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  1. Or you live in Australia, apparently nobody has guns in Australia.
  2. I can confirm these are sold, shipped and paid for. Thank you for your interest.
  3. The time has come for me to sell my two VS150 Gold reels. These reels although about 10 years old are in great condition. They are only used once a year when I travel 600 miles north to fish at Steep Point, here in Western Australia. They are both loaded with 30lb(I think) Whiplash line (that's correct), the spare spool I am not sure about. Both have the VS bag. The pictures don't do them justice. Both have been serviced twice by the Van Staal authorised service centre here in Australia. $700 each. I will pay the insured and registered post. The spare spool will be included if you buy both, otherwise $100 extra with either reel. Let me know if you want more pictures, or if you have any special requests.
  4. I must admit the post is quite accurate, I could see Tim sitting there with all this pets. Please stay safe, like I am.
  5. Sue can. The Mackerel you are chasing are only 12 inches long, just haul em up. And Diving in the cave, water temp 45F, no thanks
  6. i am in Perth, Western Australia. Not as bad on the west coast as the east coast, however we have had a coupe of inner city fires in the last two days.
  7. Tim, thanks for updating post. Things are great, however we now have a fire only 5Kms from us, we are looking to go to an "act and watch" sometime today. Other than that see you in 2021
  8. It's probably easier just to follow the link than make me type. (*added text from 9 news website)
  9. A good joke, followed by a stupid wisecrack, written by a septic tank. That should start something.... Stax
  10. You just can't go past the American muscle car era, they were by far the best looking cars in the world. The 71 Cuda, picture earlier is a stand out. Thanks Stax
  11. There was never a threat of force, where did that come from.
  12. Quote...."Ok, nobody had their guns taken, they were just forced to surrender them or go to jail." Also not true. You could surrender your guns via the "amnesty" that followed the Port Arthur massacre, or if it was legally held with a valid license then you could keep it. Simple plain easy to understand fact. There are still a few of these no longer legal assault rifles and handguns in the general public, however the number "before" the amnesty was already very low and most, about 80% of those were handed in and bought from the owners at a very fair buyback price, and in a lot of cases they got more for their guns than they paid for them. It is now illegal to import or buy from any source an assault (semi auto, or fully auto) rifle or handgun, and to further this it is now also illegal to use these at any Gun range. (Forces, Security and Police exempt) So if you own one and are not in the armed forces or police force, you "legally" can't use it at all. So, still to this day, nobody has had their guns "taken" from them. PS, not everything in Australia is trying to kill you. (now I am talking animals) Stax
  13. Nobody, that's right, NOBODY had their guns"TAKEN' from them. NOT ONE. Fact.
  14. They didn't take our guns away, just stop with the incorrect facts. Find out the facts before you post. Stax.
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