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  1. I also have a TL for sale. It’s an 04. It runs fine. Has no AC and two of the tires have slight leaks from dirt getting in around the bead. 187k miles. I’m looking to get around $2200 located near philly
  2. Make sure you do your research. Odometers are easy to turn back I’ve found. Get a car fax.Also rust is a big issue on many Toyota’s. Don’t settle. I waited a long time before one I felt was right!
  3. Put them in a power wheels!
  4. Great deal!
  5. Is it 4x4?
  6. Understandable.
  7. I can respectfully offer $450 shipped. I’m in the market for one but not concerned with the color or condition as long as it’s mechanically sound.
  8. You’ll know it when you see him... if you see him.
  9. I got an older model genesis for cheap and converted it over to was very easy to do. It only costed me $60. And parts are available online. I hope this info helps people anyone thinking about buying. Good luck.
  10. I’ll take the Mak pouch if it falls through.
  11. Im really looking to resurrect this post since Halloween is approaching.
  12. I know were supposed to keep conversation to a minimum but I just wanted to say that it’s such a shame about the rust issues because they are such good cars otherwise. I have an 04 with rust issues. I’m just gonna run it till it doesn’t let me.
  13. Try Facebook marketplace. I seen a few on there
  14. Any of you guys have a truck throw a code for the catalytic converter while driving on the beach? I took my V6 04 4runner on the beach for the first time and as soon as I got off the beach, it threw the code. It has a slight exhaust leak and it just passed inspection so I didn't pay it any mind after. Im wondering if it sucked in cooler air or something and threw off the code.... or maybe it was the added strain of driving on 15lb air on the beach? Any thoughts?
  15. Im just gonna drop it off tomorrow to my mechanic and see if theres an easy fix. The leak is close to the motor.
  16. What size are the mag darters?
  17. Figured this is a real long shot but I'm looking for a 4Runner for the beach. I dropped the ball on a few that were listed on here and having trouble finding snything online that doesn't have a billion miles for crazy money. Thanks!
  18. I can make repairs but looking for something for a daily driver.
  19. Really trying to stick with a 4Runner. Thanks though.
  20. Wish I was closer
  21. Hmmmm
  22. I'll take them. Pm coming.
  23. Damn
  24. Where are you located?
  25. I have a 20% off coupon if you need it