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  1. Some new stuff thats in the works, so "ShowTime "mostly" Finished"....
  2. Headed to Seattle for my first time in late July, never been there or anywhere past the midwest really. (SC Resident). This is not a fishimg trip really but a large and small spinning combo (2000 and 4000 size) and some spinners, poppers, and crankbaits will make the journey. Does anyone have any advice on some day adventures that can be productive yet not too taxing or far away from the metro so the wife can stay cool with it??? She actually is encouraging me to devote at least one of our full days to fishing. Teach me like I'm 10, because in this situation I basically am. Thank you!!!☺️
  3. A 439$ NEW lure? (besides vintage lures because sentimental value/collectible value are different) there is no reason for a lure to ever cost that much or be purchased for that much.
  4. I hope for your sake you get some good information off of this post and not just 1000 replies about how L.L. Bean should burn or have a class action lawsuit waged against them. (by a bunch of return policy abusers)
  5. oh God, here we go....
  6. All waders leak, if you don’t want leaks, hang ‘em on a wall and go bowling.
  7. I guess many of you will just have to be “satisfied customers” with your 64th pair of free waders. No 65th for you.
  8. it wouldnt cross my mind to keep that fish. Keep fish that are just above legal minimums. A fish that old has stories to tell, I’d rather let something natural take their life. At 50” theyve earned that.
  9. They’ll smack a bucktail no sweat. other fav.s of mine include a Rebel Pop-R or a 1/8oz to 1/4 oz jighead with a 2” curly tail grub jigged around.
  10. My first was caught on a live chub bottom fished, and the second on an inline spinner.
  11. I live in SC and have caught two. Not common, but Not too uncommon. They are pretty crazy looking. Tiny beady little eyes. THEY fight well for their size. They obviously don’t process toxins well as they are always on the “Do Not Eat” list in this state. They have changed little to none since dinosaurs were roaming.
  12. Done. Please close thread, thanks Rad thanks SOL
  13. PM coming. Thanks Radclerk, Thanks Tim and SOL
  14. Still available. asking price includes shipping. PayPal preferred
  15. I will accept a money order and would ship the reel on the day the money arrives to me in the mail. I will ship it for the 75$ total (shipping included). Cool little reel, I just have amassed to much stuff.