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    The fish do their part, that's luck, I do my part, that's skill.
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    Outer beach at night in the fall. CC bay flats in summer. South side esturies in the spring. Sleep
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  1. Fished there this am incoming. Well last bit anyway. Wasted dawn inside. Did see a raging pile of fish a bit out of range even for my 2oz metal. Would have loved to be there 3 hours in. They were up for a good half hour until one cc caught sight and burned right into em. Strange. Based off of what I saw this am (albeit late) I'll be taking another shot this weekend.
  2. Thanks! So basically casting from the bank where you can. If I remember correctly in some spots the watergoes right up to the road in the marsh. This relocated cc angler is just looking for a dawn bite in the am. Pi outer beach may be another option. Thanks!
  3. I like vag..
  4. There is no better feeling than giving a 40lbr a head shot and slamming em on the deck with a cockpit full of his friends all with similar holes in their heads!!! I love gaffing fish!
  5. I couldn't agree more; however, I'm concerned that my 17A bomber may not shim right with one treble. Another suggestion I heard was to go barbles. I like this suggestion because even if I get one if those vmc's burried in my hand it won't be too much of an issue pulling it out. Rub sine mud in it, tie it off and keep casting. I switched to the lip gaff this year when I tried to land a 26" psycho bass and had one of the barbs of the middle treable burried to the bone in my pinky joint closest rocky palm...no big deal but the other hook was in his throat all over his him takers. Needless to say...he ragged dolled myb a dill
  6. Yeah it was a tough decision after spending the first 26 years of my life living from so Dennis to Dartmouth and everywhere in between. Anyway maybe it's time to dial in Pi and the Merrimack. It's just tough starting all over again after I spent so much time dialing a few really good spots down there. Keep on that spot...it will pay off. There is one application out there that they cannot resist. Took me a few years to dial it in, but it works like a charm. It goes like this: I fish an 8 or a 9 foot med lite rod geared for 10-15lb braid and baits to 2oz. It's spooled with 4/15lb braid and a 25lb or 30lb flouro leader and a 1/2 -1oz pink tsunami split tail. The key is long casts and a long rod, but the most importantly is the retreave. After you make the cast point the rod tip to the bait and make sure all the brad is in the water. With the but end under your arm pit erratically sweep the rod tip from side to side while realing slowly. Leave a small amount if slack in the water while your doing your aggressive sweeps. You know your doing it right if the braid in front of you is cutting through the water and it makes this unique "whipping" sound while throwing water. The more aggressive side to side sweeps u make the better chances of a hook up. It took a lot if trial and error to figure thus out and at first this retreave can be kind of awarkward, but all it takes is one bite and it'll become second nature. Another productive retreave is to make ling casts and real as fast as you can at the begning then pause any go into sweep mode for a bit then straight real forr a bit then finsh up close with the sweep. The straight retreave calls em in and the sweep makes em bite. I love the "sweep it up" retreve because you can real very slow and make the bait move eratically. Your going for a reaction bite. The more fish you catch on the split tail the better it works. If the bait gets so messed up that the foil strip is exposed keep fishing it! You know your doing it right if at the end of the bite you have a nice black and blue spot under your armpit. Like I said it's a very awkward retreave but it catches!! Another technique I found is if you can locate a good ambush point behind a bar you can turn on the whole pile of finicky fish by sweeping em up. Once u go tight with one the whole pod goes nuts and u can get em every cast if you can stay on em. Tight lines my friend.
  7. From the album Ocean beaches access

  8. There was another thread that went off topic regarding lip gagging so I figured I would start a new thread on this topic. I lip gaff under certain circumstances. Typically I use a lip gaff if I'm wading and using baits with multiple treable hooks such as the 17a bomber. Imo using a lip gaff is perfectly acceptable when releasing a fish. It prvides mush better control when unhooking medium to large bass and cinsiderly reduces the chance of burying a hook in your waders and your hand. To do this succesfully it's imperative to lip gaff the fish in the lower lip. Any other place may cause unnecessary damage to the fish. My favorite lip gaff has an 11/0 tuna hook with the barn clamped down. It has been suggested to use a lip clamp, which cause little or no damage. Something i will consider in the future; however the standard lip gaff for me the option of a body shot should I decidedde to keep it. When wading my goal is to pack one over the shoulder tackle bag kip gaff and one 15-20lb fool lomis. The main reason I use a lip gaff is to increase my landing ratio. Just like a lot of people my time otw is somewhat limited so I want to be sure that if and when I hook a fish of a life time I have the best shot at dragging him up the beach. Please let me know your thoughts onb this topic as I am open to condider any and all suggestions. Only downside of carrying a lip gaff in my belt is preventing the gaff to punch holes in my waders.
  9. I seen first hand a certain striped bass world record holder lip and even head gaff medium to large bass in the surf then release em no harm done. Obviously if you draw blood it ends up on the rack but all the ones released swim away none the wear. I still can't believe that a lip gaff can cause ling term damage more than 3 treable hooks in the side of the head..and sometimes the rear treables get all jammed up n the gill takers....time to start a new thread...
  10. For you!! Ask the entire rock harbor charter fleet if they lip gaff. Everyone of them will say yes at some point. Working in that fleet for many years taught me how to lip gaff the right way. It's effective and one f the best ways to handle a fish your going to release. That's my opnion. To say that your not an expert if you lip gaff is a bold statement. I respect your opnion, but it's a bold on at that.
  11. Took me 15 years to dial in this spot and it's imo one of the top 3 spots on cape. Fish charge the flat almost every tide from now until September. I can't count the number of times I was out there ready fir the hike back with out a bite then all of a sudden piles and piles of bass charge the flat out of nowhere from the deepwater. They can be very finicky and I found the 1oz pink Tsunami split tail to be the vest bait on braid. Once you hook one from a pod it really gets the others going so try to stay with that pile. I can't wait!!
  12. Walk the bar back to the church. Other side of bass hole. You'll know what in talking about if u go. You can stay out there right up until the tide hits the beach. It's probably 2.5 to 3 times longer than the direct walk back but it's safe and u can get a good 45 mins extra fishing and you can fish the creek on the way in. Only place that is dicey is the rip right at the point. Last 20 yards and the water is really ripping.
  13. Another fun fact...Global warming/freezing has happened since the begining of time and will continue to happen with or without human intervention. We have undoubtedly increased the speed, but I'm sure we'll figure out how to slow it down just the same.