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  1. I think releasing any fish depends on the condition of the fish. If it wont revive keep it. If you can revive it release it. I have a buddy that caught a 50 and it wasnt revivable so he donated it to a homeless shelter. Nothing wrong with keeping a fish that's crab bait
  2. Sorry about that!
  3. Any river mouth, rocky beach, deep drop off or point should hold fish. As others said, use google maps. There are endless places to fish on the cape and in MA. Id suggest finding a couple spots all in one route and fishing them all in a night or something
  4. Had one swim about 30 yards away from me and came right up to about 10 yards away. Got right out of the water. Freaked me out coming that close
  5. Ive snagged 2 lobsters before, a pair of maiting horshecrabs, blue heron. Two nights ago while eeling, caught my leader from earlier in september. The impressivr part is circle caught the small loop knot i use to tie everything with.
  6. That time of year i shift to trout. Theyll stock the kettle ponds im the area. You can check the mass website to find out where. Stripers are there but they rrally become few and far between at thay point. Plus night fishing in october can be cold when youre only catching one Or two fish
  7. Was down in RI last Friday night. Girlfriend was coming in om the train so i figured why not fish for an hour or two, ended up parking and walking out to the beach. There mustve been 14 different groups of people all fishing bait. All with buckets all presumably keeping shorts. I walked down the beach for 5 minutes and kept passing groups till i realized i wasnt going to find a place to fish. Walked back and observed two different people netting and walking away with schoolies. Called the first one out on it and was met with a "que" its not just a canal thing or an MA thing. Its everywhere on the striper coast i always saw it in RI when i lived there, but their EP is even more scarce than MAs. Thats actually not worth a call down there because they dont exist
  8. Use them so much that it wont matter whether you rinse them or store them correctly. Theyre meant to be used, then buy new ones when the old ones are chewed up and rusted!
  9. He builds them to order. It can take weeks but hell get them to you. Done it a coupke times and always happy with it. Just plan accordingly
  10. my vote is a gibbs, doesn't look like a gibbs paint job, but all of the hardware and shape says gibbs to me
  11. Mass fishing this year was terrible in my opinion on all fronts
  12. I celebrated my 20+ nights of fishing in september, while only catching 1 fish over 10 pounds by going fishing and catching 1 schoolie it was actually less boring than striper fest
  13. Doesnt matter right now, 1000 bucks cant catch you a fish here right now But 2 super strikes, one needle one darter then the rest on eels
  14. The stick shad wont rip in half on a 10 pound fish either. Stopped fishing the MS for that reason