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  1. Gsb rods are among the lightest somehow. The skinner weighs 8 oz according to Lami. No way that seems possible.
  2. Saragosa is an excellent reel for the money. The only downside is the parallel reel foot as mentioned, which doesn't work well on shorter rods. The slammer 3 can be had in the 4500 size on amazon for ~140, so that might be a great option for what you need.
  3. Well at least that service is keeping them in business.
  4. Oh man do I feel silly. Yes, my posts were from the older model. Looks like no smaller sizes up yet. That would be a shame.
  5. They are also offered in two gear models.
  6. Not sure what you are missing.
  7. The sizes are there. Just sort it differently.
  8. Kold kutters on felt studs are great.
  9. All I know is that tsunami won't update their website with this information until 2022. Might be better to just order it and do all the specs yourself.
  10. In my experience the best spot to use a fly rod is on the East End at low tide when you can wade out and fish the rips. There are also some opportunities during blitzes on the rock bars throughout but that can be nuts.
  11. I completely agree unless weight is a factor. The Genesis 9 weighs 11oz. The 9 ft skinner weighs 8oz. Hard to believe. Both could easily handle big fish.
  12. Oh I thought Hanes owned sol. Never saw so many people with their drawers so bunched up in my life.
  13. Let's get back to the real deals! Saw that Hanes undies are 20% off on eBay today. Almost as good as a 120 dollar slammer.
  14. Pretty sure it's his.