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  1. This is a great reel. I have the 16000 and the 12000 in good shape.Both are spooled. I am on the move right now.. I will post pictures and price over the weekend if no one come forward by then..
  2. Yep, I am in Rockville as we speak, staying at my daughter place.. on my way to BI.. A nice town to raise a family..
  3. Hey Tom, doing well.. on my way to BI for the summer … The warranty page on Costa web site does not list any requirements for the limited warranty except the usual wear and tear. However Costs requires you to submit a purchase receipt if you wish to file a claim. On the other hand you can check it as a gift and in that case you are not required to present the purchase receipt.
  4. Costa lifetime limited warranty does not require you to purchase at an authorize dealer or even be the original owner..
  5. The fishermen from Atlantic Highlands is after sea bass as well.
  6. I have allstar breakaway 11’9” Conventional. Factory rod. I don’t think it was fished more than twice.. $300. I will take pics if the price is right for you..
  7. Was there a spring run? I see the party boats are after sea bass instead of chasing stripers and bluefish..Ridiculous…
  8. I use it for big reds. Never had an issue. It’s the same reel as the saltist except some seals and less expensive bearings. Excellent bargain..
  9. A state record…
  10. The size of the blue fish in FL is the same size of an adult bunker in NJ.
  11. Casting 12’ with 6nbait requires strength or casting skills..
  12. @wampire
  13. Tell him about the AllStar breakaway rod you sold me years ago..LDFC 119-2 XH.. It was designed for 6 n bait.
  14. When you were an important contributor for ODM success..
  15. The Suzuki rods got good reviews in here. You should go to one of those demos and try them out..