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  1. Was also just reminded by a friend that this would be very much in the way for all fishing related tasks. I have a lot of pvc left over from a patio project so maybe I'll still give it a shot if only to cover big distances.
  2. Came across this video while thinking through ways to add a cheap DIY pedal kit to a kayak. Seems like it would work but what are your thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDNny6wMNpQ
  3. Had a friend throwing well over 10, probably 15-20oz with it in FL. No issues at all. He was pitching big baits for sharks. Given that it feels barely loaded at 5oz, I would think this rod is capable of much higher than its rating at full force.
  4. I put a 40lb bass on this rod. Excellent deal.
  5. More like this (ignore the boat and mountains [although if you ever saw "Warmer and Cooler," the mountains might be in RI]):
  6. Fished a breachway this weekend. Got two legal bass right off the bat and then nothing. Huge waves, lots of weed, and dirty water. I have a feeling with the OTW report and the storm this week, next weekend is going to look like this at any jetty in RI.
  7. Considering you can get one new for ~$600 and Sierra Trading had them for $400 a few months back, my guess would be $500-550 on ebay (minus $50-60 in fees) or $400 on SOL.
  8. Great time for the wetsuit and korkers. I predict a few idiots going out on the West Wall in sneakers in the search for albies and losing a lot of gear though...
  9. Going to be a mess on the jetties with 4-5ft swells. West wall with be a death trap at anything but low tide. I would think the bones and albies would likely push off with this much swell, but who knows.
  10. I put a 40lb non-canal fish on that same sandeel a few weeks back. Was wading waist to chest deep on a bar so couldnt get a photo.
  11. If you tie flies you can build a rod. Wrap thread and epoxy. Just keep it simple and you should be fine.
  12. Looking to build this exact same setup as my first rod given the relatively inexpensive final build. Did you beef up the stock ferrule at all, or is the factory joint solid? FrazerP, what was the total weight of your build? Looking for something around 8oz complete.
  13. 1.5oz heads needed.
  14. Look for a daiwa bg 3000 and 7-8 ft salmon or inshore rod. Daiwa bg and okuma sst would get you in the game for 150 bucks.
  15. Anyone else wondering why Tsunami copied the VS giant bail wire model? Feel like my knuckles already hurt and it isn't even out yet.