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  1. I’ll take this for asking with payment via PP, pm me your info when you have time and I can get payment to you tonight. I have a buddy in Tewksbury, if it’s alright, I will have him arrange the meet up and grab it for me. If not, good luck with the sale.
  2. As always, great video Scooby. Seems like a great price for what it might be capable of, can't wait for them to hit the secondary used market.
  3. They can be pretty unnerving, currently in Peru where there have been 13 in the last 30 days.
  4. I’ll take this for asking, PM me your info when you have time and I can get payment to you in the morning.
  5. I’ll take this for asking, and if the offer for the VMC hooks remains that would be great. PM me when you get a chance and I can get payment to you immediately.
  6. I’ll take this for asking if PayPal works, pm your info when you have time and I can get payment to you tonight. .
  7. I'm going to hold at the 150, though I know it's worth more than what you're asking. If you change your mind for the price, offer stands for a bit, otherwise GLWS. I don't imagine you will have much of an issue moving this rod.
  8. Good afternoon BC, just wanted to follow-up and see if you had any luck locating as tube?
  9. I know it’s a good rod, I have a 10’6” but 150 is all I can do. Though i appreciate that you take care of your equipment. I have a buddy In Tewksbury, if we were able to make a deal I would have him coordinate the pick up.
  10. I appreciate the info, I could do 150.00 for it via PP with immediate payment. Can arrange for a meet up near you in Merrimack.
  11. Does the weight range seem pretty accurate to you? Throw any lighter than 3oz? Have a buddy that could meet you in the area, if we end up coming to a deal. Still thinking on it but appreciate your time.
  12. I appreciate you checking on this and no rush at all, just let me know if you find anything and with shipping and costs, maybe we can figure out a price.
  13. Sorry for the delay in response BC, it would be going to MA, 01354. Just want to make sure, as it's hard for me to tell in the pic, but said you put a new reel seat on, correct, so no tape required? I appreciate your time, still thinking on it. But if we had a rough idea on shipping, that would help. That is, if you were able to find something to ship it in.
  14. Any pics and would you be willing to ship? I know you stayed in the original post that you wouldn’t. Thanks in advance.
  15. No problem, I know 160.00 is a great deal on this but I just can't go above 150.00 at the moment. GLWS, I'm sure someone will grab it.