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  1. OK OK, I will,,, it’ll be a while but I’ll try it…. yes, HoBo
  2. The reason for the single-foot mixed in with the double on the M is that guide fit the COF and didn’t see a KW that would take its place…. as far as looks go, I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that’s not a big concern of mine,,, LOL, I build to fish, I’m not much on fancy thread work and such… these are my only two surf rods,,, I’m a die hard boat guy and have built rods for every fish that swims, well, almost….. :-)
  3. Right or wrong ( probably wrong ;-) ) to maintain a true COF between the stripper and the choke guide…. technically ( in my theory? ) , the line coils only get choked at the stripper and choke…. Then run straight to the tip… the guide size and height dictate their location…. if I moved the 16 back towards the reel it would need to be taller and a slightly larger ring size to conform to the COF….. get it ? like I said, probably wrong but I like it…
  4. Thanks Bob, not trying to be a wise guy but, why, that will lose my COF (cone of flight ) through the train…. It’s probably not right but I like it…. ;-) an observation when test casting,,, immediately after the cast I held the rod up parallel to the ground and watched the line coils, there was a dark green background created by pine trees and a bright sunshine on the rod…. surprised the hell out of me when I noticed how visible the line coils became… and looked smooth through to the choke… don’t know where I was going with that…. Over thinking again…. ;-). Dah
  5. My post reads “no 20” , you’ll have to talk with specifics for me to understand your question…….
  6. found time to tape the guides on and stress test it.. I'll admit I don't know much about the stress test, I have a home made PVC rod holder and with the reel attached run the line to an eye bolt in the floor,, I cranked the hell out of it , looked good to me, all the line running threw the running guides where pretty much the same distance off the rod,, a good thing I'm thinking... took the M I built several years back and this L with the guides taped on to a local soccer field. The L performed much better than the M and felt better, ( easier to throw ? ) .... and definitely cast further... this is the M gsb1201 M AS BUILT.pdf this is the L with taped on guides ( no 20 ) GSB 120 L 3-11-23 2.pdf I've settled on this for the L
  7. figures, looks like the CC canal in the background….. ;-) you just wait, this is going to be a kick ****** rod when finished ….. :-)
  8. hopping to find time to work on the L this weekend, I have a general question, looking for an opinions, ( i know there's a bunch of them out there :-) ) when I'm trying to figure out a layout in a CAD drawing, I'm setting the guides between the stripper and the choke to form as close as possible a true COF... seems to make sense to me. Thinking less drag through the train... thats why i show a KL as the second guide on my 120 L layout with the rest of the guides KW.... what cha think... Alewife's are in the rivers,,,, it's almost time... :-) gsb1201 M AS BUILT.pdf
  9. wow, thanks for this and your effort need some time to digest…. how’s the fishing over there?
  10. my M layout (excluding runners and ring size) looks similar to the rocket scientists :-) kidding George gsb1201 M AS BUILT.pdf
  11. LOL Hi Alan ,, I bought the M from Numbskull years ago and this L from Billy (SB.com) couple yrs ago… Will be lookin to sell one of them… thanks for the pics, I’ll take a good look at them… I think I’ll post my M layout to see what folks think and hope I don’t start another chit storm… just joking gents, appreciate the info… have a great season sauerkraut
  12. Wait til i finish this build will ya…. :-)
  13. boy o boy, I'm glad I didn't ask more than I did,, could have started world war 3 :-) LOL Just think in a couple weeks we'll all be back in or on the water and all this will be a bad dream... Joking folks, calm down :-)
  14. still at it here... EB if i remove the 25 & 16 I end up with your build.... I'm leaning towards my 4 guide train .... GSB 120 L 3-11-23.pdf
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