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  1. Offer 80 shipped
  2. I will take this if you can wait for me to send the payment tomorrow morning when I'm back
  3. Do you have gear for shallow water SW fly fishing? If so - I'd say you don't need a guide. You'll read a lot on here about what you talked about - being careful during tides and what not. If you're careful, which is sounds like you will be from your experiences, you can wade and find fish all spring long just by sight fishing, just through clousers in difference colors and sizes till you find what works. If you need any recommendations, stop by black eel outfitters in Brewster - the guy that used to work for fishing the cape & originally the orvis in harwich is there and no one knows more than he does on the area.
  4. I think the secret is the local bait and tackle shops need to market to their local fishery. We all like to catch stripers in the North East, but the best B&T stores in each state do not carry the same gear. while some maybe comment/argue here that what i'm saying isn't true and they've caught fish with these lures in certain places, sure - we've all caught fish with random lures in random locations, but - The most successful bait shops in my eyes focus on the following Boston - mack plugs, bunker, things of that nature Cape - magic swimmers, pencil poppers, jigs RI - small plastics/needles NY - bunker/needles I'm trying to stay as generalized as possible with my locations and plug choices obviously, but the point is - the best shops are very very specialized in what they carry. I'm from the cape - there are some shops that tailor very well to the specific areas in which they're located on the cape. There are some that clearly open a fishing lure catalog and order 2 things from each of the major providers. a good shop needs to look at local manufacturers and tailor their shop to their home waters in order to be successful. I think this is where they can overtake somewhere like BPS, who simply opens a catalog and orders random stuff from big name providers.
  5. Showed up the morning after a notorious drinking holiday. My best friend showed up that morning to fish with me (had a broken foot at the time and had just had surgery). He forget his waterproof boot, and didn't want to step into the salt water or risk it, since it could lead to a serious infection. He also realized he forgot his rain jacket, so at about 4 am, before sunrise, he opted to just drive 30 minutes home. I lived around the corner and decided I'll give it an hour by myself and see whats doing. The second the sun came up - the water lit up with 30+ pound fish. A couple of which were 40+ pounds. There was not a single other person in sight for at least 2 hours of fishing. I caught fish on every single cast for those first 2 hours. At the very second I thought my arms were completely shot, I sent out my furthest cast of a day. The second it hit the water, a 44# fish slammed my popper and I reeled the fish in after a great fight. At that very second, I realized, my phone is soaked, my hands are to wet to work it, and my arms are too tired to hold the fish up for any kind of photo that would show off the size of the fish - A guy on a bike, not fishing, happened to ride by past the beach just at the edge of my sight through the fog. I yelled to him to see if I could get him to stop. He somehow heard me and walked on down to where I was holding the fish within maybe 30 seconds. I asked if he had a camera and he wiped out an old digital camera, took a couple pictures and told me he'd email me the pictures later. I went home, told my friend what had happened and how he missed the most epic day ever. Of course he didn't believe me and my 44# fish story. About a week later, sitting at work, I checked my email and bam - pictures were there. So I got to parade around my 3 photos of the 44# fish I'd caught that morning - which he left before even casting a line - and give him some semblance of proof that it was an unreal morning. Of course - I still talk about it to this day (maybe 6 years ago?)
  6. This is taken off of the description page for sites selling the VR "The Van Staal VR Series reels are engineered and tested to be lightweight and long lasting. They are based on the same foundation that made Van Staal legendary for power and durability. These reels are completely sealed and waterproof reel." Maybe I should've read into it more when it said "based on"
  7. I've never taken mine apart - It broke due to the fact that its not a sealed reel. I got a bag of rusted parts back with the reel that they had to replace. Basically every single piece inside of the reel was rusted. When the body of my VS split. I have to admit, I fished the rest of the week with it because it didn't seem to skip a beat. By the time I realized it was split, brought it back and it got serviced, it was probably 2-3 weeks. They never had to replace anything inside of the reel. The parts inside the VS don't seem to rust, whereas the parts inside the VR rusted instantly upon getting wet. They wanted to make a lightweight surf reel and they succeeded. It just shouldn't be advertised as a sealed reel thats as durable as any other reel they've made.
  8. Finally heard back from VS this morning after emailing back and forth with them regarding the issue - they're fixing it for free. Doesn't solve the problem with the parts on the interior being rusted, but they did the right thing from a customer service perspective
  9. deal - i'll take it
  10. i'll take the one you reposted pics for 65 if you can do that PP shipping included
  11. and 2nds on the sand pikie
  12. can i another pic or two or the surface? definitely interested
  13. how much for the long eel green needle?
  14. GRS

    offer 70 for the yellow
  15. If you have a toyota hilux - according to Top Gear, you can put salt water in the engine and it'll still run