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  1. Respectfully offer 35.00, can get the payment to you now.
  2. No problem, that's what I thought but could't pass on the chance. Happy New Year to you and GLWS.
  3. If it falls through with addict, and that's by chance 35.00 for the lot, though I doubt it, I'll take it for seconds.
  4. I'll take the Sahara for asking.
  5. I'll take it, pm me your info when you have time.
  6. Respectfully offer 32.00 via PP.
  7. I'll take these, any hooks or as is? I'll take them either way
  8. Hey Green, what did you not like about the reel, any particular reason you are moving on from it?
  9. Skinner put out a video on these, he warned that they do stain, so I wouldn't let them sit on anything.
  10. I have not had the father-son moment as I have no kids, but I did bring my father out last year and he got into some schoolies which were his first stripers. Truly a great feeling to share with a father, or a son.
  11. I really can’t go higher than $50, but I can get rid of the shipping costs if you would want to meet up in Woburn. My buddy, BeachorBust is there and you could drop the plugs to him, I believe you have met up in the past. Let me know if that works for you and thanks for considering.
  12. Offer $50 shipped for the SS lot.
  13. I offered what I think is fair for used SPs. GLWS
  14. Respectfully offer 18.00 via PP for numbers 2, 3 and 4.
  15. Hey Gene, just a heads up that you have to list a clear asking price.