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  1. This was last year. Which I did start inside but later than this year. They were under the grow lights last year which was on about 16 hours. I don't recall the fertilizer routine for them last year.
  2. I swear I'm gonna end up with a greenhouse. Lol. Good advice thanks.
  3. How interesting. I was reading up on leeks and planting them deeper as sort of a pre blanching was prevalent. Also Some school of thought about using a higher nitrogen fertilizer early to promote good green growth so the plant has lots of energy to put into bulb growth later. Im actually starting a journal this year so I can keep track of these things. I'll try and get some pics up Mick
  4. Hasn't been much time but so far so good for the window sill option. Doesn't seem to be any Ill effects.
  5. I don't have anything to offer in experience other than I'm finding out things will do well in unexpected conditions. Best of luck with them. I hope they do well for you.
  6. Started my onion and leek seeds a couple weeks ago. I have a fairly nice onion "lawn" going. Now, being long day onions they start putting energy into bulb production when the daylight hours are upwards of 14+ hours. Maybe even longer. I'm thinking instead of taking space under the grow lamps I can put them in a window sill for the normal amount of sunlight. Also influencing this thought is that since I will be trimming them at about 3" I shouldn't have to worry about leggy seedlings growing toward light. Does anyone else do this? Had success this way?
  7. I'll probably give them a try. I've been using g foodvacbags with good success but always good to have an alternative.
  8. That's how I feel, too. Mine went a little over 5 years. Costco is great with customer service. My biggest gripe about the product is the part (foam seal) most likely to wear out is designed as non replaceable. On top of which foodsaver offers no ability to obtain parts if one wanted to fix it. Fortunately I was able to find replacement seals for older machines that fit. Had to take some of the machine apart and apply a few dabs of white glue to secure the seal but it works good as new now.
  9. Sb The first machine you had for 6 or 7 years, did Costco exchange that one too or was it just the one at 13 -14 months?
  10. I'm wondering if the mat is overkill for me as I have the trays in a room that's usually 70 to 75 via woodstove. It appears the white mold itself is not detrimental but can be a sign of the fungus that causes damping off. I'm gonna try propping the lids up and maybe just use the mats overnight when the temps will drop to 65.
  11. I get white thready stuff. I have gotten the green algae stuff in the past. Which I'm inclined to agree on the too much water school of thought. Kinda what I'm thinking with the covers. Just too much warm and wet for something not to grow. I started with moistening the seed mix to just enough so it held its shape when squeezed but not water dripping out. Trying to avoid having to water from the bottom up this year which I find soaks the cells too much for my liking. Edit: Seems to be a humidity issue. Air flow is recomended.
  12. First, I would like to pose the question to the powers that be; do you think there is enough interest in gardening as a topic to have its own forum? Second, when starting seeds on a heat mat, what are the thoughts on a cover for the tray? I seem to get fungus every time I use the cover and heat mat. Even a brand new bag of seed starting mix produces this result. I use a space in the living area of my home, so, maybe the heat mat is too much? Any thoughts or experience?
  13. Let us know how it works out.
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  15. Well JJ, Something to consider on purchase, are the parts that will wear out easily replaceable? I have found out that the gaskets on my foodsaver v4880 are fixed and not easily replaceable. Talking with foodsaver was of little help. There suggestion was bring back to Costco maybe they can fix it, as it is out of warranty. Just over 5 years old. Now, at a cursory glance, it doesn't appear to be a difficult job to take apart the machine and swap out the piece. However, foodsaver has not been forthcoming with info on what parts or where I can get them to fix the machine. Unfortunately its the typical corporate bullpoop. I'll have to try ordering some gaskets and see if any of them work.