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  1. Vault paid for thank you
  2. No worries. I’m as fair as they come! Thank you sir. All yours. PM me. I’ll get it unbolted tomorrow when I get home from work and get it boxed up. Rod vault sold pending payment, Thule rack still available.
  3. Will do. We’ll give him a chance to reply.
  4. First dibs.. $225 cash, pick up. Or, you cover PayPal fee and shipping. Second in line.. same as written above if he backs out.
  5. Thank you but I’ll hold off.
  6. I do not unfortunately. If you want them, I’ll cover shipping if you cover PayPal fees. I’ll probably have to make it 2 boxes.
  7. I found this online, looks like the cabs are the same (which is what I though). And I know if you were to buy a Frontrunner or Prinsu Rack, they fit 2005+ trucks. Down at the bottom it show 2nd and 3rd gen listed on this one kit.
  8. I’ve got a ‘12. I believe the cab is the same. They changed numerous things but the overall lines on that portion of the cab should be the same. Ill check though.
  9. I’d be happy with $225 for the Rod Vault only.
  10. From what I found online, the “kit” number is different, but the “feet” have the same part numbers.... Only two parts to the fit kits, the metal brackets and feet. I believe the metal brackets are similar on just about all vehicles.
  11. Not looking to separate the two yet. When/If I decide to, I’ll contact you.
  12. I’ll look and see if the part numbers for the fit kit matches up.