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  1. Just curious with what intermediate line you use? I like what I use, Rio Coastal quick shooter, but your comment of the Long head true to weight lines intrigues me.
  2. i got the sector 909 for stripers/blues/albies around here and love it. I would say cast both and go with whichever one you are comfortable with. cant go wrong with either
  3. What Suave said, 100% get some lessons with a really good instructor. Best investment in fly fishing you can do.
  4. think we fish the same areas. Farmington and Housatonic Rivers in If the marketing was true, all of us would only have a couple of rods in stead of double digits since they all claim to make you cast better haha...
  5. thanks mike. I dont believe all that mumbo jumbo advertisement (believe me and you are on the same team where the best investment in fly fishing is casting lessons, but thats for another thread). Prob will pull the trigger in the next day or so. Fiancé is away so about the time she gets back she wont notice a new fly tube at the apt
  6. Hi All, So I am thinking about getting into Streamer fishing and wanted to pick some peoples brains on it. I am looking to throw those big streamers (perhaps also articulated) for trout and also bass on some lakes. What would you recomend for a rod wt/gear set up (leader, line etc). Saw online a Kelly Gallup bank robber 7wt for around 200 so wanted to get some opinions before i pulled the trigger. Thanks!
  7. I have had no issue with heavy flour. I do primarily fly fish though. Only experience I have had with wire is making a couple of blue fish leaders and wasnt the best experience.
  8. I use their flies a lot, both for Fresh and Saltwater. Mainly what I use them for is what I call fly box fillers. Standard flies that can be used everywhere that you don't mind losing (Elk Hair Caddis, Prince Nymphs, Girddle Bugs, Clousers , Deceivers etc). If i am going to buy specialty flies or something not standard, I usually go to either my local fly shop or the local shop of the area that I am at that day.
  9. I have the manley Gripper nippers. they are awesome so far. Only thing I have an issue is trying to find a way is to attach a Layard to the handle (if anyone has any recommendations let me know!)
  10. I live in Brooklyn Heights (moved here a couple of years ago). So was in the same boat as you as well. Depending if you have a car, I would head to the rockaways/Jamaica bay. Pretty easy drive and more accessible water. I have friends now that I can hitch rides with, but last summer I did not have a car. I would take a uber down there early in the morning, fish and then take the Ferry back when I was done. Don't want to burn any spots but PM me if you want. Also The LI/NY section has tons of old posts with similar questions that I found a lot of my info from.
  11. +1 on the Hatch. Put it through the ringer last summer on Long Island and works like it did right out of the box. Like all reels though, no matter what you get, if you take care of it after fishing in the salt it will take care of you.
  12. My friend has the orvis ultra light boots. basically look like hiking boots, so not as big as normal wading boots. Was gonna get those but got a good deal on the simms vapor tread boots from a couple year ago.
  13. looking for a 10wt. anyone have any experience with the 10wt exocett?
  14. Last year I upgraded from my first SW 8wt and pulled the trigger on the 9'9 wt sector (after way to much research haha). Love it. Very light, not as stiff as maybe a SALT HD for example. What I like about it is similar to what numbskull said, that you dont feel like you have to over cast the rod to get good results. Just a really good rod. I would def try it out with some lines though to see if its a good match.
  15. I am of the opinion that some of the best investments you can make in fly fishing is taking casting lessons. you can always improve something. I would say I am a pretty good caster and never really struggled, but would like to take some lessons to still improve . My go to fly shop in CT has a guy they recommend, but living in Brooklyn, NY, makes it a little harder to go back for a weekend to take a couple of lessons. Before I start the google search, does anyone have anyone they worked with or recommend that is in NYC or Brooklyn? Thanks in advance.