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  1. I released the snook but we kept the red, the guy I went with cooked it up the next night, said it was delicious, what i really want next is a grouper
  2. i was wondering about that too, being my first snook I wasnt sure ? but most snook I have seen in pictures have a straight black line not broken up
  3. Thanks clam buster, I appreciate the info. I'll look into that fishing club I do want to check out Sebastian Inlet I've heard awesome things about that place
  4. Hey guys, my name is Ray I'm 27 years old. I just moved down here to Florida, Orlando to be exact. Im from New Jersey...(sandy hook area) I grew up with the normal jersey fish, stripers, fluke, blues ect....Anyway yesterday was my first time out fishing since moving down here. I went out with a friend I know that lives in New Symerna Beach. We launched from a local ramp there and hit a few of his favorite spots. We had live jumbo shrimp, Started out with the shrimp and I hooked a small mangrove snapper. From there we went looking for mullet. Found a few schools so we threw the net and first throw had a couple dozen. We went deeper into the mangroves in search of some red fish. We saw some reds tailing mullet so we live lined the mullet we had but did not have any luck. We decided to head back to the open water a little bit and hit some of the docks drifting with the shrimp. After about 5 minutes of drifting the shrimp I hooked into what turned out to be a 29" Snook ! What a fight, it was awesome. I took a few pics and released the snook, it swam away fine. After that we anchored up next to a bridge. We sunk the shrimp down and it didn't take long before a had my shrimp blasted and after about a 10 minute fight got my first red fish. The red measured 27" and ended up keeping it, filleted and bagged to be cooked one night this week...some other fish I caught was a Yellowjack ? I assume that its just a smaller amberjack with a different name ? I didn't get a pic of that but it put up a great fight, and and two small catfish. It was an awesome day. I had blast. New Symerna is a really pretty area and the fishing seems to be really good. I was invited back out for next weekend and it might be a night trip so i'm really looking forward to that. I couldn't of asked for a better first trip.
  5. let me think about it and ill get back to you, thanks
  6. thanks for the pics, i dont have anything to trade that you mentioned, what are you asking for a straight up price ?
  7. i guess it depends really, are you the original owner and have you had to replace anything on the reel parts wise or do any recent service work on the reel ? If it all checks out I would probably feel comfortable around 100 bucks, or you mentioned earlier what i had to trade ? what are you looking for as far as a trade ?
  8. the reel looks good, i dont want to be a pain but could i bug you for a few more pics of the reel perhaps on different angles...maybe with the spool and side plate removed ? Thanks
  9. No real rush, I'm just looking to see what available right now. If you can post up some pics that would be great, Thanks
  10. bump this up...no longer interested in the 260, im looking for a 360 (USA Made). Thanks
  11. I just purchased a brand new USA 260 Slammer, I know out of the box it has 11lb. max drag, is there anything I can do as far as a drag upgrade to up the max lb drag of the reel ? Also can I upgrade the bearings on the reel, and any other upgrades worth looking into ? Thanks ~Ray
  12. btw, i use the ardent saltwater reel clean spray and it seems to work well
  13. scoobydoo, any specific spots on spinning reels to make sure gets wiped with corrosion x ? any spots to avoid getting in contact with with corrosion x ? what advanage does the dropper give you over just spraying and wiping down ?
  14. I Wast sure if this deserves to be posted in the kayak forum but anyway, I was wondering if anyone here owns or has used a Solo Skiff yet, they have been around for about 2-3 years now but it seems like they are really getting popular now. We have a dealer here in NJ down by AC Im going to have to take a drive down to check them out, they look awesome!! the possibilities to customize these things are endless and reviews I have read so far have been nothing but positive.
  15. Hey guys... I am looking to buy a USA Penn Slammer 260 or 360 in near new or new condition. There is a few 260's for sale currently on the bay but i wanted to see if anyone here had one they wanted to part with, Thanks - Ray