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  1. GSB 91MS... The original. Bought it few years ago but never used it. excellent shape. $130 and it’s yours. Don’t ask for pictures...It’s pickup so you can check it out.
  2. If I was looking for a 12’ blank that the one I was buying. Price is right as well.
  3. Should be published on the Century web site like all other respectable companies if that indeed the case. You are just a user of this product so how can you talk on behalf of the company if on their web site there is no mention of duration and it’s limited warranty to factory defects?
  4. Happy Birthday !!!
  5. Next year stop at Harold. With one pastrami and corn beef sanwitch you can feed to whole table...
  6. Thanks, the menu seems to be like from a local Chinese restaurant in Beijing ...
  7. What’s the name of the restaurant?
  8. What if he caught it in Atlantic city ?
  9. The surf blank seems to be a very nice blank..I think the lack of good fishing in NJ and a saturated market are the reason for lack of interest...
  10. Shark River Fishing club, Asbury fishing club, Berkley fishing club Spring lake fishing club Belmar fishing club The top three are the most popular. All have web sites.
  11. Mineral oil for red fins and bombers.
  12. Not going to miss it...What time is P10 seminar? Topic?
  13. I don’t think they are either.. I Thanks for your interest..
  14. It’s yours. I will send you PM