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  1. Try to reach out to him via his Facebook . His last activity was on April 25th.
  2. Far from the truth. Just in the last two months they had to ship two times for a single order and the items were marked as in stock.. Two or three weeks ago they did not ship my order for eight days. When I called them they told me they have over a thousand orders that they need to fulfill and my order should be shipped today or tomorrow. Three days later I cancelled the order.
  3. I got those in my basement for years..
  4. Saltwater Edge and most other stores I deal with...Never had the same delivery issues as I experienced with TD...
  5. I had similar experience multiple time. I don’t order from them if I need the items at a certain date. Their database is not up to date.
  6. Is there anyone else in the church or just me?
  7. Please do not include me. I don’t know that..
  8. 30” vs 40” retrieval rate will be a big plus in that department.
  9. We are definitely not as smart as you are...
  10. Effective May 29, 2021 beach parking fees wil be $20 per day and $100 per season at Jacob Riis Park and Sandy Hook.
  11. Sometimes I wish I was a fishing rod..
  12. Yes, I have these links. I expected a direct link to a page with the list of vendors. Just like the way it was in the previous web site or at lease a short sentence advising the readers to look for the list in the FB of the club.
  13. I got the list from Facebook and a private message. I am on the new site. I click on the menu flea market which takes me to the flea market page. No links on that page. I am using iPhone to access the site.
  14. Can’t find it on the Berkeley club web site, just saying...
  15. I used to do 80# bulk spool of Ande for Bull Drum but I found out if you need to replace the leader because your line got snagged at the bottom it is much harder to do the FG knot quickly due to the line memory..