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  1. Thank you!! Just read about it…
  2. Albies in the dark.. Big boy… Sorry, no reference ..
  3. Took a stroll in the early afternoon not expecting much…one one the beach and one got off in the wash…
  4. 1000 casts, one hit one hook up, the seal took the prize..
  5. A nice size bluefish in the afternoon on light tackle !!!
  6. Albies, bonitos and blues today..8’ ODM Genesis….a reference for the captain..27” from butt to silver ring.. My 2nd fish was surrounded by 3 seals…I think I may figured out how to fool them if the fish corporate..
  7. Hooked two blues this morning just to loose them and the jigs to seals.
  8. This one is the younger brother of the one from yesterday. The rod is ODM Genesis 9’ and the distance from the bottom of the rod to the silver ring is 34”. it’s hard to believe that a Captain with your experience can’t appreciate a nice size blue fish.
  9. Yes, that’s the Evo jig. The bonitos I caught last week were on this jig. That was a nice size bluefish and it’s a challenge to land it on 15# leader.. Here is a smaller bluefish I caught this morning. You can compare the size using my shoe print..
  10. Perhaps you can estimate how small was this fish using the size of the jig (3”) or the shoe mark (12”).
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