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  1. I’ll take these
  2. I’ll hold at $90
  3. $90?
  4. Looking for: tbone ah specials ss green eye needles cool old ss apecials grs top four on left have been thrown. Rest are new
  5. Sorry for the delay. Pm sent!
  6. Payment was sent and plugs were received!
  7. Sure thing!
  8. Tattoo-$22 rm Smith-$22 ah-$30 bm-used-$30 prices include shipping PayPal only
  9. $40 shipped all used
  10. Not a pichney aficionado but how common are the top two? I know the trollers are most common but never seen many of the other two
  11. I think the two trollers are. Not sure I’m darter and jtd though. Hoping you guys could chime in! Thanks in advance!
  12. Could be a habs but I’m no expert there. Body reminds me of a Lemire though. Just tossing and idea out there. May not be accurate at all
  13. Don’t bother paying tolls to find albies. Plenty of good reports not that Far East
  14. Weren’t there more seals 100 years ago than there are now but we hunted them near extinction? Just because there’s more now than in the last fifty years doesn’t mean there’s too many. Sharks have always been here as wellif I’m not mistaken
  15. $40?