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  1. What material did you go with? I'm thinking of going pe for cost and longevity. Just not sure what will be most effective for a cc boat.
  2. I already have a nice cut out the exact size of the tank with a cover and caulking. Makes me think it was replaced once or repaired. Just need to find a good replacement option. Is pe an issue?
  3. Just picked up a 1982 Proline 17' for short money and with the age I know the fuel tank will need replacing. Previous owner put portable tanks on the deck for now. Does anyone know the dimension of this tank or have strong preferences on replacement tanks? Seems moeller makes a rotomolded pe tank that might work well. I have easy access with a hatch that was installed for the length of the tank (makes me think a repair or replacement already happened at some point), but the current tank looks heavily corroded on the outside.
  4. Was hoping to have a boat in my driveway in the next two weeks. Great offer though with a very solid engine.
  5. Looking to get a 15-17' fishing boat for the family for bay use and nearshore. Open to side or center console and would even consider Bayliners. Something reliable with a trailer. Max budget is 5k and I'm in RI so anywhere within a few hours is good.
  6. I'm sure it will fit. Fits all my smaller kayak rods without issue.
  7. Right, but meant available so far.
  8. Going to be much bigger than your vsx for now. 18oZ so far.
  9. I have been using j braid x8 grand on my fluke and seabass rig and I find it very hard to break when snagged. Excellent feel and seems very strong out of the box over regular x8.
  10. What's the sealing like at the top of the ar? Any close up of the inside of that bushing? Any closer look at the roller bearing? Every stradic I have ever used (and pretty much any reel) has had that fail within 6 months. Cheap to replace but curious if they address it.
  11. Like many I never met him but sent a few pms back and forth over the years. My first legal striper was on a Betsy fly. Dick was one of a kind and will be deeply missed.
  12. I had a vr50 on my 9 ft for a year and got many nice fish with it up to 40". It was a little tip heavy but not by much. Most guys will tell you it's not ideal but I thought it was fine. The biggest issue was knuckle busting for me. Once my warranty was up I cut my bail shorter just so I wouldn't have to worry about it.
  13. Get the smaller doc instead. Same action and better hook ups.
  14. Yep. Jig 3-4 oz no problem. Craig will tell you it's not for that but I also jig with a little ballistic and it haven hasn't exploded yet either.
  15. Plenty of big fluke and seabass around. Stripers have been Mia but I've just turned that energy to bottom fishing.