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  1. You're not alone. Reeling with your right hand pretty much ruins fishing for me. I have a lefty conventional and bait caster though, give it a try its insanely more comfortable if you're used to spinning gear but annoying to find
  2. Idk how official this is, but I forgot my wading belt one morning and some guy stopped his bike and was giving me a lecture about how its illegal to not have on a wading belt in the canal - he seemed like kind of a jackass, so idk how reputable he is, but that's the only legal thing I've ever heard about entering the canal like that
  3. I really wanted to invest in a fishing kayak for a while. Just as soon as they come out with ones with fish finders, motors, live wells and what not, the sharks show up and start grabbing fish out of peoples hands - the kayak dream is over for me
  4. All i have to say is i used to look at yetis and say who needs that or its too much. Got one as a gift (best way to get one) and ill never own another cooler again. It doesn't hold ice for 7 days. Mine held ice for 12 with the cooler half full. I have the 45 size and id say its worth it. Next to other brands that say there as good, theyre close for sure but the yeti is truly one of a kind if you just dont check your credit card statement
  5. What kind of logic says to use last years unused quota for this year. I want to know who thought that was a good idea. What's the point of having a quota
  6. I feel like maybe 2 Or 3 years ago was the first time i heard one and since my sightings have doubled every year. All have come at night too
  7. Doesn't help when everyone tags everything that happens down there as a blitz. I can't tell you the amount of mornings where it's like perfectly ok fishing, you might get 1 or 2, see a couple hits on top, see a little bit of bait, good morning all around, but by no means a blitz or feeding frenzy or anything of the sort. Then you go online or talk to someone else that was there and all of a sudden the words blitz and feeding frenzy and everything else are being thrown around like nothing. I'm pretty convinced a large part of the problem is people unnecessarily hyping it up. I've caught my share down there and experienced almost as much as you could hope to in 10+ years. Still on any given day I feel like 90% of the guys fishing will not even get a hit, yet someone posts online that there are 50s cruising the canal pushing macks and squid into the parking lot and you can catch them on a beer can because everything is working. It has never added up to me - someone mentioned it early, it must just be the tackle shops or something with some skin in the game...
  8. He never made a second post. You dont think...
  9. Never snapped one but got a broken reel seat. Duct taped it since it was after the warranty. Never had an issue after that. St Croixs warranty cent we is great tho. Go online amd check it out
  10. The magic swimmers are cheao now. Just get a real one
  11. Maybe youll see me out there this week. Ill be the guy with the rod and reel and darter
  12. Hasnt anyone ever heard of duct tape?
  13. I had a vr200 that i dunked a couple times. Anti reverse ended up breaking. I worked directly with craig and he ended up fixing it completely for free. Ive basically got a brand new reel out of it now. Say what you want about the reel being bullet proof but show me a problem with a penn reel or any other where you end up dealing with THE guy at the company. It doesnt really matter the outcome even. Thats great customer service. Try reaching out to craig and i think you'll have nothing but a good experience
  14. I would fish shiners on the bottom if you can. Otherwise slowly bounce metals