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  1. The Saragosa is your best bet, especially if you are jigging or throwing plugs 3oz or more. For a reel costing less than $300. It is built using better parts and with their SW technology it holds up better than most reels in that price range. What Shimano's SW is putting a bearing on top and bottom of the pinion gear and this help keep the pinion gear and spool shaft from flexing, moving away from main gear while fighting fish and jigging. This helps with less fatigue on the reel and gives the reel a smooth retrieve and a longer life of the reel. WWW.CAPECODREELS.COM
  2. Cape Cod Reels does great work and does it for a lot less then my local Tackle shop. They stand behind their work and are Tournament proven to be the best. If you're not near the Cape you can mail them your reels. Cape Cod Reels is the best for repairs and Clean, Lube and Tune. They are amazing at bringing life back to old beat up reels. Check them out....
  3. You can also use Starboard for a back plate. Most Swivel Rod holders have a ajustable nut so you can a just how much tension is used to move the rod, you can tighten so rod doesn't move. Just make sure the rod is facing the direction you want before tightening the nut. Some swivel manufacturers make the rod holders with a removable pin so you can use as a standard rod holder without having to a just swivel nut. I personally use this type and it works well. The pin is usually attached to holder by a leach so you don't loose pin.
  4. I will take for asking if others don't pan out. Thanks
  5. How about listing what you are selling?
  6. What model is the rod? Can you post a couple pics, thanks
  7. Not sure if u missed my last PM so heres my cell # again...


    Texts would be best.


    Thanks, Pete

  8. Good morning,

    I live in Brewster and pretty flexible on meeting up to grab the flash lights after Sunday.

    What town do you live in?



    1. ktugboat42


      I forgot to give you my #...508-237-0526

      I respond to texts much quicker.

      Thanks, Pete

  9. I can do that. PM me your contact info and we will set a place to meet. Thanks
  10. This is the way to go. Chances are you have a high end reel and having a gimbal give extra security while running to your fishing spot, plus the rod will lock in better when using a fighting belt. Like Drew says you can always put a rubber cap on as needed. This way gives you both options to be used as needed.
  11. Guides look a little beat up, can you post some more pics of guides and reel seat. Thanks
  12. Price Drop $55. Shipped N. America
  13. Your best bet is bring your 9' MOJO with you to your Bait & Tackle store and put the different size reels on it and see what reel balances the best with your rod. You can't go wrong doing this and you assure what reel you choose is a perfect fit. Let us know how you make out.
  14. I can sell reel bag $25. Reel bag is new, never used, if this helps let me know.
  15. *