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  1. Mind bending. How’s it test against a surgeon’s?
  2. This is a 6 turn surgeon knot (although half the turns). Do 6 and it is incredibly strong. In testing it is every bit as good as an average fg and way faster. The only downside is it is quite bulky. Good for leaders but bad for top shot.
  3. Any interest in splitting? I’m interested in reel only. What kind of tog rod are you looking for?
  4. 6 turn surgeon. Works on everything.
  5. Test it and you’ll be surprised. Palomar to swivel is no where near 100% with braid. I was shocked when I tested. You’ll get rated strength but no where near abs (so maybe 66-75%). The direct braid to mono of an fg or 6 turn surgeon is a much better choice for strength (80-90%). For speed yes a swivel is better but don’t be fooled by perceived strength. Examples: I took 40lb braid to 80lb leader with a 6 turn surgeon against 75lb tuna over the past few weeks and was leaning as hard as I could into it. Not a single break off. Landed 6 on the same leader without a retie.
  6. 6 turn surgeon takes 2 mins and is 90% of an fg. A bit bigger but much faster in the field. Never used a swivel again after realizing how weak that connection to swivel is with braid.
  7. I'm going to pass at that price
  8. Preference is swa but also fine with sw on reel. Also looking for Terez spinning to pair for small tuna under 100.
  9. A few years ago I found a lot of teeny TT 475 fly line for my ten weight. Absolutely love how it shoots and sinks perfectly. Sadly I am on my last line of the lot and it is no longer made. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a budget friendly rocket with a heavy head? Tried a few rios and was underwhelmed. Maybe one of you has a stockpile of Tt to move? Need ~500 grains to do what I need and move the big flies I like.
  10. Given up on the canal but still fishing with the fly. Got this fish last week on a rays. 37” 20lb. Bigger fish should be all over this week and ready for some big offerings.
  11. I’ll take this. Pm me.
  12. Vs unit replaced my main gear. It got better but I since moved on to boat fishing and no need for the vsx.
  13. My exact question. Want confirmation it’s worth my time. Estuaries in the bay were a miss this fall.
  14. I have two little kids. I just want to throw a few traps at my tog spots and fill a bucket. No time to flip.
  15. Does anyone actively trap green crabs in the middle bay? Asian crabs galore from shore but I can’t catch a greenie in a trap to save my life. With inflation im not sure I want to spend 25 bucks a gallon next year. Any hope by hope? Is it prudent by prudence? Or is it truly despair?