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  1. I ended up getting a BG3000 witha Penn Battalion II Slow Pitch. Tested it out down in Buzzards Bay yesterday evening, I'm liking it so far -- gonna have to keep truing it out
  2. Ok thanks guys. Gonna decide what to get this weekend
  3. Makes sense. easy enough to cast off shore with it too right?
  4. They're pretty easy to learn to cast with too right? Just keep some thumb pressure on the spool so it doesn't get outta control? I might use this on jettys and stuff too
  5. Why go baitcaster instead of spinning?
  6. Insane. I'm gonna have to do that one day
  7. Do you use it? It's really that good? What makes it better than other setups?
  8. Yeah I initially was looking at getting a conventional. Lotta people recommended the Lexa, but its outta my pricerange. I've never run a conventional besides big ones trolling off a boat or when we go for cod/haddock, so I'd rather not spend that much on a reel I don't know if I'll like. Any you recommend that are a little cheaper?
  9. I'm looking to get a new light setup to primarily target scup, tog, sea bass, and winter flounder. Would be nice to be able to use it for fluke and even have potential for schoolies & albies. I primarily use a BG4000 with a 9ft Daiwa SP surf rod (CLSP902MFS) which I absolutely love, but it's too big for this use case. I'm planning to get a BG2500 because I've had a great experience with the 4000. In regards to the rod, I'm thinking about getting a St. Croix Triumph Inshore. Leaning towards the TRIS70HF (7ft heavy, fast action, 3/4 - 2 oz) but also thinking about the TRIS70MHF (7ft medium-heavy, fast action, 1/2-1 1/4 oz). I plan to throw 15lb braid on it and will use this both from shore and off my kayak. Will use anything from 1/2oz jigs to 2oz hi-lo rig with worms. Anyone have any feedback/suggestions?
  10. Alright thanks for the help guys
  11. The beachfront along Mackerel Cove. I've fished there during the day but never at night, not sure if I can park in the parking lots or not. Only time I really go to the Beverly area at night is for squidding off the piers.
  12. Hey everyone, How's the parking situation up in Beverly? Was planning to try a few beaches up there tonight but I have only gone in the day. Can you park there at night or is it a bit more tricky?
  13. Anyone have any suggestions regarding lights to use?
  14. From the album Avatars

    Old Pats.jpg
  15. What do you all think about the winter's effect on the upcoming season? Assuming the weather starts warming up in the next few weeks, will the fish arrive late? And will the crazy snowfall we have affect anything?