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  1. Is there any law against fishing from a tree stand down there? Might be advantageous... I've never understood why the most hype around the Chu tends to be the start of the spring season. I understand that the water is colder usually than in the fall and everyone has cabin fever, but it always seems like the water levels are insanely high during the spring with the snow melt and with the exception of last year, it's way more accessible in the months following.
  2. I have a pair of accurate pliers. Pretty sure they rebranded them under a new name. Theyre like 100 bucks and made out of aluminum. They So unbelievably awesome. Id love to get a pair of VS pliers but i can already tell im going tk have the accurates for life. I would absolutely take a look at them, plus theyre less than a third of the price of the VS ones. Ive had mine for maybe 7 years now and not a problem
  3. I would say - you can get them at alot of places. Figure out what you like. People who keep their eels in lighter colored tubs will have lighter colored eels. someone people like a dark tub, which makes the eels darker. I haven't really noticed a different, but alot of people will say there is a difference. I would concentrate on somewhere that sells alot of them. I've got some pretty crappy eels in my day and it seems like 10 minutes of casting and they're 100% dead. You can fish a dead eel for sure, but if you want them to last an hour or more, you should look for somewhere with a quality tank that sells alot of them. You'll see from the suggestions from people on here which places you like best
  4. Whats the weight on the top two
  5. Offer 75 shipped
  6. I think this is a good perspective on the legend - I have the 10 6 1-4 It is an amazing feeling rod, I think it excelled with slinging big eels in the surf personally - I don't know that I've ever had a rod that was better for fighting fish, I don't know that any rod was really close in terms of sensitivity (probably why I loved it for eels) I have a GSB, Century, Mojo, Super Surf and have used a couple of others. The legend does not cast well in comparison to these rods - It's got some good backbone for fighting fish, but I found it unable to really sling a lure with some power. My biggest complaint with it though - it broke after about 2 months of fishing. I've never broken a fishing rod in my life and it happened after 2 months of pretty consistent, but not over stressing fishing. I was throwing a plastic on a 1 once jig head and it exploded right in the handle of the rod. After the abuse I've put my other rods through, It took me about a year before I sent it back to St Croix to be repaired because 1, i'm lazy, but also I found that it wasn't as good as the other surf rods I have. Great rod for sure, you won't hate it, but for 600 bucks, there are better options out there
  7. Check out the goo goo man by lemires, love that plug. Tsunami makes some decent metal lips that are really cheap. And if you don't mind spending some money mikes custom plugs and grs are the gold standard
  8. PM coming
  9. You still want for 60 shipped?
  10. Gonna hold at 75 shipped for now - thank you for looking, will let you know
  11. Trying to do some house cleaning - all plugs have been at least carried. Couple have some hook rash and one or two could use some new trebles. The talking poppers and yo zuri swimmers mostly have new VMCs om them. Asking 75 shipping PP to tge lower 48
  12. Gibbs pencil (22) SS two tone eel needle (20) Bag of zoom flukes and jig heads with remaining money
  13. offer - 80 shipped
  14. Offer 80 shipped
  15. I will take this if you can wait for me to send the payment tomorrow morning when I'm back