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  1. It would be better if her parents were Norwegian, as per Trump’s expressed preference.
  2. Based on the title, I thought this thread was going to be about the return of birtherism.
  3. Some adherents think Q is JFK Jr., who faked his own death and has become a big Trump supporter, possibly masquerading as a regular joe in PA named Vincent Fusca. Seriously. it seems their scripture aka Q’s “drops” are open to interpretation.
  4. Speaking of tweets, looks like wingnut hero Herman Cain is still tweeting (despite having died from the just-another-flu-virus).
  5. It seems Ms. Marjorie Taylor Greene is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who thinks it is odd that there is no evidence a plane actually crashed into the Pentagon. So that's interesting.
  6. You can tell the tweets Trump actually types himself because they include incoherent **** like covfefe.
  7. I hope the OP isn’t dumb enough to think Trump types all his own tweets.
  8. If it was Joe, it would be cited as evidence that he has dementia and is rapidly deteriorating from day to day. But it was Trump, so...he didn’t mean, you misunderstood it, the ramp was slippery, it’s fake news, etc.
  9. Says Fishy Fisher. LOL.
  10. So the wingnut Trumpeteers of the PG don't like her, don't approve of the pick, and think it's a mistake. Wow, I'm shocked.
  11. Given your craven idolatry for Trump, the irony of your statement is one again noted. Good talk. Run along now and get some new talking points from your masters.
  12. I saw an interesting video (on Fox) of Biden on a bike ride with a group of people in Rehoboth yesterday. Regardless of the fact that a dementia patient who is “getting worse daily” shouldn’t be riding a bike, do you think Trump has the cognitive-motor function to ride a bike at this point? My guess is no.
  13. Thanks for the tag. Your blind support of Team Trump’s ironic talking points - in the face of your idol’s mental deficiencies, brazen corruption, and known and alleged sexual improprieties with both girls and women - is duly noted. Give yourself a pat on the back.