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  1. What I find most interesting is the media reporting and timing of the reporting on this story. It seems like a fairly minor local arrest if you strip away the sensationalism in the reporting.......also the guy was arrested a week ago. Its the timing of the reporting that jumps out at me coming on the heels of an absolutely horrific week for the left wing media. The media needed a shiny new object to distract the viewers away from the loony democrat candidates, AOC, Laura Logan and Smollet stories that have been dominating the news for the past week..........What better way than a good white supremacist gun nut story.
  2. I used to use them on the jetties. As mentioned a lot of maintenance to keep the salt from killing them.
  3. The best of the best I generally do not post to social media. If there is a way I could easily batch watermark every image in a file that would be awesome. The stuff I do put out there I don't mind people using so long as I'm getting proper credit for my work.
  4. What is the easiest way to watermark your photos if you do not have Photoshop or Lightroom? Preferably free or inexpensive. Getting tired of seeing my pictures snaked and posted on social media without photo credit. The stuff I post publicly is out there and I don't mind if individuals use it so long as they post a photo credit. Had a business yesterday use one of my shots without permission or photo credit and I'm not so cool with that. Really not cool with businesses snaking my stuff for their marketing.
  5. Fixed that for you.
  6. I was really hoping some of our resident climate change experts would help us figure out which events are just weather and which ones are climate change.
  7. Come on guys. Lets focus here. NOAA says there are "Climate Disasters" on their graphic. I really want to know which ones are "Climate Disasters".
  8. Well see, that's what has me confused here. Whenever there is a blizzard or record cold I am always told that those events are not "Climate" related so we can not use them as evidence that the "Climate" is or isn't doing something. I'm really hoping someone who is far more wise than me on matters of "Climate" can help me out.
  9. NOAA posted this so it must be true. Just need some help though. Can someone here tell me which of the following events listed on NOAA's graphic is a "Climate Disaster"? Their graphic clearly says that these are the Weather and "Climate" disasters for 2018. Just need someone to break down which are weather and which are "Climate". Thanks.
  10. If you ever thought democrats were better than republicans, independents, libertarians or anyone you were sorely mistaken. Never trust people who see things as shades of grey.
  11. The Party Planning Committee is in big trouble. They aren't going to be allowed to plan the big bash in 2020 when Trump wins again.
  12. Prediction: Since Trump had a pretty good night last night and Democrats made themselves look like un-American childish fools: Within 24-hours the media will come up with some sort of Trump bombshell to try to take things off track for the president.
  13. They are running out of ideas.................
  14. Most arguments of the leftist are based on their feelz. There is no room for logic and certainly no room to discuss the possible negative unintended consequences of the policies they support. Most of their arguments turn into nasty personal attacks the minute you show them the flaws in their position.
  15. Met a professional a month or so ago who had recently switched from Canon to the latest Sony mirrorless. He was shooting with Sony's new 100-400. He said its a total game changer.