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  1. I use Plano Liqua-Bait. I have 2 containers. One for 3-4" gulp and the other for 5"-6" Gulp.
  2. Gossa 8K or 10K! It is better sealed than the MQ in case you want to take it on the beach.
  3. I caught a tagged fish in NH that came from the Hudson River stock. I sent the tag in and got a $5 check in the mail. The fish measured at 29". I looked up the tag info and it was tagged at 7"-12".
  4. I haven't gotten my bag limit of flounder yet from the north shore. I've also been noticing a decline on the winter flounder fishery the past couple of years. I've been getting more shorts than ever.
  5. Nada last night on the PI oceanfront. Don't know why I keep coming out to fish on these full moon tide. Never have done well but at the same time I keep trying to break that myth.
  6. I use Fireline Original in 6lbs and 8lbs. It is the same diameter as 2lb test mono. At first I hated it because right out of the package it is stiff and waxy like dental floss but once you break it in, the line gets very soft and supple. With the right spinning setup, you can launch UL spoons and spinners a country mile. The line will glide off the spool effortlessly once it passes the break in period.
  7. Find the dark mudflat, fish the outgoing tide when the water had a chance to warm up during the day. You might find a few flounder or even a skate.
  8. You bottom fishing guys are a peculiar bunch. Don't know why but I always keep coming back to lurk and read the comments. It's funny as heck.
  9. Sorry you had a bad experience with the warranty claim. I know that with the pandemic they had a hard time keeping up with demands and keeping rods in stock because they had limited employees working. I actually emailed back in November to inquire about an inshore rod that was out of stock and was told it would be backordered til the Spring. My theory is that they were busy building and stocking their salmon & steelhead inventory to keep up with demands at the time. Still doesn't give them the right to beat around the bush and lose your rod while at it. I know it's not the same but I would've taken up on the offer for the GSB10LS as a replacement. Sell that rod to buy the GSBskinner elsewhere instead of waiting. I have always gotten taken care of by them even though 98% of the time it was completely my fault that the rod broke. Instead of making a BS story about how the rod broke I was honest. I know that rod companies do a lot of testing and research to determine how a rod breaks. Did I expect them to offer a full replacement? No, but wanted to see what they could do. They offered me a discounted sale of 60% off on any rod in their inventory with free shipping as long as the rod is not a 1pc over 9'. I thought that was fair enough. Some rod companies are more liberal on their policy than others. Some are very strict. You have to take what you can. I know it sucks when you spend good money on a rod and it breaks shortly after use. Sounds like Lamiglas needs to rewrite their warranty policy.
  10. This forum is very fitting. "Bottom Fishing" as in digging up and reviving threads from 11 years ago.
  11. RM Smith metal lip Peanut swimmer
  12. I didn't even get out to my shore spot for cod. Was hoping to get one but April's weather has been hit or miss. The time I wanted to go out it was windy and cold. Besides, I do better with cod in May but of course during the closed season while I'm targeting flounders.
  13. Try Lynn Heritage State Park. There's also a well known pier that people catch flounder in Swampscott.
  14. 1201M Sure, there are newer and modern blanks out there with better technology but it comes at a higher cost. The 1201m have served me well over the years and it's still going strong. I maybe stuck in my old ways but if the rod works and I'm happy with it then why change? Unless you want to join the latest greatest hype train and follow trends then by all means go for it.
  15. You might catch a pike if you're hanging large shiners under a bobber. There are some stripers that do holdover but not many. I caught a bunch of micros one time fishing in mid April for shad and another time just soaking seaworms for sh#ts & giggles in early April. I