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  1. I appreciate that, but 40 is where I'm at as I don't need them, but could always use them. Good luck to you and tight lines.
  2. I'd be all in at 40 shipped, understand if you don't want to go that low.
  3. Great, thanks. JD.
  4. I’ll take this too
  5. Perfect! Looking forward to getting these on some plugs. Money has been sent and shipping address is in PM.
  6. I’ll take this with payment sent via PP.
  7. Looking to replace my 2.5" tubes with 3", thinking they should fit. Wanted to see if anyone had some kicking around, I need 3 of them at least 8.5" tall. Will also be looking for the divider inserts if anyone has them, if I can find the tubes. Thanks for looking, Steve
  8. I’ll take it
  9. You still have this kicking around?
  10. Does this have the buddy lock system on the sides? How tall is the front pouch, detachable?
  11. That will work, send me your info when you have time.
  12. What would we be looking at for fees?
  13. Meet in the middle at 50? If not, no problem and thanks for the consideration
  14. I can do 45.00 shipped for the yellow pencil and needle.