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  1. Mackerel bluefish bonanza the past few days. Nothing huge but fish on Mackerel are a blast.
  2. Agreed on the better fishing. I've caught there but it never panned out as planned.
  3. Legally no. It's a private road. In practice, doesn't seem to be enforced out of season or at night. Local police will ticket you though if they get called and have heard of a few times people were towed or locked in. Don't go July 4th and expect to wet a line ;).
  4. I have a ballistic and an isla, and they are just different reels for different applications. Ballistic is light and finesse (have put a few 30"+ stripers on a 3000 though) and the isla is my canal reel. The ballistic isn't as water tight and the rotor flexes under load. It has gotten wet and the only issue so far has been the roller bearing (a little oil fixed it). The isla is a tank. My 4000 could land a tuna but it's also 15oz. That's 9 heavier than my 3000 ballistic lt.
  5. Line lay is easy to fix with a few shims above the traverse.
  6. Brand new, I'd say send it back. If it is isn't used, the shop that sold it should swap it out for you. Mine has 0 play in reverse. The vs does because of the anti reverse location but the vr has an instant at the clutch at the pinion. If you want to fix it yourself, clean and lube the ar clutch. Not the easiest to get apart.
  7. Plenty of people with salt x pre orders were about to be out of luck... Hopefully it's just updates coming. Don't think they added a new product to it since 2005.
  8. Navionics web app. Enable sonar and you'll have very nice gradients. Nothing to install.
  9. I would consider odm and black hole over a legend any day. My Genesis has put plenty of big fish on it over the last few years with no issues and is a joy. Throws the range pretty well.
  10. Fg is far superior in strength but who has the time in the field. Six turn surgeon is blazingly fast and a 60-70% knot. Excellent when not using pre tied leaders. I wouldn't dream of using a uni or Alberto once I learned this.
  11. Any rules? Caught in RI on a lure I assume? Do boat or kayak fish count?
  12. Went out on the kayak to avoid the crowds this weekend. Had big tog and rocks all alone. Think we had 10 each with half or so legal. All were very fat and aggressive. They grow too slowly for me to keep so back they went.
  13. All of this data is available via api. Moon, tide, wind, waves, pressure, etc. Link your log to noaa or weather underground and you'll have everything you need automatically based on location. That's what I do and then use formulas to sum it all up by location and year.
  14. They have been under the rocks for weeks. A few hours after high is the trick.
  15. Fished some back waters last night by kayak. Lots and lots of fish eating around me but no hits. Tried the whole bag. Think they were on rain bait given the picky nature.