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  1. If you take federal subsidies like Section 8 the law likely forbids you from doing a background check. You take the money, you get what you get. As for a regular landlord who does not take government rental assistance funds, quite frankly you'd be a fool not to do a deep background check on a prospective tennant.
  2. Guess why it has to be faxed and not emailed. If you guessed HIPPA, you'd be right. Believe it or not, HIPPA views faxing as more secure than email. I kid you not. Remember that HIPPA was written eons ago in terms of technology. Only in the world of the government would a piece of paper floating around the office before being placed in the hands of minimum wage employees at a shredding company be more secure than an email that can only be viewed by someone with password or encryption access to the email account. Even when medical offices use the fax forwarding capabilities of their fax equipment to drop faxes in a network share drive it is done in a less than secure manner 9 times out of 10. Yay fax!!!!
  3. Opening post oozes mental illness.
  4. Your opening post was insulting on several levels so don't take it personally when someone sees through it and calls it as they see it.
  5. If Trump gets indicted will your empty life feel fulfilled? I doubt it.
  6. God I hate the cold and this time of year!!!! First we had the time change and now this weekend it turned cold and I had to shut off my outside water and the outside shower. I really need to move somewhere down south. Next thing to look forward to is the first day of winter and the assurance it brings that the days will be getting a little longer each day and then I can look forward to changing the clocks back where they belong in 117 days, 15 hours and 5 minutes. Yes I'm counting.
  7. I had a 94. It was a good truck that never gave me a problem.
  8. The small plane was formation flying with a Mustang and I think as they turned the pilot at fault was focusing his attention on his position in relation to the Mustang he was flying with. In doing so he was oblivious to his surroundings and caused his own death along with five innocents.
  9. 100% this ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  10. The bizarre thing with Democrats is they believe we on the right are more loyal to Trumby than we really are. Our opposition to Democrats is far stronger than our attachment to Trumby ever was. I didn't even vote for the guy on one of his two runs. Trumby wasn't my preference then or now but given the choice between Trumby and any Democrat on the planet, I'll take Trumby every time. Democrats are the lowest of the lowest pondscum.
  11. People like you expend a heck of a lot more energy on Trumby than people like me. Does anyone still believe democrats? Do you trust them? Hellllllllllll No!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Are you a hatemonger? You seem like one.
  13. To sum up this thread, The freaks are freaking out.
  14. Its not about votes anymore, its about ballot harvesting.