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  1. Congrat !!
  2. Catching Albies from a boat is a joke.. can’t see the fun in it..like catching albies on the Internet.. here i I bring one to the Internet so you can catch it ...
  3. And who told you that the posters don't look first in the sea just like you and then they come to the internet to hunt for the fish you are bringing to the internet every time you catch fricin fish..
  4. Funny to read this post since you are the master of bringing every fish you catch to the Internet and then asking why people are fishing in the Internet. Your fish are in the Internet including the fish you brought to the Internet on a leash ....
  5. Lizard fish. Very good eating...
  6. Years ago I fought a big log in Sandy Hook for about 200 yards..I won the fight..
  7. Google “Polish jokes”.
  8. Looking at the guides layout, it looks like a Polish rod..
  9. No, I don’t own any of the Suzuki rods. All I know about these rods is from the videos on SOL.
  10. Do you know if it is as strong as the Suzuki? I watch the Suzuki and it is damn strong. Perhaps you should run the same tests and share the results or try to catch a tuna with it and let us know if it held up..
  11. What do you mean by warranty service ? Sending your reels to either placed does not give you warranty.. Only new reels are under warranty for one year.
  12. Perhaps his profit margin is not as high as the other rod company..
  13. I only service the reels that I use on the rocks simply because salt water will get in and can cause great damage. The VS reels that I don’t dunk I don’t service.
  14. Butch hates when US companies are charging an arm and a leg for products made in China and not rolling the saving from cheap labor to the customer. I won’t be surprised if his underwears are made in China.
  15. What are you fishing for from December to Memorial Day?