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  1. No longer made. Used one session. Perfect condition. 10wt 425g float. 60 shipped.
  2. All self tied. Some are huge. Caught most fish on a 4-6" green /gray /white wig hair pattern.
  3. Just saw this. Sure thing. Pm me
  4. It doesn't specify. Braided nylon core so it will prob work fine.
  5. Drop all 5 bucks
  6. Not to mention I have a walkaround. Lots of stuff to snag with the line in the air. Easier to parallel the boat and sling it off the back.
  7. My style is limited head and line in the air. Back cast 30 ft. Water load. Shoot 70. On a boat in wind I don't want any line in the air. The best performance is a very heavy front head and weighted fly or big hook
  8. I remember original outbound lines had horrible durability with the coating cracking easily. Still the case?
  9. SA skagit extreme head 800 - 25 shipped SA extreme with integrated tip 760 - 25 shipped Cortland 444 12wt - 25 shipped Cortland 444 12wt f/I - 25 shipped Airflo skagit comp head 600 cut to 400 - 25 shipped (spool is from another line) All are casted for one session except for the airflo head which is a few years old. Will combine shipping and reduce price by 5 for each additional. Take all 5 for 100 shipped.
  10. Of course you all picked a 100 dollar line
  11. Bass pro heat 10wt. Casts a 450 teeny sink tip 100 ft with a quick water load from the boat. Looking for at least 400 for a floater with a super short head. May even go skagit if the head isn't too thick for the guides.
  12. Looking for a 400 to 450 grain Aggressive taper floating flyline. Does anyone make a flyline with a super powerful short taper that can throw big flies. Just picked up a Cortland 444 and that line is very very hard to shoot.
  13. What's the grain weight of the snipe? Edited, looks like 425. You do 40 shipped and I'll take it.
  14. Looking for a sink tip for the boat. Have a fast sink but it's a little too aggressive in a few spots. Can also trade some lines I have (spey, skagit, sink tips).
  15. Must buy all. 200 shipped.