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  1. Price Drop! RM Smith lot-$100 AH Danny-$27 Pbau Pencil-$35 CCW small danny-$27
  2. I ma have one id let go. what darters you got?
  3. PM coming
  4. RM Smith lot-new-$110 Fixter pair-new-$85 AH small danny-new-$30 Pbau pencil-new-$40 Ccw Small danny-new-$30 BM maple spin-new-$35
  5. would you split the firmanator?
  6. White swimmer with blue eyes could be a bernzy. Kinda looks like his work.
  7. A-check the CT forum, B-good luck getting any intel you cant find with google maps. With access so hard to find in CT youll be lucky to get good info from guys as most spots are kept quiet
  8. 100% agree
  9. top left needle-gags green pencils-hcl yellow pencil and the grey bunker swimmer above it are bigfish yellow swimmer on the bottom and the oencil to its right-hcl black darter bob hahn swimmers on top right might be captn andys or something like that yellow swimmer top middle might be a mcfadden
  10. if that was a commander id be all over it. this is one of the few that i actually have
  11. Any and all new or used. Thanks in advance!
  12. I’ll take theseb
  13. I don’t know if it’s signed. But no plug in the lot looks like one of Keith’s. Unless it’s an early build. But his needles are typically shorter and thinner
  14. I could be wrong but I think that’s a black label not black talon
  15. Offer $35