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  1. Just finished off my first ties. Can't wait for the season to open
  2. I appreciate the input and your thoughts on the craft fur I might have to try them out for myself.
  3. Has anyone used Rainys premium craft fur for their bucktails before? If so how are the actions on them?
  4. Hey guys I'm in the market for a new rod I'm currently looking and 2 different lamiglas rods the supersurf 2G and the infinity series. Wondering if anyone has used these I couldn't really find much info on them except that the infinity wasn't a gsb(obviously) Any info on these would be greatly appreciated also which would you guys prefer the 1-3 or the 2-5? Both 10ft I throw 3/4 bts all the way up t. 3 to 4 oz pencils and metal lips I fish the M and a lot of the south shore beaches. Appreciate any help guys. Thanks -Kev
  5. I'm actually not sure I've bought the pre rigged ones they do have some weight to them but idk how fast they would sink. Hope that helps I wasn't able to get into any bass on the few that I bought. Caught blues on them and 1 blue it was over. Not sure if it's worth it's price to catch just 1 fish on
  6. I had a fairly decent year last year after the striped bass and fluke trips I took started with no shows except the exception of 5 keep fluke and a few shorties around the whole boat. It felt as if the fish were showing up about 2 to 3 weeks later than normal. I didn't mind, but I'm sure the others definitely did. I'd like to hope for a "better" season but I'm out there to get away from the stress of the world, anything more is a plus! All I ask for is a nice warm opening day for stripers so I can be out there casting away. A schoolie or 2 wont hurt either
  7. Is the rod still available?
  8. Still available?
  9. I fish the north shore a lot until the fall. Then I'll hit up M and the rest of the south shore. But thanks for that info now I have a better idea of what the rod is like. None of the b&t sell them around me
  10. damn I live in NY with no way of transportation =/ if I did I would've picked it up. If you plan on shipping let me know. Also what types of payment do you take?
  11. Hey guys I need to grab another rod in the 8-9 ft range and came upon the TFO rods. Used to have a 9ft mojo but sold it to a friend thinking I wasn't going to need one but things changed and I now need a 9fter. How would you guys compare the rods which do you think is better?
  12. I saw that 9ft lami insane listed at 5/8 - 2 on a tackle site, but had the same model number. Are they the same rods?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Patriots Nation New to forums and just have to say this is a great site so much info and knowledge. I need a surf rod and i have the opportunity to buy a 9ft mojo for 100.00 bucks. Would this be a good rod? yes that's a friggin steal I have one and probably wont let it go even if I end up with a custom cts or something of that sort.
  14. They have an invisi-braid superline version which is an 8 carrier braid, I didn't get a chance to fill up a spool with it yet, but the line is silky smooth, and I believe I'm going to enjoy it very much. I have stealth on my battle 3k, and the invisibraid on the newer cabo 50. both great lines, absolutely cannot go wrong with either of em. Better than power pro.