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  1. I get them regularly at the mouth of Hampton Harbor while targeting winter flounder. They are voracious feeders and seem to average around 8"-10" in size.
  2. One of the better low budget entry level rods. Most entry level rod comes with cheap generic guides and reel seat. The Tica Dolphin comes with Fuji guide and reel seat. My only gripe is the oversize guides they put on them.
  3. I like a MH rod at 7'-7'6" in length. Deepwater ocean fluking is a lot different than in the bay. A longer and stouter rod will help with hook setting power down deep and keeping the fish on. I've seen folks lose way too many big fluke due to rod power when the rod power is maxed out because of the heavy jig or sinker weight they are using. You don't want your rod to be a noodle when the sinker rating is maxed out. Some rod I recommend... Lamiglas Triflex 7020CT Lamiglas 7030C Rodgeeks XC732, XC 733
  4. I use a baitcaster for my light duty inshore stuff up 6oz of lead. Anything over 8oz I switch over to a conventional reel. With that being said, depending on the conditions I do enjoy jigging with a low profile baitcaster a lot more. It's ergonomic, lightweight, and I can practically fish all day without fatigue. I have a rod and reel setup for fluking, seabass, and light togging that weighs just under a pound.
  5. You will find that being in waders will be limiting in a lot of areas on the island. This is wetsuit territory. You might have to wade out past your chest to get on a rock. Those waves can be gnarly too and full of surprises so better off to be prepared.
  6. Plenty of places to try for shad on the Merrimack. If you do a little google searching you will find two popular spots to start from. Good luck in your search.
  7. I have done well on spooks at the canal. I break them out during the plugging tide just before and after slack. Cadence is key when working them up top. Nothing like seeing the tail of the fish following the lure before striking. I even had one fish tail slapped my spook sending it up in the air and smashing it when it landed.
  8. Big D used to make darters. I own a couple of them. I asked about it at the show and said he hasn't made darters in two years. He said he doesn't live near the ocean or moving water to test the plug routinely and fine tune it to the exact specification or action. He then referred me to one of his 'Nikes'. Said it swims like a darter in the current or moving water. I picked some up will give it a try this season.
  9. Going to miss CMS. I got my XRAs, GSBs, and SUs built by them. They are also an exclusive Rainshadow dealer for the SU 1208 and 1209 blanks. Don't know where I'll find another 1208 blank when they close.
  10. If you still can't find the leak with the flashlight method then it's usually the tape seam. One way to figure out where the leak in the seam is to fill your bath tub with water. Reverse the wader inside out and fill it with water and red water soluble dye. Dunk the waders in feet first and lay it gently flat with the opening side up. If there is a leak the red dye should seep out and that is the area that needs to be resealed.
  11. I'm not trying to take shots. Have at it but just because it says I'm online doesn't mean I'm technically at my computer. The original post didn't state clearly the original cost with the shipping included. Original list should've made it clear and included total shipping cost with the rods. Not just an estimate. Folks would want to know total cost instead questioning.
  12. I was trying to factor in the shipping quote along with the price for the rods as it wasn't really clear cut in the original post and since I gave him my shipping zip code he got back to me with the total price and because I clarified the question I felt @babanch swooped in when it was made clearer
  13. I inquired about the shipping cost and total cost he got back to me with the price. You swooped in and said I'll take it without giving me a chance. I wanted to be clear bout the price. Up to the seller right now but I will happily take it. If I am in the wrong my apologies.
  14. I thought I was in line first since I expressed interest and a shipping quote? Correct me if I'm wrong
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