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  1. My new recommendation for a decent option at short money is the okuma sst 8'6" travel (3 piece). It is only rated up to 1.5oz and has a shorter cork butt, but I used the two piece version last year for fluke and liked it a lot. Put a lot of decent fish on the 7'6" as well and it is a fun and very light rod. One word of caution - 8'6"/3 is still pretty long.
  2. I've had the vr50 for just over a year now and taken big fish on it and dunked it a lot (reeling underwater at times and a fair bit of very deep wading). My observations are as follows: Pros Light Holds a good amount of line Small (good on inshore rods with tight guides) Casts well Good line lay Smooth and strong drag Self serviceable Smooth crank operation (compared to vs) Cons Bail is too large (knuckles beware) Pinion seal not as tight as a vs (leaks oil if swapped instead of grease) Roller not totally waterproof (just replaced mine with a new bearing after it got rough) They certainly improved over the early larger vr models but it still isn't perfect. Probably about as close as there is for a truly wet reel is this size that can be easily serviced, but slightly tighter tolerances would have made it a bit better overall and more kayak or swim friendly. I also agree that the hard plastic handle isn't my favorite. Eva or rubber would have been great over an aluminum frame.
  3. I'm into smaller gear so I'd recommend the 4500 (I use a 15 oz reel on a 10ft rod). The 4500 will also hold 200 yards of 30 which is more than you will ever need. The next size up is 22 oz which is a tank and unnecessary unless you are targeting big fish consistently or just like heavy gear.
  4. I'm not headed to NJ until may or so. That's going to be a little too far out for me.
  5. Last try. 270 local and 290 shipped.
  6. I've used these in the past when I swim and wade and have had no issues. I used them for about a year or so before replacing.
  7. Last bump of the daiwa. 275 local and 295 shipped.
  8. Can I get a replacement without lowriders :)?
  9. Big jigs, a few poppers, a few gliders, and a metal or two. Jigs would be enough to be honest but topwater is a blast.
  10. 290 local or 310 shipped for the daiwa
  11. Have any at the ri show?
  12. Thought he wrote 10' 2-8. I prefer 10 at the canal.
  13. Kil, what's the price of the new 2-8? Any other specs?
  14. Great. Pm coming.