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  1. As someone said, the Avalanche is one of the ugliest vehicles to come along in a while. Maybe if you replaced the grey plastic with yellow rubber and called it a Neptune it would have more appeal. Maybe not
  2. I built a Lamiglas GSB 120 1L last season as a pencil popper rod and was very pleased with its performance. The rod performs more like fiberglass than graphite and it has a nice slow action. I use the rod in places where there is a great deal of sideways current and the tips on faster rods tend to bog down as the popper swings down stream. I've never built a 1204 Arra but a friend of mine broke two of them so you might want to take that into consideration before building one. Incidentally, when I built my 120 1L, I used a #50 double footed guide and used single foots the rest of the way up, which preserved alot of the natural action of the blank and kept the weight down.
  3. "Some inch groups were well represented....like...very sadly all the inches from 24 to 27"...slot fish to some, babies to me...there were 352 24-27.99" fish on this chart and that bugs me deeply. Only one state they coulda legally came from" What exactly do you mean by that statement, Tim? Im not familiar with NJ regs, or what has been discussed on this board in reference to slot limits, but I would like to raise a few points. First, Im sure some of the fish involved in your survey were released. Second, what would concern me is the number of 30-44 inch fish taken. These fish are the prime breeders and the future of the fishery. The largest segment of the striper population is made up of fish under 28 inches. About half of these fish are males, whose role in breeding is easily replaced by others. These are the fish that should kept for consumption. Strong year classes such as the 1989 year class should be allowed to breed and grow. If more states would adopt a slot limit, you'd see those abundant 38 inchers become abundant 30 pounders in the near future. What does setting a minimum length of 30 inches (give or take) accomplish? CT is leading the way with their slot limit despite criticism and in the process, promoting wise conservation and sportsmanship. [This message has been edited by DamonM (edited 07-08-2001).]
  4. Heres a few I took along with a couple taken by friends: 48" 35lbs 47.25" 36lbs 47" 37lbs 47" 36.5lbs 46" 42lbs 46" 33lbs 45.5" 40lbs 45" 34lbs 44" 30lbs 44" 28lbs 43" 32lbs 43" 27.5lbs 43" 26lbs 42" 30lbs 42" 28lbs 42" 25lbs 41" 27lbs 41" 26.5lbs 41" 22lbs 41" 22lbs (two of them) 40" 25lbs 40" 24lbs 40" 20lbs 39" several from 25-18lbs 38" 18lbs 37" 17lbs 36" 16lbs [This message has been edited by DamonM (edited 06-26-2001).]
  5. Thanks to all for the feedback. Ditch Jigger, Jeff and I agreed that the 120 1L modified as you said would be about the best fisher clone available. Rockhead, I would be interested to hear how yours works out because I'll probably build one as a conventional in the future. It just seems to me that at 9ft it makes a better conventional than spinning. Thanks again
  6. What if you want to change your cork tape after a few years?
  7. I intend to use the rod as a 9 or 9'6" spinning rod for eels primarily, however I dont want a meat stick like the 1088 sabre which in my opinion is limited to eels. I already cut the blank down to 9'6" and it will still load throwing a bomber, however I'm afraid to take it down any more. I havent touched the tip, its perfect.
  8. Has anyone ever cut a GSB 120 1L blank down to 9ft for spinning? How about 9'6"? I appreciate anyone's feedback through experience. Thanks
  9. U-40 products are dated so you know how old the epoxy really is. Im not sure if flexcoat has started doing that or not.
  10. Does anybody have any interesting color combinations they've tried? I'd be interested in hearing some nice underwrap and overwrap combinations and butt wrap colors.
  11. What size is the gathering guide? Is it 40mm? If it isnt, then its too small in my opinion. Factory rods are notorious for either using a gathering guide that is too small or placing it in the wrong place on the blank. Anyway, congratulations on a wise purchase with the VS.
  12. I'll post my vote for the 40 HH for the stripping guide, however I would go right to a 30 single foot rather than a double. You can always do a single foot high frame 30 too.
  13. A few years ago, I had two rods built on Lamiglas XRA1381H blanks. The finished rods are really nice, but are incredibly stiff. I bought the rods to bottom fish with sand eels on the cape with my father who can only handle so much eelslinging. Nevertheless, I think they are overkill. Any of you bait guys care to offer your opinions? Thanks
  14. I have thinned flexcoat with acetone with success, however I only needed a few conservative drops in a mixture of about 20cc. I have since switched to U-40 Duragloss and I think its a much better epoxy than flex coat for two reasons: 1. Its thinner from the start and less prone to bubbles than flexcoat, and 2. It is clear, and provides a water like glossy finish with no hazing or yellowing typical of flex coat. With 3 or 4 coats of Gudebrod 811 color preserver underneath, I usually dont have to do any flaming becuase the bubble just arent there. My .02
  15. I didnt notice you fish the canal primarily. Im not the best one to give advice on the canal, but I would agree that the 1088 is probably not the ideal blank. Oops