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  1. Currently have a 17 ft cc but expecting another kid this fall and so need to think about long term hybrid boats. Looking to get some opinions on a great build for a dual console/bow rider combo that can handle Narragansett bay and near inshore wind chop and still be a blast for the family. Max budget would likely be 12-15k and 20 ft or so. I like the looks of the 2000s trophy duals and gradys but are there other options I’m not aware of?
  2. ODM has excellent customer service. They took care of me when a rod broke within its rating. Send it in and tell Steve you really appreciate the company and they will treat you right. And 40 bucks a way is insanity for shipping. You can ship a 5 ft box across the country for 14 bucks. One of many benefits of two piece rods. Try that with your gsb and not only will it be 100 bucks to ship but then lami likely wont you get you a new rod until stripers are extinct.
  3. My vr50 had 40” fish on it and Craig put a 100lb tarpon on it. It will handle any situation except heavy inlets or horsing fish. I swam with it and it held up fine. It is very small as people have said but it would suit you well fish size wise for sf. Unless you want a heavy reel just for balance sake you’ll have no issues. I don’t listen to people who fish 20oz reels for stripers. It’s totally unnecessary unless you routinely chase giants in heavy current. They just don’t fight as hard as sharks or rays and so a small reel handles the 2-3 short runs they make with ease.
  4. Looking for 14” rim 5 bolt pattern with tires. Galvanized is great. Anything relatively cheap. Need to replace some existing ones that look rough. Pick in RI.
  5. Sealed not needed. Nice to have. Vr50 is a decent option but find it even too much for most Kayak fish. Because you can typically move with the fish you don’t need as much power in a reel. Most of my best fish came on Okuma epixor or ballistics in the 3000 size. 20” plus tog and sea bass are no issue. 40” stripers again no issue. Just get a 50-150 dollar reel and don’t dunk it and you’ll be fine. You’ll probably never flip and if you do the longevity of a reel is the least of your worries as you’ll lose everything.
  6. Ah that's a vr50. In not lb.
  7. Looks like a 35-40 lb striper
  8. They are pretty wind resistant so loading them up at the max rating will definitely break your rod. I would say any rod rated up to eight or 10 ounces should do for the big one if you lob. I honestly find burning a paddle tail jig to be much more effective in places like the canal when fish would hit a magic swimmer.
  9. Neither is really needed. You can use the 3.5 oz version and accomplish the same thing. If you want something deeper use a jig and paddle combo.
  10. Going to hold onto this for now. Local buyer is interested.
  11. Only scratches are just under the reel foot from plugs. No dents or gouges and the power knob only has 6 months on it.
  12. Light scratches on the bottom and foot but no dings. And yes it was just dirt from using it. I can send a cleaned up photo.
  13. Have a silver with a power knob (and original knob), box, bag, braid, and self service kit (2 seals each kind and the lube which is pretty rare now). Good shape overall and first fish on it ever was 40lbs. 575 shipped.
  14. Offer 175 shipped to ri.
  15. Offer 170 shipped (or pickup in RI/MA/CT).