good idea to comeback up on my deck I'm currently standing on. All this time my wife and daughter are filming out the windows. I ran inside and grabbed a BB gun. As I was going by the open window my wife was in I started pumping the BB gun. My wife stated he's running away. He heard the first click of that gun and was gone. Def been popped before. Called the DEEP to report and see if they would tag and move this PIA before I came face up face in the dark. They will no longer tag and move bears. They'll tag and leave where they are. So much for the first time I ever called the DEEP. They told me to shoot it with something not lethal. I didn't think the DEEP should be giving people that kind of advice but whatever.