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  1. It ain't a damn thing if it doesn't have that bling.
  2. I have caught rainbows, laker, and a salmon from that sandy point. Those fish can come tight close to shore during certain conditions.
  3. I'll take the Stradic if you can wait til Thursday morning for payment.
  4. Sebile Stick Shad. No matter how I work this plug I still have no confidence in it.
  5. Can anyone recommend a rod for the chu in the 8' - 8.5" foot range that can cast and jig 3/4-1oz spoons comfortably? Most rods I find in that range are way too heavy and stiff for my liking and borderline saltwater use. Need to be able to feel the pull of a fighting laker.
  6. I mostly fish rocky outcroppings and jetties in southeastern MA & RI so my ideal albie rod is a custom 7'6" Liberty rod rated 1/2-1oz and Daiwa BG 3000 spooled with 15lb Sufix 832 braid. Can launch an epoxy jig into the horizon and still be able to slings unweighted albie snaxs a good distance.
  7. VMC treble 6X size #2
  8. 3oz Joebaggs Freedom paddletail in green mack.
  9. Albright knot for me. I have perfected this knot since my days of attaching dacron backing to fly line when I I first started fly fishing 13 years ago. Have never failed on me. Sometimes I'll switch up to the improved Albright or Alberto knot of the braided line I'm using is extra slick. The only time I'll use a barrel swivel is when I'm fishing live eels to prevent kinks on the leader line.
  10. Got some of my paddle tails nipped jigging the ditch the other night. Finally found the bastard that did it.
  11. I don't have a picture but I have caught and filleted wild LL salmon from Maine. The flesh is not bright pink or red like a pacific salmon but more opaque white with a hint of light pink. These are wild salmon with a natural diet and not hatchery fed.
  12. ok not a problem. when i get back in the states you can take a look at the rod, test cast it, flex it, without any commitment to buy. this rod has more of an old school style action that I know is not for everyone unless you grew up fishing glass rods.
  13. I would say the mb1083M. It's a 9 footer and very whippy. You can build it very light with modern components. This rod is a blast to fish with.
  14. Yes I do make it down the canal usually midweek. I will be leaving out of the country this Wednesday and return Monday the the 6th of August. Can meet up anytime after that. You have anything else you want to trade to make up for the value? Also looking for BM Cowboy Jr, rockhopper plier sheath, bucktail pouch, Manley pliers.
  15. Bump! $140. Will entertain offers or trade for overshoe studded Korkers size M or L.