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  1. Don’t forget to let us know when the bite is on
  2. I have the exact same issues. I made an order and I was charged but no shipping confirmation. I called customer service few times but no one picked the phone. Left my number but no call back. Later in the day I called again and that time I was lucky and I got a person on the line. He told me one of the items was not available and they are waiting for the vendor to ship to them the item. Something is wrong with them. I’ve been doing business with them for years and that’s the first time I am encountering these issues with them.
  3. I used the 12’ 1-6 in Mexico and for the last two months in Block Island. It’s the best surf rod I own. You can cast all day long with it. Great distances and the Pacific species like jacks, roosters and Cubera snappers are no match to this rod. The only other surf rod for Mexico that I enjoyed casting in the AFAW Universal 12’ but unfortunately it is not as strong as the Legend and I broke it on the 2nd day. Luckily I bought it used and I did not spend that much on it. I just can’t imagine spending over $500 on a rod without warranty that goes beyond the basic 1 year warranty
  4. I used to own both, the Emblem and Saltist. I got rid of the Emblem and only use my Saltist (older version). My backup is another Saltist and Stella.
  5. How was the trip?
  6. I don't fish Tuna but Black Hole seems to have nice rods. Get in touch with KSONG. He is an expert in boat fishing. There are many great surf rods. I am sure you will get few hundreds recommendations if you open a new thread asking for it. Good luck with your new bait caster reel. It's fun.
  7. It’s an American Legacy Fishing Company.
  8. From a different retailer: “The 300 size retails for $249.95 and is now on sale for $139.99. The 400 size retails for $299.95 and is now on sale for $169.99!”
  9. What’s the Tai special?
  10. What is so delicious about chicken?
  11. I bet you didn’t turn on anyone.
  12. Transporting these rods is not a problem in United or American flights from major airports.
  13. A used Ron Arra 1322 is in your price range and good for your shoulder...
  14. That’s sick...