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  1. Tube around 15"-18" with a bendable steel wire inside is my favorite. Just ordered materials to make my own.
  2. I find real worms much better than any artificial counterpart. Just go at low tide to a shallow mud flat before you go fishing, flip over some rocks and gather a couple of sandworms. You only need to use 1 inch pieces to tip the tube.
  3. I brought a 4ft shark into the yak with me when I hooked it fishing for king mackerel. The plastic lip grips contained it well. About the same danger as a bluefish that size. Bigger ones would be sketchy, they all can pretty much bite their own tail do to having a cartilage skeleton.
  4. Yeah I've heard of the loop mode but I have yet to try it out. I just looked up that case on amazon with the external power cord pass through, looks like it would be perfect for my hero 3+. Although I might dump that gopro soon.
  5. That sounds pretty cool, would you mind sharing pictures of this?
  6. That case does look interesting although it gets one star. Do you know if the gopro app works that way with the older gopro models?
  7. I watched a video on youtube of someone putting their external battery in a waterproof case and then cutting and sealing an opening for the usb so that it was waterproof. The way he had it the only thing that could be affected would be where the cord entered the camera, (maybe dielectric grease would prevent corrosion?). Your right the GoPro battery doesn't last long and most peoples kayak trips last a lot longer then 1-2 hours. Changing batteries is a possibility but that also can be a problem in rough seas and it also is annoying. I think I'm going to try the external battery pack sealed in a waterproof case.
  8. I have a mast mount for my current gopro's and yeah its a good place to keep it out of the way. Im thinking of getting the white hero 8 as its only $200 and I have no need for all the fancy features of the black version. I didn't know about the voice control feature, that is a good idea. I used to have the remote for my GoPros to turn them on remotely but it only lasted one year in the salt.
  9. Hey Rick! Not yet mate. If you have tried contacting me it probably didn't go through. I have a new Australian phone number for the time being. I'll be back in a little over 2 weeks ready to fish.
  10. Do you upload all your videos and then edit them on your computer? My problem is I cannot even upload videos sometimes because they take up so many GBs. I guess if theres no better solution ill need to get a computer one day specifically for videos.
  11. Hey guys, Haven't been here in a long while. I'm looking to upgrade my camera setup for my Hobie. Im currently using a GoPro Hero 3+ and the Hero 4 Session. Im tired of having to hit record when I hook a fish because the camera battery doesn't last long, and then having it take up all available space on my computer with sub par quality video. What do y'all use and how do you have it setup? Links to youtube videos would also be helpful. Thanks for any responses. - Mike
  12. Hope y'all enjoy this.
  13. From the album Snook

  14. From the album Snook

  15. From the album Snook