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  1. Best sandwich. Scramble three eggs in a bowl. Put a nice blob of butter in small frying pan just below medium heat. Pour in your eggs. Grab two slices of your favorite bread and put it in the eggs. Put a little butter on top of each slice. After a few minutes flip your bread and eggs and spin it around to distribute the butter. Place two slices of your favorite cheese on one of the slices. Give a good squirt of ketschup. Fold your eggs and bread into a sandwich and brown it on both sides.
  2. I'd walk over fiery coals to vote against democrats, no matter the nominee.
  3. Its honestly not bad for short flights. American and United aren't enough better to justify the added cost especially if you get unlucky and wind up on one of their older planes. If I'm flying to California I'll usually fly American but will usually fly Spirit to Florida and about half the time I'll use Spirit for my annual trip to Puerto Rico. I was just in Puerto Rico last week and Spirit was $150 per person and American was $650. I can't justify that for a four and a half hour flight. The biggest rip off to me is airport parking. Paid $268 for parking at PHL.
  4. Here is what I do. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the am usually have the lowest fares. I keep hitting the Spirit website for the flights I want. Clear Spirit browser cookies in between. When I find the lowest price I get in my car and drive to the Atlantic City Airport and go to the Spirit counter and get prices for the flights I want from a human. At the counter its usually 30% less than whatever you saw on the website. Spirit's website is run by a 3rd party and takes a cut of on-line tickets. My office is only about 10 minutes from ACY so its not an inconvenience. You can buy at ACY even if you are departing from PHL. Here is what I just found for your dates. I'd expect to pay no more than $130 if I got in my car and bought the same tickets in person. The best deals I've gotten over the years was round trip to San Juan for $86 per person and round trip to LA for $137 per person.
  5. Couple of back yard visitors to my AirBnB last week in Puerto Rico.
  6. My nephew just did three years ago. Did ROTC all through high school and signed up for the Army well before his high school graduation. He was off to basic training right after graduation and shortly before his 18th birthday. He's been stationed in Germany since shortly after Basic. Why don't we know anything about these two shooters yet? Side note, anyone notice how all the nuts who cry for gun control are always the same ones who oppose the death penalty, support BLM and Defund the police?
  7. I've always bought Reef flip flops. I guess I was just a sucker for their advertising inside the front cover of Surfer magazine for about 25 years.
  8. Being a surfer I have plenty of wetsuits around in a variety of thicknesses. If its cold I wear the appropriate wetsuit for the day.
  9. Seems most denominations have been going the commie route more than anything.
  10. Shut up and follow the science!!!!
  11. Going from Eleuthera to Nassau in 1992 was a real culture shock. Eleuthera was still very undeveloped then. I've never been back to the Bahamas but I would love to return to Eleuthera.
  12. Magicman I just reposted what I posted previously in hopes you will directly address the democrat's efforts to thwart Trump from following through on securing the border at every turn.
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