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  1. Scituate,,, WOT all the way across, nice ramp and a quick to outside...
  2. Pulled the hubs and new seals and grease ...... headed to San Diego tomorrow for a week then it’s pull the wrap and splash..... those hogs will will become blackback chum in May ... game on :-)
  3. It sure was.... loooong winter Squid are next
  4. Ditto[New England]=New England&field_species_vocab_target_id=&sort_by=field_relevant_date_value[New England]=New England&field_species_vocab_target_id=&sort_by=field_relevant_date_value
  5. Ya but,,,, you’d think mixed in with a guzillion other eels it didn’t stand a chance to get hit.... I dun no
  6. In the boat sitting on a sea of sand eels so thick the sounder can’t read the bottom, throw a Hurley out into the mix ,,, bamb... how do ya figure? LOL
  7. Same here:-( early wrap this year, going in for rotator cuff surgery soon, plugin hurt all season.. missing some good tog fishin... :-( ive got a ton of crabs out in the shed if anyone wants some,,, pick up yarmouth... anyone trird using greenies for fertilizer?
  8. if ever in a pinch for bait I may have some to spare,,,, go get um... :-)
  9. Told a guy about how the last pull was nothing but monster spider crabs... he says, that’s it, pull em, I won’t see another bug, I rebaited and moved them but bringing them home next pull... begining to look like it’s over boys.... :-) tog south side today......
  10. Did much better south side here last week than NB this morning,,, sloppy out there today
  11. Last time I had pots in was 40 years ago!!! didnt know they where so abundant and large... i do do know they have taken over a lot of scallop ground in yarmouth..... kill em when u get um... no luv last night in the bay with porgies,,, headed to NB toggin this am it ain’t over yet... :-)