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  1. Ok no problem.
  2. That 9ft rod with the 4k Daiwa Ballistic LT would be a sweet setup.. Total weight of rod+reel would be about 1lb..
  3. A friend of mine who builds rods built it while showing me how to build rods. Came out great. I used it for trolling out of my kayak, inshore jigging, and casting plugs and plastics. Worked great for everything is used it for. I can post more pics if needed.
  4. Sounds good, let me know
  5. Spinning reels line lay can be adjusted by the small washers (shims) under the spool. This is why many reels come with a small bag of various thicknesses. In your case you want to remove it and replace with a thinner one. If there is more than one on there allready, just remove one and see how it looks.
  6. Both good and bad, they are learning it from somewhere. Bottom line is, times change, so we as parents have to adapt and change as well. Think of the fishing industry 20-30yrs ago compared to now. Why should raising our kids be any different? Doing things "the way it was when i was a kid" 30 years ago just doesn't work anymore. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity..
  7. Theres no backing. It can hold 225yrds of 30#, so its right around that amount.
  8. Many try, but with little effect. You get the typical "this is how i went through school and im fine" rhetoric. When in truth, its nothing like when they went thru school. But like i said, as long as their kid isnt getting pushed out, they dont really care. Your mindset is part of the problem. And the same type that results in their child hanging themselves. Parents telling their kids "Dont be a ***** and just deal with it. Kids are just being kids". Till you come home from work and find Dinghy Jr has hung himself after 4-6yrs of constant beratement, with no support, and sees other kids ending their own lives as well on the news and social media. Tell me, who is the ***** in that situation? The kid who didnt know what was really going on or how to deal with it. Or Dinghy Sr. for parenting in a method that has been proven to have never worked. This works for a time, but will soon become the fuel for ridicule and harassment by other kids. "You dont have facebook, you dont have a cell phone, wtf is the matter with you??" I see this in 4th graders (9 yr olds). This is the reason homeschooling has been rapidly increasing over the past 5-8 years.
  9. Times have changed my friend. Kids these days are growing up faster than ever. Especially with parents who have grown up in the age of the internet and social media... Kids are forming groups and cliques as early as second grade (fueled by parents). If u dont fit their mold, you are an outcast.. It reminds me alot of what high school was like, only these kids are in k-4th grade. It also comes down to just bad parenting. You can tell the kids whos mom was on the "cheer squad" or dad was the "football jock". They instill that mentality into their children, either because its all they know, or because they think thats the way they have to be to be popular. Its sad, because the parents know its wrong, but wont do much to correct it as long as their kid isnt the outcast. So alot of it can come down to parental politics as well. With some parents not liking other parents, and thus their kids dont get invited so the parents dont have to deal with each other.
  10. If you want them handed out at the school, then yes, the whole class has to be invited. I can see the other side where it leaves a couple kids left out and feeling like outcasts. You have to remember this is elementry school (k-4). You may think its silly till your son or daughter is crying in your arms at night because of they way they are treated (remember, they are 5-9yrs old), and there is nothing you as a parent can really do about it.. Not many worse feelings in the world than seeing your child in pain and not being able to help..
  11. Selling a couple outfits that I haven't used for a bit. All are in great shape with very little use. Let me know if you have any questions. 1: Custom spiral wrapped MHX MU90MH 7'6" 1-3.5oz rod (200$ in components). I had a heavy duty hook keeper added to the butt end for a tether when on the kayak. $150 shipped, paypal preferred. 2: Daiwa Lexa 300HSL-P w/box and loaded 30# Fireline. $150 shipped, paypal preferred. 3: Shimano Spheros SW 5000 with 30# J Braid. $150 shipped, paypal preferred. 4: Shimano Trevala TVS-662MH2 6'6. $100 shipped, paypal preferred.
  12. Honeslty, i wouldnt pay to even rent it. Just wait till it comes out on Prime or Cable for free.
  13. Anyone else see the new Predator movie? If not, save your money.. Some spoilers below so stop now if u intend to see it. Im not much of a movie critic and ill watch pretty much anything. But this movie was pretty bad. With the 9yr old (?) with assburgers that cracks the advanced alien programming language (WTF.. Realy??) and the main charter being some no-name adult looking Draco Malfoy?? Toss in the hodgepodge crew of mental institute patients that all join in to do battle with them..?? Ughhhh... . It took Arnold friggin Schwarzenegger the entire movie to kill the original Predator. And he had to finds it weaknesses and come up with an elaborate plan to kill it. But this scrawny dude and his kid are able to take out an 11ft super predator in about 10 minutes.. And dont get me started on the "Predator Hound" that randomly showed up at key points and conveniently puked up grenades and other explosives for the human team.?.?? Man was it disappointing....
  14. We have a hard enough time getting residents to purchase their salt water permits..