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  1. I’ll take it
  2. Hey man haven’t been paying attention to this site this week. Worked some huge hours. Will post pics today. Interested in the tm pair.
  3. Looking for any and all. Used is fine.
  4. Definitely interested. Are there three tm or two? Also can I see a pic of the sides of that darter?
  5. I may have a few ah darters around. Would be interested in seeing pics of the troublemaker surfsters and ls69 darter
  6. Would take any. Love his work. I can open a WTB thread if it’s easier
  7. Got any more bernzy?
  8. Bucktail, bottle darters or needles. Anything that A) can punch through the wind and B) hold enough in the water so you maintain contact with the lure even with the wind in your line. Bait would work as well as long as there’s enough weight to keep it down in the water
  9. ahh shucks. great combo at a killer price. glws
  10. ever make it up to CT/RI? super interested in this, just dont really ever go south
  11. i carry a 2 tube bag on my belt, so i usually can get 2-5 plugs in each tube depending on what im throwing. I have a single tube bag I can add if im carrying all large plugs so I have a few extras, but typically only use the 2-tube. It does have slots for bucktails and tins so theres some of those and maybe a large soft plastic or two. I find that the less I carry the more I have to trust in what im bringing with me and that has made me build confidence in some plugs i didnt have.
  12. jointed looks like al gags 24/7 lures
  13. I have a jj1 slopehead in wonderbread. light use. if interested i can post pics
  14. I’d be interested in the two on the left if you’d split
  15. Haha oh I get that. **** looks fishy as hell