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  1. Any early flounder reports around the Cape Ann area? I've gotten flounders on April 26th in Gloucester Harbor a few years back. Might give it a shot tomorrow.
  2. Make sure you wash your waders. That brown could be raw sewage overflow from the stormwater drain after heavy rain.
  3. Thanks for sharing. How do you differentiate a salter from a wild brook trout that hasn't seen the salt yet? Always curious to know the difference.
  4. My jetty stick is a Lamiglas BT108 3m. Very durable and versatile rod with plenty of backbone. The tip is light enough where you can go down to 3/4oz and still be able to cast it out there but the rod excels in the 1.5-2.5oz range. After 3oz it starts to get sloppy. It only comes in a blank but you can have one built with basic components for less than the cost of most factory surf rods out there.
  5. According to my log, the earliest shad I ever caught on the Merrimack was on April 26th. Any day now.
  6. On the Merrimack River the shad run picks up around Mother's Day and peaks mid May. The numbers starts to dwindle after June.
  7. Wow thanks for the input. Totally forgot about this thread. I ended up getting a Saltiga 15H to match with the BL7030. I now pair it with a RodGeeks xc 733. I wish I had known about the lower gear ratio version for more power and torque before going with the 15H.
  8. Go with the 1M if the majority of your fishing is around rocks/jetties and inlets or the 1L for the beaches, flats, and backwaters. I own the 1201m and it covers the majority of fishing I do which is around the rocks and jetties.
  9. I know a lot of guys who swear by bloodworms over seaworms when they are fishing for stripers on the lower Merrimack River. They stay on the hook better and gives off more blood scent as opposed to seaworms. When the fishing is at it's peak in the river usually mid May to June the local bait store has a hard time keeping it in stock due to demands.
  10. It ain't a damn thing if it doesn't have that bling.
  11. I have caught rainbows, laker, and a salmon from that sandy point. Those fish can come tight close to shore during certain conditions.
  12. I'll take the Stradic if you can wait til Thursday morning for payment.
  13. Sebile Stick Shad. No matter how I work this plug I still have no confidence in it.
  14. Can anyone recommend a rod for the chu in the 8' - 8.5" foot range that can cast and jig 3/4-1oz spoons comfortably? Most rods I find in that range are way too heavy and stiff for my liking and borderline saltwater use. Need to be able to feel the pull of a fighting laker.
  15. I mostly fish rocky outcroppings and jetties in southeastern MA & RI so my ideal albie rod is a custom 7'6" Liberty rod rated 1/2-1oz and Daiwa BG 3000 spooled with 15lb Sufix 832 braid. Can launch an epoxy jig into the horizon and still be able to slings unweighted albie snaxs a good distance.