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  1. Any info would be great! Thanks.
  2. I’ll take these
  3. On eBay a week ago
  4. As far as wood plugs go there are numerous builders that you can buy directly from for $30 or under. If you want simple fish catching lures made of plastic, all super strike products are under $25 and they all catch fish
  5. Im surprised they do not have a user category for recreational fisherman, only commercial?
  6. Any creek chub that was not made in Garrett Indiana are not really creek chubs if you ask me. They were a staple in the lure world for almost 70 years but like many older brands was sold off a few times and now is just a name, not really the same company. Modern lures made under the creek chub name are a great beginner/cheap option, however most people fish them a few times and move on to more productive and well built plugs.
  7. The finish is not nearly as solid on GIbbs compared to many modern plug builders. If you catch on them consistently they don't last all that long. Now my AH, CCW, BM etc plugs all have much harder epoxy coats and last through many many more fish than the gibbs I own. Also as far as prices go there are some great lightly used lots of higher end plugs that get sold daily on here that dont break the bank.
  8. I’d go $210 for all four
  9. Ahhh you bought it! I sent pics to mike months ago to see if it was his. He said it could have been at one point but def was refinished if it was his but more than likely not his.
  10. It looks like a bootleg. Did BM make any of those?
  11. habs or a habs copy?
  12. check the auction site, but be prepared to pay up...
  13. How much for the middle two?
  14. Any help on this one would be great!
  15. sold