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  1. With the products I sell if I take the back off and look closely at the circuit boards you will see names of companies on individual components from all over the world. While the image below doesn't list the makers of the individual components it does give you an idea of how many items go into a typical circuit board. This diagram doesn't even begin to get into the minutia of the individual tiny bits mounted on that board which make it function. Take away any one of those items and you no longer have a functioning board.
  2. Its not just the car industry I can assure you regarding the chips. This is effecting many areas of technology. Back in January I took one of the biggest orders I've had in years. Here it is first week of May and HP still has not gotten me the hardware. Classic case of never celebrate a payday until the check is in the bank.
  3. Obama's needs a person's head sticking out of the bushes.
  4. Trump's is OK. Obama's has to be the worst ever. Looks like it was painted by a high school student.
  5. Immigration: F Covid 19: F Economy: F (Don't be fooled by the number of dollars in your pocket as they devalue the currency)
  6. I drive a 2019 Outback and love the thing. Haven't had it on the beach but it is excellent on snow. Such a versatile car.
  7. Here is what you all are missing. Politically active democrats don't care that CNN is open propaganda. They applaud CNN for their efforts. They don't care about the dishonesty. They don't care what you think of them personally. They don't care about their glaring lack of integrity. Politically active democrats have a far different world view than the rest of us. They believe that the ends justify the means and a whole lot of them believe that the ends justify ANY means. These people do not believe in moral absolutes or concepts of right and wrong. This is why I warn every one of you both in your personal and professional lives to be very careful when dealing with politically active democrats. Keep them at arms length. Their world view is not just limited to politics, they will treat you both personally and professionally with the same ends justify means approach.
  8. If you think people of a certain race can't get an ID, You Might Be A Racist.
  9. Got this shot this evening. Cracks me up. No idea what they were talking about. Any captions? Have at it.
  10. Not racially motivated according to Philadelphia Police. Homeless Man Arrested After Attacking Asian Woman In Center City: Philadelphia Police
  11. Was pretty obvious what the democrat plan was for this issue yesterday morning when on another message board I visit a leftist activist from the west coast posted a link to a BS story about this local Florida matter that put all the focus on RADIOACTIVITY. The story made it sound like this was Chernobyl. Leftists are laying the groundwork and hoping and praying for a catastrophe so that they can use it to damage a rising foe.
  12. Democrats view Florida's governor as a rising threat. You can expect the democrats and their media allies to amplify, weaponize and politicize this and anything else they can over the next few years to destroy the man.
  13. I'll be willing to bet that when its said and done there will be a designated no recreational boating or fishing zone around them.
  14. Couple of shots from my back step yesterday.