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  1. Oh yeah..... monsters, and a lot of them... the fruits of of my labor.... I also brought some some of these guys over to north side in the livewell,,, I might as well trolled them down mid cape, not a touch 4F5E4A46-FFA9-4E81-AC14-62C8FAF10A48.MOV
  2. Little off topic here albies from south side into pots north side equals din din i freaken love this time year...
  3. Super post going thursday on Hellen.....
  4. Second fish of the day yesterday at PH guy plants a 7/0 circle hook deep into meat at base of his thumb.... bag of ice, bottle of scotch , pliers and after two attempts he backed it out! guy tough as nails, didn’t get sick, hooked on another mac and kept on fishing....
  5. At first sign of oooozy, hard boiled eggs
  6. Monday How cruel is this....after a 12-13 hr. day of nothing but small, 0 com in the box, hr. steam home, 5 min. from the ramp, heave a dead mac into a spot, wam, get it next to the boat,,, thinking day saver, it’ll cover expenses,,,, not freaken 33”..... :-( fluke south side next....
  7. Nothing but small today, from HC to PH.....and from 3AM to 3PM,,,, im thinking go back to golfing... ;-)
  8. Ditto not that many coms for us, Monday I dun no
  9. Figured, so I went Mount Hope Bay couple whoppers
  10. Wish someone told me :-) i went sw and e but no far enough..... :-( made up for it back at the drop offs
  11. 3 hr +- top water today, 30 to 40 “ fish feeding on small squid,,, it’s june :-)
  12. Not to worry, a mile of smalls down in the bay.... as usual
  13. Ditto on the 32” fish, tons everywhere,,,, fun stuff