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  1. The worst investment is tog fishing. Last year if you kept one you were lucky. the best investment is the offshore sea bass. Most of the time you limit out. Avg fish is about 3lb which total of 45lb. Let say with 8$ per lb the return is $360. Your expenses are about $250 which include gas, depreciation, tip and boat fare.
  2. NJ has mandatory requirement for saltwater registration. I wonder if these guys had in their possession the registration card.
  3. In that case, catch 50# and at $10 per lb you double your investment.
  4. Going fishing is not a business investment...
  5. Do you need to fill out a new application to join the JSS fishing club ?
  6. Excellent blank for heavy jigs ( 4-6oz). Excels in fighting big fish in strong currents. Like a broom stick for jigging and sufficient flexibility for fighting fish.
  7. The 1418 is a great rod for long distance bait casting. Reeled in many fish in the 30 and 40 # when fishing was adequate in NJ. Still own two of them.
  8. That’s the 1209 blank. Best Canal jigging Rod you can find.
  9. Are these blanks good for all day lures casting or simply designed for long distance bait casting?
  10. If you don’t feel you need the replacement warranty for the next 20 years and you don’t want to spend the extra $$$$ for the guides or the grip then you can find in the market other choices for less $$$. However keep in mind that there are other brands that cost you slightly less but they give you much less.
  11. I have 5. Can you be more specific and name the top shelf rods that cost $400. I bet you can’t unless you bring to the table rods made in China with Alconite guides and one year limited warranty. Not to mention the quality of the handle wrap. Do you know the difference between expensive and overpriced?
  12. Show me one top shelf rod that gives you no questions asked warranty for 18 years...Also, show me top shelf rod made in US for $400. Show me top shelf rod for $400 that has the same quality guides.
  13. I will take it. I will cover shipping as well.. Send me PM with payment details.
  14. I am interested unless the distance from the butt to the middle of the reel seat is less than 24”.