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  1. I've been looking and calling places up with the same results. All either booked or no answers. Will have to plan better in advance next year to get a spot. Good luck
  2. When in doubt just make the call instead of doing nothing about it and complaining on a forum. The EPO are very swift on Buzzards Bay. They are equipped with personnels on a vessel checking for safety gears and bag limits while another crew on land checking every boat unloading at the dock. Even if they don't arrive in a timely manner with enough complaints they will do something about it on the future.
  3. I was waiting for that one. Lol Congrats
  4. Things have been spotty and slow on shore around PI front and I have been fishing it 3-4 times a week at night with just a few small keepers to show for.
  5. Ever make your way up to the canal?
  6. Fished Plum Island last night. Not a sniff.
  7. Pencils in the 3 - 3.5oz shines on the 1201M. It's my canal popping stick.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of using these with big 4oz pencils, magic swimmer and jigging 2.5-4oz bucktails. As for the weight of the rod, I still fish a glass rod every now and then so I'm used to the heavier rods.
  9. That will happen with the popularity of braided line and powerful fast action rods.
  10. Looking to build on this blank as a Canal duty rod. I played around with the factory built (GSB111MHS) at a fishing show but I have no real experience with it as far as casting. It's rated from 3-8oz. Anyone ever fished these blanks? I wanna hear your experience in terms of true lure rating and applications.
  11. The spool lock feature is only available on the 10 and 15 whether it's the high or low gear model. I currently own the 15H and it has the spool lock. It's a beast of a reel and probably overkill for a lot of the bottom species I fish for in the Northeast.
  12. Fished PI oceanfront from 10pm to 1am last night. Slow as molasses but got one keeper at 30" to save the night. I have always recalled around Father's Day is when the big girls show up. Soon or never the way it's looking.
  13. Fried flounder caught from NS Mass. Black Sea Bass from Buzzards Bay. Sashimi Mahi Mahi fresh caught in Costa Rica and prepared within 1 hour while on a boat to Tortuga Island.
  14. Has anyone ever caught shad upstream of the dam in Lawrence? I know there's a few spot where people catch them and I recall seeing them stacked up below the Pawtucket Dam in Lowell. Seems like the majority of the shad fishing is done below the dam in Lawrence all the way to Rocks Village.
  15. Florida. Enough said!