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  1. Yup I did haha
  2. Left column: ll cooper lupo atom lupo gibbs doc middle bottom is after hours left colum middle four: tattoo bm gibbs bm two small poppers last pic are Gibbs. Rest I’m not sure
  3. Sure. Why not. Pm coming
  4. my first real surf rod was a 1201l from him. absolutely great guy and amazing work. have been back for another full custom and a rewrap on a light rod since the first purchase
  5. bump, either lure $33 shipped or $60 for the pair
  6. $37 w/shipping and fees and it’s yours
  7. Both new $70 PayPal only
  8. Howard at narrow river rods. Not sure what his timeline looks like but have had three made by him and he does excellent work
  9. Pm coming
  10. Sounds good. I’ll give him a few. Will let ya know
  11. Bottom Gags middle repainted Gibbs I think
  12. I’d go $70
  13. Looks new. $80. PayPal only.
  14. Keep in mind most of those plastic ones are worth like $5-$15 but with the big name vintage brands it’s always worth double checking colors and such.
  15. try to do some research on the white/blue/black river runt. some of those can be worth some coin if the right color. that one looks different to me as i usually see them like that without the blue accents. i do not collect heddon baits though so could absolutely be wrong