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  1. Better ask him what rods he is not using, the list will be much shorter.. lol
  2. I would not buy them if most of my fishing is on the sand due to their weight .. They are the perfect boots for rocky beaches. They are durable and keep you from tripping and falling.
  3. a. Boat fish count just as much as party boat fish count. b. I know few who went from fishing to golf but I don’t know anyone who went from golf to fishing. c. Give me a free boat and I won’t take it unless I am too old to fish the surf . Boat fishing does not do it for me. if my Nigerian uncle left me fortune I would have spent it on a yacht to see the world, not on a 23ft fishing boat..
  4. They last for a very long time. I did not call the warranty for my boots but when I needed them for my waders Warranty the service was great..
  5. I am so sorry for your loss.. My condolences ....Prayers for you and your family...
  6. I am not clear about the point you made in the bold characters. Aren’t you the builder of the VR reel? I don’t see anyone swimming to rocks with the VR ? Will the Visser survive in these environments like ZB and VS or is it in the same class as the VR ? Who will be your testers wearing wetsuit in places like Montauk ?
  7. I have the tools to remove the pinion housing and take it apart and change the main seal. I am still not clear how to remove what you call the "pinion bushing".
  8. How do you remove the pinion bushing?
  9. You should be able to answer questions that provide information unless you don’t want the information to be public. Here are some questions I have: 1. Where and when will you establish service centers for these reels? 2. Other than catching fish tests, will these reels be tested in harsh environments like the boulder fields of Montauk or Nantucket ? 3. Can we swim to the rocks with these reels And bang then against the rocks like we do with ZB and VS or do you classify these reels as VR? 4. When will you publish the full Self service video?
  10. No, they sent me few shims for the main gear and it solved this problem for me. The situation was not that bad as Goldy’s reel.
  11. Links are not allowed .. Search Vissrreels in Facebook ...
  12. Lately it’s the ODM rods which are keep breaking. Look into the recent ODM warranty thread...
  13. How often do you need to change the cutter ? Are the cutters also made of a different material than other pliers ?