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  1. It dont think its being elitist or the way he sees fit. If im reading this correctly, its a regulation people are violating. Fisherman are the best eyes on the water and have a HUGE impact in catching poachers and people who violate the rules. That being said, im not scouring the webs for pics of guys breaking the rules and sending pics to the cops lol. But if i see you breaking regs/laws on the water, i will 100% call it in.
  2. My buddy was in the exact same yak you got, all be it a few years older. Tide with wind and waves can make for an interesting paddle. Good luck with your new yak.
  3. Those big yaks can be very difficult to paddle if you need to. I recall several stories of guys having to call for rescue because their drives broke and they were unable to paddle the yak back to the launch against the tide. Something I dont think many people, including the manufacturers, take into account. I have personally seen this when out with a buddy of mine in the Slayer Propel kayak. The drive broke down about 3 miles from the launch. There were 4 of us out there. He decided to head in 2hrs early since he knew he had to paddle. 2hrs later the rest of us head in and abut halfway back we see him. He was exhausted and couldnt get the yak back to the ramp. We were able to tow him the rest of the way. Something to keep in mind as you are learning your new yak.
  4. The issue i have with sling packs is the weight being all on one shoulder. After a long trip I would have a sore neck. The last few years ive been using the Umpqua Overlook 500 and love it!
  5. This is a good point. Should i try twist and turning the blank while load testing it to ensure line doesn't touch at any point?
  6. Since u and I are in the same boat, i wanted to keep updating this as I test. I bumped the stripper back to 19in from the reel face and bumped the transition guides to 5in apart. This left enough line clearance all the way around. The same spacing with the stripper at 20in was touching. So there is a sweet spot if you can find it.
  7. Yes, a couple extra runner guides was needed.
  8. Ok So here is what i have come up with. I move the stripper towards the reel 3in. Its now 16in (was 19in). I spaced the fist bumper 4 in at 60deg. I spaced the next one 4 in up at 120 deg, and 4in up from there is the last one at 180deg. So the whole transition is about 12in. In load tests, the line doesnt touch anywhere. Is there anything i have to be concerned about by moving the stripper or how the line goes through the guides during the transition? Here are some pics. From reel to Stripper to 60deg bumper Stripper to 60deg bumper line clearance 60deg bumper to 120deg bumper
  9. When you say "off center" do you mean the line running trough them isnt centered on the guide or off center from 0deg and 180deg?
  10. By first runner do you mean the first guide at 180deg after the 120deg guide?
  11. Hi All, Looking for a little guidance putting the guides on my Black Hole 691UL. As many of you know this rod has a pretty parabolic bend deep into the blank. Im having trouble getting the clearance needed when doing the wrap from the stripper to the first transition guide. There is a thin (paper thin) clearance from the blank under load. But thats to close for comfort. From the butt of the rod to the reel face is about 16in. The stripper is 19in from the reel face putting it at 35in from the butt. Im using a Size 8 BLNAG for the stripper and size 6 BLNAG for the transition guide at 60deg. The next guide is a size 6 BKBAG at 120deg to a size 5 BKBAG at 180deg to complete the transition. Any suggestions on increasing the clearance from the stripper to the first transition guide short of a higher stripper?
  12. At 18:35 you can see that he is able to pull the broken piece on the blank out and actually fit it back together a little bit. If the two pieces were properly seated, there is no way hes able to do that. They just never made sure they were seated snug and the top half crept up till the bottom tip snapped.
  13. If you dont use a tool the right way, it breaks. Price doesnt fix that..
  14. Saw this clip too. I dont think it was fully seated and it looks like it snaps about 1/2in below the joint which is slightly higher than the first pick.
  15. Ive tried Ned rigs and they are just to slow for me. Might as well drown a worm lol. I have great luck with bladebaits and creature jigs. Which are much more active and you cover much more water.