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  1. I saw the sign at the North lot this morning. $15 for non-res and that's on a weekday. $20 for the weekend. Fish early in the AM or later at night to avoid the fees.
  2. I broke out the honey BT1083M this morning fishing off a jetty. I launched a 2-3/8oz little neck popper against a stiff wind. That thing sailed! Felt really good leaning into my cast. Love the old fiberglass flex. My friends tried to cast my honey lami to see what it feels like man do they look like such wimps doing so. I guess they're so used to the modern fast action surf rods.
  3. The micros were rampant this morning all along the oceanfront of a popular island named after a fruit. Should've brought my freshwater bass rod instead of my light surf outfit.
  4. Any sizable stripers caught yet on the North Shore? I've been out the past 3 mornings. It's been a micro fest with some mid 20 inchers in the mix.
  5. Leash your effin dog in public I don't care if you say it's friendly! Little kids get traumatized and frightened when a dog is off leash. The whole thing could've been avoided.
  6. The best pair of LL Bean waders I've ever owned was the breathable West Branch model back in early 2000's. That thing lasted me for 9 years without ever leaking under heavy abuse (bushwacking, rocks, shrubs). The seams on the stockingfoot finally gave in and it was just too much to repair so Bean replaced it with a comparable model the Kennebecs and that didn't last me for 2 seasons.
  7. Wicked low here on the 'Mac. Did much better when the water was raging and higher. They were more confined in the usual locations away from the current.
  8. Now it all makes sense. Didn't realize there was a commercial harvest for blackbacks.
  9. I was out there today. Hammered on the the togs but the sea bass fishing was slow at the Ledge. Not too many action from what I saw and the wind picked up in the afternoon had to call it quits.
  10. The winter flounder stock is really good at least here on the north shore Cape ann parts. I've been limiting out on flounders every trip and throwing back a bunch of small keepers. Even caught an inshore cod.
  11. Shad fishing is all about being in the right position to fish the seams productively.
  12. Hoping to get on Thursday to avoid the fustercluck coming this weekend.
  13. I think the plastic needlefish you maybe talking about is the Yankee Lures Needlefish by Roberts Lures. They come in chartreuse, amber, black, and white. It is 7" long and 1.5oz. They can be had for cheap I usually stock them up at fishing shows for $7.99 a piece. They are good to use when the blues are around. I don't feel bad about it getting beat up or loosing one to a bluefish unlike my SS needlefish.
  14. The stretch I fish at downstream can probably accommodate 2-3 anglers the most. I never see anyone fishing for shad maybe once there I saw a guy fly fishing. It is not an easy spot to access because you have to cross the train tracks and walk down the steep embankment.
  15. You can find shad in any spot on the river where there's an eddy or find a seam where fast current meet with slack current. Shad hang out in the pool to rest from the current before they continue their migration.