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  1. $40?
  2. Had four people at the end of a bway last night. Kid on the end wouldn’t Fish a rotation guy 5’ behind him throwing clams on a 1/2 oz weight into the rip. Kid at the ends buddy came down and parked within arm reach of me. Threw a plug out towards beach side. Had one decent fish almost immediately made a few more casts and went home to get away from the idiots. Probably 10 other people along the bway walls. I saw no bait and no other fish caught
  3. Checked a few western soco spots this morning. Not a lot of action. Plenty of bait though
  4. I’ll take them
  5. Offer $30 shipped
  6. Have seen a bunch of these sell as low as $300. Good reels but some of the early ones had issues. Drag is nice and they are smooth. Ended up getting a vs 200 though. They just seem built a little better and are more solid.
  7. A lot of companies have done this. My reel is 12xxx it does not have made in China on it so i know it was at least assembled in the US. Now a days you’ll see companies calling out their products as assembled in the US. This way it’s clear that the materials and parts and pieces are made somewhere else
  8. Bump
  9. Would much rather sell as pairs. Sorry
  10. Bump. Ah-$55 fixter-$85
  11. Sure. I’d do $90 shipped
  12. All new ah-$60 fixter-$90
  13. $70
  14. Bending a lip down helps the plug stay on the surface causing a nice v wake. Bending one that far typically will make the plug roll out and not swim. Only way to figure it out is toss it and see if the previous owner was on to something or bent the lip in storage by accident or something like that
  15. My first thought is surf asylum as well