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    Member of The Long Island Fly Rodders & The Salty FlyRodders of NY
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    Flytying & Fishing Also a Trumpet Player
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    UPS Retired

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  1. Always Brother. Enjoying the good life in Myrtle beach
  2. Haven’t been here in ages! just stopping by to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
  3. I’d say 200yards of mono! All braid is a waste of money
  4. Contact jammie at Flatlander bags or check him out on Facebook. He can customize a bag to your needs. You won’t be sorry
  5. Marks a great caster but nowhere near Steve Rajeff or maybe you never heard that name before? How about 243’ and the worlds record holder there Sparky! Nice remark you made about Lefty not being around anymore but he has done more than you or Mark will do in 10 lifetimes! you need to show some respect! i’m donE with you!
  6. You must be a jerk because if you knew any better Sedotti is using gel spin for his running line AKA braid. And a weighted shooting line. Your giving the man to much credit ! Lefty is an Icon you can never replace the man & what he has done for the sport. you My Friend have no idea!
  7. I posted this 8 years ago. That rod has been long gone.
  8. LL Bean is finely ending it’s lifetime warranty. The company has finely decided that enough is enough. To many people abusing the warranty. They say they stand up to their brand & quality but not where someone uses & abuses ( Waders etc ) and expects a new replacement. their new policy is 1 Year. So start taking better care of your stuff!
  9. Nothing like catching your own shrimp. If you haven't tasted fresh caught shrimp,you've never had shrimp! To die for.
  10. Put the screw in your mouth! Problem solved
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