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  1. Tsunami makes a nice spiral wrapped rod for a good price (99$).
  2. Keep us posted, i look forward to hearing how they hold up for you.
  3. The difference is, the Premios are full titanium and are cheaper than the same sized Stainless Donmars.
  4. Tell that to the tuna guys using planes to spot schools of tuna and chasing them down.. The use of a drone to deploy bait is no different than the guys who paddle bait out with a yak and drop it over the side and go back in.. No offense to BrianBM, but its people like him, who are uneducated on how drones are regulated, operated, etc.., that are making the decisions to out law them. "AHH ITS NEW AND I DONT LIKE IT!! KILL IT!!!" Its a shame..
  5. Because they have to be registered, they are protected Under federal law as aircraft, it is a felony to willfully damage or destroy aircraft. 18 U.S.C. ยง 32. Penalties include fines and/or imprisonment up to 20yrs. As for people worried about them landing on them and not knowing who owns it. Again, they are registered.. Id argue, you are 1000x more likely to step on a discarded rusty hook and get tetanus than you are to be struck by a rogue drone. If girls walking around with their lady bits hanging out on the beach are complaining about being on camera, then cell phones, go pros, and digital cameras should be illegal as well.. Or they could just stop walking around nude (also illegal)...
  6. Hah I was thinking the same thing. Then i looked at their Stainless pliers that also look real nice for ~20$
  7. Sold to Cartopper. Thank you SOL
  8. 140 is fine, PM comming
  9. Bought these new and have only carried them once in a bag on a freshwater trip. Band new the pliers with the leather sheath would run $220. Im looking to get $150 Shipped, Paypal preferred. Comes with Pliers, Lanyard, Leather Sheath, and the cloth sheath.
  10. wrong forum, please delete
  11. Watched the first couple episodes. Every person on the TNT looks like an addict. The Sports guys are pretty cool. The Ex-Military captain is a total douche. Hes got alot to learn...
  12. I fish from my yak and boat. The Lexa was also my first conventional and it was very easy to use. I sling bait, plugs, jigs, etc with ease and very few birds nests from day 1.
  13. I have a Lexa and love it. Ive used it for bait, slapped it on another rod for jigging, and another rod for casting. Very versatile reel. The version with the bait clicker is very nice for bait fishing. I also like that you can disengage and re-engage the spool by popping the thumb bar up with your thumb. This allows for single hand use when jigging and negates the need to "crank the handle" to engage the spool.