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  1. Tough crowd
  2. Looking to buy a vs200. Prefer gold. 2nd black. Then silver. Have tons of silver staals so not excited about silver unless it’s just that good of a deal. Paypal ready. Ship to Georgia. Include that in price please.
  3. Now looking for a vs200 as well. Thanks guys. Gold preferred.
  4. Can you send pics of box bag and everything you have for it?
  5. For non-american staals usually 450-530. Havn't paid more than 550 for a non american. Ebay i get them around 510 only because now ebay charges tax. Just got a black 250 with power knob and stock knob, box, bag, new braid for $530. So I think we're a little far off.
  6. I'll pass. Thanks though
  7. Yes. The answer is always yes for Van Staal. Just no x-series, vr, vm, etc. Just VS models. Best of the best ever.
  8. How much do you want for the 200 gold?
  9. What do you want for the 200 gold?
  10. How much do you want for it?
  11. I’d be scared to use the 300 haha. Looks ultra retro and maybe if I was collecting and not using i’d pick up. What do you want for the gold? And what would you want for both?
  12. I want two hundred to three hundred van staals. I want to own 200-300 reels lol. Interested in all vs model reels.
  13. Few hundred. But not all this week. Just by January I want to have 200-300 staals.
  14. Just sent him paypal. Want me to cover shipping for you?