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  1. He's back..

    I do hope that the new venture is exicting and works for you. Hopefully we will all hear very soon.


    See you in 8 weeks buddy..


    Buddy, now thats very American of me, how about this instead,


    "G'day cobba, puta coldie in the Engel, catcha soon"

  2. *

    Quite a catch.




    (*Edited - yup, it's nothing to do with this website Stax, the United States is apparently blocking that video from being shown in the US due to copyright violations in the video. It seems that they used content from "WMG" - and that violates the copyright of that content...and WMG petitioned the US government to block the video here. Sorry :o TimS)

  3. I love hot hot curries,, proper Indian flavoured Goat curry, hotter than Hadies.


    Before I have a stupidly hot Indian curry, I have to ask myself a few important questions, and I need to be able to answer YES to them all.

    1. How far is the drive home, no more than 15 minutes?

    2. Do I have a spare pair of knickers with me?

    3. Will I be OK missing out on sex tonight?

    4. Is the air conditioner working properly?

    5. Will the wife agree to use the other toilet for a few days?

    6. Is there plenty of milk and plain Yogurt in the fridge?

    7. No padlock on fridge?

    8. Guaranteed toilet free zone between getting up and going to work?

    9. (I'm in sales, so I see a lot of clients) Can I leave said client mid sentence to race of to his latrine and pebble dash his toilet, only to return half an hour later, bright red, sweating and a few pounds lighter?

    10. Can I calculate my daily route to never be more than 30 seconds from any given toilet?

    So, if I can answer yes to these simple questions, a currying I will go.

    So now I have a bowl of smouldering Goat in front of me with plenty of napkins and a spare shirt and asbestos gloves I dig in. Within a few seconds my face is red, my breathing is elevated and my brow starts to moisten. Half way through this bowl of Satins Stew I wonder just what was I thinking. However I look down and complete my task. Half a pound of curry in, two pounds of sweat and tears out. The perfect dieters meal. And remember tomorrow morning I'll lose another three pounds.

    Who said hot food isn't fun.




  4. Well after much searching and many websites, I have finally found and booked a hotel.


    The Hotel is "the Desmond Tutu Conference Centre" in Chelsea.


    We managed to get a couple of discount vouchers for here and the reviews on this hotel were very good. Scored 4.8 out of 5 on Expedia ( highest score in NY for price range) and 9.2 out of 10 on another website.(also highest score for price range)


    Ended up costing less than $450 for the three nights. No breakfast, but i did not want that as in most cases they are charging $30-40 extra per night for that add-on.


    Homerisadope, I have put John Browns Steakhouse on my list, that menu looks epic! Ribs and burnt ends for breakfast, You bet ya!!!


    Please can you give me more suggestions for "must have" food, again no silver service and meat only please.


    Looking forward to seeing anybody that wants to meet a mad Ozzie fisherperson. Already seeing about 10 SOl'ers on this trip.




    Places I'll be:

    New Jersey


    Blue Ridge Parkway (entire drive)


    Bryson City


    New Orleans

    Las Vegas

    Buffalo / Niagara Falls

    New York

  5. Looking to contact Forum Member "Chesapeake Kid" Can anybody else help?


    I know his name is Warren, the lives in or around Washington DC (Suitland, Maryland)


    He has not been online for 5 months, looking to catch up with him when i arrive in the US in July.


    If you know of him or how i can contact him please PM me. Or contact him to check his PM's on SOL.



  6. Found a couple.

    Comfort Inn, 42-24 Crescent St., Long Island City



    Best Western, 3317 Greenpoint Avenue, Long Island City


    Both about the same price, however the Comfort Inn is much closer to a metro station, (Queensboro Plaza) only about 200 yards.


    Can anybody see any problems with this area or hotel or metro station?


    Thanks in advance.



  7. As some of you would now be aware my wife and I are travelling from Australia to the US in July / August this year.


    Although most of our trip is now planned and booked I have yet to complete anything in New York.


    We arrive on the 17th August and depart to Dubai on the 20th August.


    We are looking for some suggestions of the best area's or places to stay.


    Our main objextive is to see the obvious sights of NY, Time Square, Statue of Liberty (SOL) Ground Zero, Central Park etc, (any anywhere you may suggest as well, that is a must see)

    Don't forget I also need to eat, so anybody with MUST DO food please also feel free to input. (must be MEAT, no fine dining please)


    We forget just how big Central New York is, so some ideas of areas would really help out.


    Don't mind hotels or serviced apartments / units, and guessing 3 nights to cost between US$600-$1000. (ouch). But this is NY, and 5 times the price of Vegas.


    So, help me out please, I will look at all ideas and thoughts.


    Thanks in advance



  8. You do realize that you are holding this Food Fling 6 month’s toooo early. I don’t arrive until the end of July. I booked Island Beach, as requested;

    I'll bring the world’s best "Chilli Salt", only because US Customs won't let me bring the "Camel, Koala,, Crocodile and Kangaroo Steaks". But I do have the Chilli Salt.

    Ben, PayPal please, otherwise I’ll send it to TLDig.


    See you all soon



  9. Fisherperson, correct, and yes, you would be welcomed and taken on any of our trips. Your thread does make interesting reading and your opinion is most welcome. That's what a forum is for.

    In regards to your second statement, Would I swim in these waters? Hell no. Would you? Will You?

    As most of you know I only fish at a place called "Steep Point". It is 600 miles north from Perth and is located in an area called Shark Bay. It is not called Shark Bay for nothing.

    When we fish there we go swimming EVERY DAY. We go to an area called Sheltered Bay where access to the beach is very easy. The water is clear and as blue as blue and only 10 feet deep about 200 yards from shore. In the shallow waters here you can see the dark outlines of the sharks swimming around. But we still go swimming. The Sharks here are mainly Bronze Whalers and Tiger Sharks with most being in the 5 foot 150lb mark. I feel no threat from these sharks and as said go for my swim and wash every day.

    That being said, from where we fish the Sharks are much bigger and far more plentiful. This spot is about 3 miles from where we swim. But we do go swimming.

    The largest Tiger Shark spotted by me, from the rocks was a 13-15foot 1500lb plus of scaryAss monster. Now would I go swimming, right there with this monster, not a chance. Has these beast been a few miles around the corner, probably, but will should put that down as a "maybe".






    How about a 40 footer, but a Whale Shark only 200 feet from the shore.

  10. This poor guy in Perth was not eaten, he was biten. The GW must have realized it was not a seal, or other food and just let go.

    I'm sure when you are biten by a 3-4 metre GW it leaves a lot of very large holes.

    The guy 2 weeks earlier was never found, they only found his swimming atire. So a very fussy GW that disrobed him and then chewed on him!

    We have a long weekend this weekend and its going to be quite warm, plenty of new fodder for the GW's maybe.

    I'll keep you informed.

    And they want to KILL them ALL. Panic has set in, in some area's.


    People try and compare, some very badly and one example was this.

    If your neighbours dog attacked your child you'd have the dog put down or shot on sight. CORRECT.

    BUT we knew it was THAT dog. We do not know which Shark (and they are talking about culling all sharks)

    You would not go around culling all the dogs in Perth, if you did not know which dog attacked somebody, would you? NO.

    Leave the buggers alone.


    FACT. More people die from Bee stings every year in Austalia, than for all the recorded shark attacks in the last 200 years.

    Lets kill all the Bees.

    Kangeroo's kill more people per year than all the recorded Shark attacks in the last 200 years.

    Lets kill all the Kangeroo's.***

    More people die from Spider bites every year in Austalia, than for all the recorded shark attacks in the last 200 years.

    Lets kill all the Spiders. (not so silly, I don't like sSpiders)

    More people die from Snake bites every year in Austalia, than for all the recorded shark attacks in the last 200 years.

    Lets kill all the Snakes.


    *** Kangeroos's don't go around hunting people, they just get in the way of vehicles. So a slightly unfair tally.

    Hit a 100+Kg Kangeroo at 70mph, not good.



  11. POLICE have named the victim of a fatal Rottnest shark attack, as Fisheries hunt killer great white.


    The shark attack victim has been named as 32-year-old Texan George Thomas Wainwright.


    Mr Wainwright was in Australia on a working visa and had been living in North Beach for the past six months.


    He was taken by a great white about 1.30pm on Saturday while scuba diving 500m off Little Armstrong Bay at Rottnest Island.


    At 2.30pm on Sunday, a news chopper spotted a shark just 200m off-shore to the east of Thompson Bay.


    A PerthNow survey and online poll revealed the majority of people do not believe the shark should be killed.


    Witnesses on the island described seeing a large fin shortly after, but it's not yet clear whether authorities were able to locate the shark in the water.


    "I saw a big fin in the water go between our boat and another boat - it went straight through the middle and just glided away," Rob Martin said from his friend's boat.


    "They just need to kill it if it's hanging around."


    Shannon Dale, who was having lunch with his wife at Dome cafe, said he saw two police officers running down the jetty with a brown paper bag shortly after the sighting at Thompson's Bay.


    Officers carrying a large gun were seen boarding a patrol boat with Island rangers following the sightings.


    On their arrival back to shore, the officers refused to comment on the contents of the bag or what they saw in the water. TV news cameras captured an officer pointing his gun towards the water as he scoured the ocean.


    Government vessels circled waters off the island most of Sunday afternoon.


    Just before lunch, six individual traps, set to capture the killer shark were pulled out of the water. At the time, a Fisheries spokesman said the department were not planning to re-deploy the lines unless there was a fresh sighting.


    The traps are being used for the first time in WA.


    The traps, each weighed down by a heavy anchor, have a baited hook floating near the surface in an effort to entice the shark.


    Department of Fisheries spokesman Tony Cappelluti said the traps were set in and around where the fatal attack occurred.




    History of Rottnest sharks


    There have been several shark sightings over the past few years around Rottnest Island. The most recent ended in tragic consequences.




  12. Update



    A SEARCH has resumed for the body of a 64-year-old man believed to have been killed by a shark off Perth's popular Cottesloe Beach.


    A foreshore search by 12 officers on horseback and two on quad bikes began early this morning for any sign of businessman Bryn Martin, who disappeared during his regular morning swim on Monday.


    Mr Martin's torn, black, Speedo bathers were found on the seabed on Monday afternoon.


    WA Fisheries Department shark scientist Rory McAuley said the damage to the bathers was consistent with an attack by a great white shark.


    Cottesloe Beach was closed on Monday and yesterday as an intensive air, sea and foreshore search was mounted.


    Surf lifesaving officials were to decide today whether to re-open the beach.


    The presumed shark fatality is the third in WA's south-west in 13 months and has sparked debate about whether more can be done to prevent attacks off the state's beaches.



  13. And this is why you must have accomodation.



    A mere $1.359MILLION, truely some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

    (bang for buck that is)


    Without showing off, my place is twice the size, newer with large open areas, and would be lucky to get $500K


    So the New York mansion is cheaper than the Alabama Shack (no offence meant)



  14. It sounds like a great opportunity to experience a new country. I'd miss my darling little island though and where would I shop? I don't really think dusty boots are an appropriate fashion statement for me. Besides all that, it seems rather nefarious that they should go to such lengths to make employees wholly dependent on them. It reads like a rather distressing news article where people are forced to do unconscionable things under the constant threat of being abandoned in a strange country without resources.


    WOW, thats a bit strong...I do like the fashion statement though.

    I am sure you can quit anytime you like, its only a $200.00 for the airfare back to Perth.

    And there are shops, in fact SHOPPING CENTRES, Macdonalds, Chicken Treat, and others, so its not THAT bad.