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  1. Does anyone fish rivers or spots on the ocean front in Eastern Conn.? I started working at Electric Boat 5 months. I live and Newport so I'm wondering if anyone knows any general locations that hold fish Near my job? If someone fishes the area and wants to inbox me with a couple tips it would be greatly appreciated. I do not know a soul in the area so it's virtually impossible for me to spot burn since I fish solo.
  2. Caught a bone in the middle of the night on an eel around this time. Anything is possible
  3. Kings Park.... If a loud mouth ask me where I caught my fish, that's where I tell them.
  4. Hahahaha! Much bigger. Same offering though.
  5. Hahahaha! Much bigger!!! Same offering though.
  6. I am wearing the fish out right now. Got my first keeper on sunrise @ a RI Beach yesterday.
  7. Once the water warms a little more try along the sakonnet river. Fall River to little Compton. Keep an eye out for pogies.
  8. Bucktails, Sp Minnows, Super Strikes, Sluggos and loaded Redfins. That's a good start.
  9. The Biomass is not doing well, I won't be keeping more than 1 or 2 fish. All the rec boat guys and commercial fisherman are just dredging them up. Anybody that keeps every fish every time they got out, better not be asking where all the fish went in a couple years. Nice fish by the way. Can't wait for the catch and release show I'll be putting on in RI.
  10. I love #20 fireline. No problems with wind knots or break offs. It fails at the same test as 40lb pp.
  11. I use #55 samurai on my VS200. If you are fishing rocky structure, I wouldn't fish less than #30, unless it's fireline. #20 fireline test out significantly higher than 20lbs.