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  1. Years ago I fought a log in SH rips. Took me all the way down the beach toward the bug light. I won.
  2. Today I saw a guy on TV asking 3 different people to pick 3 numbers from 1 to 1000 and he was able to guess their numbers. Is that s proof that the guy is a prophet .
  3. Admitted yes but not accepted since it was not cross examined...
  4. Ok, so there was a man called Jesus that was crucified and he was buried in Jerusalem. How this makes “Christianity is the only one supported by the evidence” ?
  5. How do you know that? Where you there?
  6. Are you calling this scientific evidence? Do you have a proof that the writers did not use their imagination to wrote the book or the witnesses were not on drugs?
  7. Eyewitness testimony is admitted as evidence after examined and cross examined. Since your eyewitnesses were not examined or cross examined their testimony can not be considered as evidence since you can't be sure or prove they were not lying on purpose or not on purpose.,
  8. Scientific evidence must be conclusive and since the two examples you brought are not conclusive they must be thrown out. In the court the witnesses are being examined and cross examined and only then the jury determine if the evidence is valid. The witnesses you mentioned were not examined or cross examined and as such their testimony is worthless.
  9. Check in is not free. Carry on is included in the ticket price except United basic economy class
  10. From TSA web site: Small Fishing Lures Carry On Bags: Yes Checked Bags: Yes Sharp fishing tackle that may be considered dangerous, such as large fish hooks, should be sheathed, securely wrapped, and packed in your checked luggage. Like other high-value objects, you may wish to pack expensive reels or fragile tackle that does not pose a security threat (small flies) in your carry-on baggage.
  11. It’s not the airline who checks your bags. It’s TSA regardless of the airlines.
  12. Different countries have different security rules. Lures without hooks were allowed in Mexico in carry on bags and now must be in check in bag.
  13. Shouldn’t this information be available on his web site? Do you know any person who bought for him a custom bag?
  14. I am not in the market to replace mybStCroix rods. I am in the market for unique design of quality rods. From reading the posts I don't see Anything unique about that rod. Seems to me just another rod in the market.
  15. Thanks, but Jigster is not the topic of this thread and I don’t fish the Canal. Not my style of fishing. Perhaps you can help me figure out the action of the new ODM with few sentences and explain how different the action from the genesis for example.