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  1. Is this a smooth dogfish? Caught one with my 6 year old the other day and he said it was the "best fishing day of his life" dogfish1.htm dogfish2.htm
  2. I slow troll em at night mostly with the electric motor, 1.5 knots tops. Shallow areas. It is my go to method, but been struggling to,catch with it this season in the harbor
  3. I fished the Boston Harbor for years out of a 14' Starcraft with a 25 hp. I would go out to the Graves and beyond on a regular basis. Even went 15 miles out looking for tuna when I heard reports that they were in that close. I took it out of Ipswich and Newburyport, through the Merrimack and night fishing the beach front of Plum Island numerous times. Once I was going out of Winthrop during a small craft advisory and an older couple in a 23' boat were coming in, they started waving at me telling me to turn around. I just smiled and nodded and carried on. I never felt like I was in danger. When I got my bigger boat (17' whaler), and took my wife out to the Graves for the first time she said she couldn't believe I used to fish out there in the tin boat. You need a reliable motor, and I would not do anything less than a 25 as you need power to not get caught in the swells. Also, the boats are very uncomfortable for passengers sitting on the seats up front as their backs and behinds get banged up pretty good. So... go for it and have fun.
  4. I got into em good wednesday around Graves. Non stop, but all smaller than I like for bait
  5. I would say something to the person. If everyone let the guy knew what he is doing is unacceptable, he may stop doing it.
  6. I was exchanging info with a guy from this forum about fishing spots and techniques. I texted him a successful fishing report. He accidently inlcuded me in a group test to somdeone else that had my exact text followed by "how he caught his fish". Luckily I did not know him well enough to tell him about my personal spots and needless to say I stopped giving him info.
  7. Got 5 stripers tonight in the harbor, 2 keepers, 3 barely shorts
  8. Start fishing immediately. You're gonna have to find out where for yourself.
  9. Slung eels on the outgoing last night. Got a couple of beauties, but had to work for em.
  10. It's between the north and south channel off deer island
  11. Gonna go out tomorrow am for blues. Planning to troll aroun bobs bass triangle. Any suggestions?
  12. Do you have a bait well? If so, go troll up macks around graves, the red cans off nahant, or the ledges past the lighthouse. Then liveline or slow troll em around the islands, including the shore front around your area. If not, I would suggest getting or building a baitwell.
  13. The harbor has been treating me well this season. Have discovered a few new (to me) spots, the mackerel have been abundant and the stripers bigger than ever. I've caught 2 of the biggest fish I've ever got out of the harbor this year. The night fishing has been slower than normal, but daytime slow trolling live macs around the islands has been producing.
  14. You can get the license online at Mass Wildlife and print it out. Make sure you get the saltwater license for $10.