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  1. Pms coming
  2. Unknown wood lot-$30 bomber lot-$45 AH Danny MAC pikie-$50 used ah and bm needles-$22 3 in box plastics-$35 gibbs small parrot darter-$25 paypal only. Prices include shipping
  3. I’ll take the rest
  4. Bump
  5. Bump
  6. not sure he sold out today at the show, craze is def over
  7. top i think is bob hahn, bottom might be rhode island lures, china made
  8. Rewired, would add a kicker. Middle plug is the only one available
  9. $65?
  10. Top is going to go down a little bottom can be tuned by bending the line tie to swim from the surface to down a few feet. All are larger plugs around 8” and 3oz
  11. I’ve got these three. Top is new made by chef Chris . Middle is mostly new with some slight storage marks made by tom bottomly Bottom is used and is made by Chris vorhees. Would offer any two
  12. I opened a thread with some plugs I’d trade for tbones
  13. Black talon has oxidation but body is mint, CV pikie is used, Musso used/rewired, habs new with storage marks rest are new
  14. Looking for afterhours trollers or pikies, bm torpedoes or Conrad’s, ccw larger jetty swimmers, or any plugs similar. Don’t have plans to throw this so seeing what’s out there
  15. id dont have any lunas but would trade some good plugs for the a40 and the old school one