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  1. Old Joe gave a speech the other day that was so bad that the networks cut him off to save him from looking like a fool. Mumbling, rambling, moron that guy is.
  2. Where have our Biden supporters gone? No pithy comments to defend Biden's honor or do they just know he's indefensible?
  3. LOL!!!!!!
  4. Its been done before. In case you forgot:
  5. Its been done. In case you forgot.
  6. You may have a very good point. This doesn't fit the agenda of the tech elites.
  7. A few months back one of the tech companies did a thing where they mapped the cell phones of people who had traveled to Spring Break in Florida and presumably spread the Wuhan Virus. Can some enterprising soul please do the same for the cell phones that showed up at the locations where looting and violent protests have taken place? I'd love to know what percentage of those cell phones reside within a 10 mile radius of the places being destroyed. I'd love to know the greatest distance a cell phone traveled to participate in the mayhem. Thanks.
  8. New Jersey's governor went to the beach this weekend so sure......why not? .
  9. I disagree. I like having a place to go that has what I need. Especially in the winter when its cold outside. The place I go has an olympic size lap pool, free weights, machines and all sorts of cardio equipment. Also, don't forget Yoga-pants.
  10. That's an incredibly stupid response. Do you realize that? That's like something a kid in second grade would come up with.
  11. Second comment of your thread was someone on the left calling people "deplorable". You guys can't help yourselves.
  12. Apparently the state came up with a way to back up the sewer, turned off their water, and closed them due to health code and to remediate the sewer backup.
  13. How so? That democrats are proud to see citizens for going to that gym arrested like that? Damned right they are. They'd be happy to see police resort to violence too.
  14. PA may be the worst of them all.