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  1. Lomg story. Mike n I hit Rock Bottom. Literally. Back at it Saturday
  2. Going for meat!
  3. Ha ha!
  4. I tried it once after using milk to extract the blood. Didn't work!
  5. Not on here, but he is the Irish sweetheart!
  6. Not me! Heard they're edible smoked.
  7. Pic
  8. Fished w Alex Donaldson and crew today w Captain Jerry Posorino and guest mate Ron Safar. Had our one tog per man limit, ~200 porgies, two Albie's, 40 blues, 4 triggers and countless seabass that we can't keep! Beautiful day on the water!
  9. Going to post a Sunday fishing report, being that nobody else has! Steli, Matthew Charles and Dik Larsen took me for a great fluking trip! Almost limited out on our second drift, but took an hour plus to find number 12. Stelios then took us Mahi hunting, in the heat, but unfortunately we were not successful. Fun times, with great guys on Stelli's beautiful sport fishing boat!
  10. Give most away, eat a lot. Never freeze any...
  11. Good day fishing w Chad, mate Mike and Chad's kid. Started our 5 to 5 day linging and boxed up about 500. Then seabass w Bonita and blues mixed in. Sunny and hot! Good day!
  12. Perfect working order, recently serviced. Smooth drag
  13. I'll part with the C229-5 for $150 picked up from 08527. Will mail if needed, but you cover the shipping