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  1. 300yd power pro, how much more line do you need to catch fish..... this is also now sold though. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the offer but I would like to sell spool set up. Thanks
  3. Price drop again to $250 shipped/paypal to your door
  4. no one needs this?
  5. Price drop $275 paypal/shipped/insured to your door thanks
  6. Any offers? thanks
  7. Sold to double1line. thanks fellas
  8. Morning bump thanks fellas
  9. Morning bump thanks
  10. I would consider $100 shipped/paypal/ insured to your front door
  11. great pictures!
  12. Also include a spool band. Asking $300 shipped/insured/ paypal Or Best Offer thanks, John
  13. Open to Offers fellas Thanks, John
  14. I respectfully would like to counter offer, could you split the difference and consider $275? that will be shipped/insured/paypal to you front door. Let me know thanks, John
  15. Selling a Thule Ski rack, used to hold fishing rods. Model number is 91725B Comes with 2 locks, one on each rack, and also One key for the locks. 30" wide loading platform Looking for $110 shipped/insured/paypal to your door Or Best Offer Here is the only issues that I repaired, a damaged tab. I honestly do not know how it got damaged but when I was installing the rack back on my truck the tab was cracked so I filed down the plastic tab and used JB weld 2 part epoxy to remake the tab. It is super sturdy and a safe fix, no issues what so ever. Thanks again