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  1. Thanks for all of the replies. Still just curious as to Medium heavy, or heavy.
  2. Its not about cheap. Its about letting him pick what he wants down the road. I love my St Croiz, but a lot of guys dont. Especially with the small eyes.
  3. The house is in the hamptons....the decorator decides what goes on walls.
  4. OK...first things first. Thanks for all of hte replies.... This is not his first or primary house. Its a beach house in the hamptons. 2nd...This is a piece of his gift...not necessarily the whole gift. Dont want him to get stuck with living room furniture only, and wind up with nothing for him, especially as he indicated he wanted to start fishing. The main question I had was,,,,,medium heavy or heavy.
  5. Brother in law just bought place in east hampton. Going to get him a rod/reel for surf fishing stripers out on the island/Montauk. Have a Penn Battle 3 (6000) and thinking of placing on a Ugly Stik bigwater 11'. Are more fisherman throwing heavy or medium/heavy rods? He likes my STCX Mojo Surf 10'6 (MFMH), but I am not dropping that cash on this gift and is a MFMH rod heavy enough? If he starts surf fishing regularly (95% sure he will), he can always upgrade later and have additional setup for when I come up.
  6. Imagine the conversation back home. Fisherman....."Honey, I got robbed while fishing" Wife....."sure you did" Fisherman....."Here is the police report" Wife (surprised, embarrassed for not believing)...."Wow, they took your phone, and money, and your St. Croix Legend and GLoomis rods. Guess we are gonna have to get new replacements" Fisherman......"Yeah...I had a real connection to those rods. Will see if I can get the same things again." All kidding aside....stay safe.
  7. BTW.....Still an awesome fathers day.
  8. I let the slack tighten up naturally, and hit the fish as soon as its tight. I lost a fish last weekend in Sea Isle City. Fishing 10ft. Ugly stick, Penn 6500ss with 30lb braid. I hit and hooked the fish, started reeling in, and the fish ran, as I saw the last 25% of line, I made the rookie mistake.....tightened the bail at the wrong spot. Have been told ever since growing up (and have always done this), that if you are going to tighten the bail during the fish-on, pull back and flex the rod as much as possible to take the stress off the line, then tighten and crank down. Last weekend I cranked down, and tightened at the bottom of the stroke. Line snapped 4 feet from the end of the rod. Called my dad...on fathers day....(my personal fishing coach) and told him....his response..."A55".