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  1. It's probably easier just to follow the link than make me type.


    (*added text from 9 news website)



    An experienced recreational scuba diver was doing what he loved when he was killed by a white shark off Western Australia's southern coast.

    Gary Johnson had just suited up and entered the water when he was attacked about 1pm on Sunday near Cull Island, close to West Beach in Esperance.

    His partner Karen Milligan put out the mayday alert to local boaties and was taken to Esperance Hospital to be treated for shock.

    "I raced out and we found a couple of flippers and a sleeve in the water, basically that was about it," Glenn Quinlivan told reporters.

    Gary Johnson had only just jumped in the water when he was savaged by a great white shark.

    Gary Johnson was attacked by a shark in WA while his partner Karen Milligan watched in horror. 

    Esperance Shire president Ian Mickel told AAP Mr Johnson was well liked in the community, particularly among divers.

    "It's sad to lose a person, whether they are a local or a visiting person," he said on Monday.

    "It's a real shock to know a person as experienced as Gary has lost his life while he was doing what he loved."

    Gary Johnson was an experienced diver. 


    Wife of WA shark victim Gary Johnson thanks teams searching for her husband

    Long-time friend Jaimen Hudson told AAP he was heartbroken for Mr Johnson's family.

    "Gary would always ask me about my family and I would do the same. He was just a genuinely really great guy," Mr Hudson said. 

    "I couldn't believe it when I found out. It's a terrible tragedy.

    "He dived every good weather day when he wasn't working."

    It is understood Mr Johnson was a member of the Esperance Dive Club and worked for a local farming machinery retailer.

    The search for his body resumed on Monday morning with specialist divers from the Water Police scouring the area again.

    They are being supported by Marine Rescue WA volunteers and a Fisheries patrol vessel crew.

    Water users are being urged to tale extra caution and report any shark sightings.

    The Shire of Esperance has installed shark warning signs from West Beach to Twilight Beach.

    WA has now had 16 fatal shark attacks since 2000.


  2. Quote...."Ok, nobody had their guns taken, they were just forced to surrender them or go to jail."


    Also not true. You could surrender your guns via the "amnesty" that followed the Port Arthur massacre, or if it was legally held with a valid license then you could keep it. Simple plain easy to understand fact.

    There are still a few of these no longer legal assault rifles and handguns in the general public, however the number "before" the amnesty was already very low and most, about 80% of those were handed in and bought from the owners at a very fair buyback price, and in a lot of cases they got more for their guns than they paid for them.

    It is now illegal to import or buy from any source an assault (semi auto, or fully auto) rifle or handgun, and to further this it is now also illegal to use these at any Gun range. (Forces, Security and Police exempt) So if you own one and are not in the armed forces or police force, you "legally" can't use it at all. 

    So, still to this day, nobody has had their guns "taken" from them.


    PS, not everything in Australia is trying to kill you. (now I am talking animals)




  3. Deb

    This is Derf's hat that you presented to me on our last trip to NJ, now being used by my granddaughter, Kiritiana.

    I am sure that Tim, John and Carole will also recognise it.

    We were due to return this year, however my family from the UK is coming to us so we will be looking now at next year.

    Carol, Tim, I hope the house is now done and finished, but knowing Tim as the perfectionist he is, I am sure it is still on-going.

    Deb, please let me know how things are going, I would love to hear from you.

    John, just keep up the good work and look after your new "better half"


    Love from Christine and Stax, thinking of you often.


  4. Summer months see the most Pelagic fish in the area, including all manner of Travelly, but be warned it is very hot during the summer months with expected temps to be in the 50C mark. Rmember there is little or no shade so you are in the direct sun all the time and it can be sapping.

    This place fishes well all year round, and I have fished there during every calendar month. It still get hot even in the "depths" of winter. Still gets well into the high 30-40C mark.

    And is that a Bonefish in your hands? Caught right there in that area. See attachment.



  5. Sorry for the delay

    Co-ordinates are as follows

    For fishing 25-46'48.64S 112-58'12.03E

    Beach 25-52'14.03S 113-06'46.23E

    Dirk Hartog is a 10-12 hour drive from my place in Perth. Then a $600 barge ride (per car) to take you to the island

    The island is about 70 miles long 15-20 miles wide with a population of 20.

    There is a homestead (ranch) ( fancy and great place.

    Camping is basically free.

    If you come I will take you.

    And yes the fishing is as good as it gets.

    Look up my post from 14 years ago...


  6. Dont buy the hype.  The ownership of firearms is absolutely positively banned in Australia.


    Take a look at the "process" to get permission from gummit to have a 38 cal SW (it will make any decent American cry, it sucks).


    IF the state decides you are worthy of a firearm, ownership is BANNED for your entire life prior to that permission, as well as for six months after you grovel at the feet of some bureaucrat pig.


    In fairness, thats ok though.  Australia does not have the guarantees of liberty and freedom, and protection in their documents that we do.  The inhabitants there are subject of the state, and the state reserves the an=bility to treat them as chattel.  And they do, and that works fine for them.  Its different here.  Snd they dont get it.  Why the hell would they?

    WOW, thats a strong one. Strong but WRONG

    The ownership of firearms is absolutely positively banned in Australia. WRONG.

    Yes, I would have to apply for a gun ownership licence. However I could own a gun in 4 weeks from now if I applied today.

    And of course I cant own a gun without a licence, so you are sort of right, I am banned from owning a gun before I get a licence, however is that not the same there?

    I could take a photo of a legally owned gun within 24 hours (my mate lives 40 miles away) a 9mm something.


    Australia does not have the guarantees of liberty and freedom, and protection in their documents that we do. Who told you that??????

    Again WRONG. Learn the facts.


    Stopping shouting again.


  7. Go onto WIKI and look at the "

    List of countries by firearm-related death rate



    Austalia 0.93% per 100,000

    USA    10.54% per 100,000


    That is 10 times more gun related deaths in US.


    Now let me make something clear here, this is NOT a bashing USA rant. This started with the election you have running.

    I have in the last 4 years spent a small fortune getting to the USA, a place I love and will return to again.

    It was not me that side tracked this thread, but the facts you seem to have are not entirely true.

    Our gun related deaths have halved since the amnesty, that is a fact. Halved to about 230 per year in total.

    In regards to the "criminal" sector, even they do not have a lot of guns, they prefer steel bars to kneecap people.

    BTW, about 150,000 illegal guns were handed in, maybe not all by the crims, but you would have to think some were as they were bought at a fair market price.

    And yes, I do follow your election, as do many more people here than you appear to think does. It's a big circus act.

    "Sheldon Cooper for President", I could go with that.



  8. Well somebody has the wrong end of the stick when it comes to "our guns"


    We did NOT have to give up our guns, that is completely untrue and completely wrong.


    After the "Port AuthUr Massacre" our Prime Minister embarked on an AMNESTY for people to hand in the weapons, be them legally owned or illegally owned, without question or any chance of prosecution. 

    If you owned a gun legally you did NOT need to hand it in, you could keep it.FACT.

    700,000 guns, mostly legal guns were handed in and everybody was paid a fair market price for said guns, even for the illegal ones. 

    The general outcry from this massacre was, I am not sure what to say, but was overwhelming in its support.


    Please understand, you can still buy a gun in Australia, you can still own a gun in Australia, you can still buy bullets in Australia, you can still use and shoot your gun in Australia.

    Getting a gun licence is still available for anybody that wants to APPLY for one. We just have much tougher laws on who can have a new gun licence and when you store and keep your gun(s)

    Believe me, Australia IS A SAFER PLACE WITHOUT 700,000 GUNS.


    I can go to a football game here in Australia and there could be a crowd of 60,000. Not one of them will have a gun. Not ONE.

    Security and Police excepted. 


    Now believe me we have the same issues you do, the drugs, the violence, the robbers and car thieves, the scammers, the general nasty people. 

    We just don't have guns to go and shoot each other.


    quote (FishinMortician)

    When they confiscated your guns, and your right to defend yourself, again I felt sorry for you.


    quote (Mokes)

    Not perfect in Australia? 

    You guys have up all your guns lol. 

    What the eff?





    I will now stop shouting.




    PS, I still have and always have had the right to defend myself and what's mine. Never lost that right.