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  1. The Skeletool CX is still about 80$. The did give the option of a new tool, but i wanted the original as it held sentimental value..
  2. Did you read the whole thread? The OP is talking about a mojo surf for christ sake...
  3. C'mon man,no1 here is talking about rods with adjustable reel seats/taped on reels...
  4. I have tried it.. adding half a pound to the end of the rod or reel to balance it is way more fatiguing.
  5. Saw these on the rack at bps
  6. Good to know, I'll have to see what mine are. What are they worth?
  7. I just toss a few of the single use super glues in my bag. You get 5 or so for about $2 on amazon. You can glue two soft plastics with one tube.
  8. Wanted to report back my experience with Leatherman and their warranty. I needed the pocket clip on my Skeletool replaced so I gave them a call for a replacement as I couldn't find the part on their site. I offered to purchase it and have it shipped but that wasn't an option. I was told it would need to be shipped in for warranty service. Not ideal but, it is what it is.. So i shipped it out and received a notification that it had been delivered via UPS tracking. I contacted leatherman a week later to confirm they got it as i hadn't heard anything and was informed that it was most likely in their receiving dept and hadn't been entered into their system yet. A few days later I got an email saying they got it and were reviewing it. A little over a week later it was back in my hands. They did a great job and did more than just replace the clip. They also went thru and cleaned the entire tool, replaced the plier section, sharpened the blade, and replaced the entire arm with the clip on it.. Overall Im pleased with the experience. My only complaint was that it sat in the unknown for a week before I knew they had received it.
  9. As soon as your lure hits the water and you begin your retrieve there is weight on the rod due to the drag created by the line and the lure. To keep your rod at your desired location, your wrist is engaged...
  10. Lol.."if you want the rod to work properly".. are you kidding me? It amazes me you balance junkies are able to reel in a fish. With all that fatigue you have to endure from the rod being pulled. lol
  11. How do you know what gen your magic swimmers are?
  12. So adding another 6-8oz of weight in reel or to the butt of the rod reduces arm fatigue? C'mon man! On a rod where the butt ends up in your hip or between your legs 99% of the time? Completely negating any balance issues.. Give me a break. To the OP.. Nothing..and i mean NOTHING...Will reduce fatigue as much as reducing the amount of weight you are holding in your hand. Go as light as possible with your given budget to get the job done. That being said, the BG is a tank and holds up well, but is pretty heavy..
  13. That Accurate Valiant looks like a very sweet lightweight reel. Ive also heard of guys using the Tranx 400 for everything you mentioned.
  14. Anything, No. You seem to only see black and white. Look in that crayon box, there are alot of different colors. Him popping the side plate off (which they give u the tools to do) doesnt label it a used reel..
  15. He complaining about how the situation was handled, not the end result. The fact that he didnt tell them he opened it, even if it did make a difference, is evidence for his case that the rep shouldnt have dicked him around..