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  1. I'm not trying to take shots. Have at it but just because it says I'm online doesn't mean I'm technically at my computer. The original post didn't state clearly the original cost with the shipping included. Original list should've made it clear and included total shipping cost with the rods. Not just an estimate. Folks would want to know total cost instead questioning.
  2. I was trying to factor in the shipping quote along with the price for the rods as it wasn't really clear cut in the original post and since I gave him my shipping zip code he got back to me with the total price and because I clarified the question I felt @babanch swooped in when it was made clearer
  3. I inquired about the shipping cost and total cost he got back to me with the price. You swooped in and said I'll take it without giving me a chance. I wanted to be clear bout the price. Up to the seller right now but I will happily take it. If I am in the wrong my apologies.
  4. I thought I was in line first since I expressed interest and a shipping quote? Correct me if I'm wrong
  5. Price includes the shipping? Or the $325 is just for the rods? I'm confused here.
  6. I am interested. What is shipping to 01852?
  7. I traveled to Maui last week with some light tackle lures and a spinning reel with line on my carry-on. Not a problem getting through TSA and back. I also brought a spool of fluorocarbon leader line as well. I spotted a guy taking a small 2-piece ultralight rod and spinning reel outfit on his backpack as a carry on. No tube, no case, just straight up rod & reel on the water bottle holder of his backpack shoved inside the overhead compartment of the plane.
  8. My 6K Spheros I bought this season put a beating on the gator blues up to 36" over the weekend. I must have landed over 15+ blues and the reel is still smooth.
  9. Helen H out of Hyannis, MA.
  10. Random question, for the Gulp 6" Saltwater Grub Jar how many grubs is in the container?
  11. They also got into some Atlantic Halibuts. Three came over the rail. One was 140lbs. I may have to make a trip out there one day on the American Classic but right now fluke trips are taking my money.
  12. I was also out there last Saturday on a private vessel 5 man crew. We limited out on seabass with some really nice jumbos in the mix. We came just shy of the fluke limit for the crew. Largest fluke was 7lbs. We fished mostly in 60-70 feet of water. Lots of dogfish around stay with Gulp and you will get less bite. We got into some gator bluefish as well in the rips. No double digits fluke but that seems to be the norm these days.
  13. Great now I won't have to see a pile of dead breeder fish on my FB newsfeed.
  14. When Lami were still producing the XRA blanks, I never had a 1083 or 1084 snap after going the custom route. The factory rods were poorly built from my understanding. The guide layout were horrible.
  15. Get a double ring wire mesh crab net and a long rope. Go to any pier or dock. Drop a piece of drumstick in the net, lower the trap, and wait 15-20 minutes to pick it up. You should fill a 5 gal bucket in an hour easily. Do this the night before you go out. No need to wake up early and wait around for the bait shop to open or take chances if they carry green crabs.