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  1. Hope y'all enjoy this.
  2. From the album Snook

  3. From the album Snook

  4. From the album Snook

  5. Last year I started in late-march and was catching a bunch of schoolies
  6. Haha I wonder who that friend is, Just get a used revo or outback
  7. Nice Video
  8. I remember one of those days I snagged your line, took your bunker off your treble hook and then caught the only bass of the day on it.
  9. From the album Snook

  10. Thanks! Neither its a revo 11. I love my revo 11
  11. Haha, Ted is awesome. I did lose a couple of fish that would pull me straight into the boats and then Id get snagged on the mooring line. There was no stopping those fish.
  12. No this is Long Island
  13. commando, I have never lost a rod
  14. Some of the clips in this video are from the same day and some are from different days, but all were from half a week period in the spring. The fighting of the fish does not correlate to the actual fish landed. I have more clips from that week that I decided not to include in the video because of laziness.