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  1. I just shoot from the beach with a 100-400 Lens on a Canon 7D. At beaches where the action is real close to shore I can get a perspective that looks like I'm in the water by shooting from way down the beach or by standing on a jetty or outfall pipe. I'd love to have a water housing but they are outrageously expensive. A guy I knew took a DSLR and wrapped it with plastic wrap real good and then molded his own. It was very ingenious. I've thought about buying an older DSLR and copying his idea. I've experimented with goPro cameras and waterproof point and shoot cameras but not in quite a while.
  2. This is a sore subject for me right now. Have a freshman in college now and a senior in high school now. I'm from a humble background. My parents married right out of high school and my father a carpenter and my mother a seamstress. Neither of my parents went to college. My parents were able to put two of us through privates colleges and the third through a technical school for dental tech with ZERO loans and ZERO student loan debt passed along to me and my siblings. My daughter is looking at going to the same college my wife and I both graduated from in 1992. The cost for that college is now $4,000 more for a single year than it cost for me to go for 4 years. Its insane. Incomes for middle income families have not gone up five fold since 1992 yet somehow the cost of college has gone up five fold.
  3. If you have to defend it you must be just as nutty as she is.
  4. You seem to purposely forget the efforts of the left to block the president's efforts at every move via airport protests and the courts. You seem to be dishonest or ignorant of the fact that Republicans did not have enough votes to get things through the senate. You are either being dishonest or ignoring the fact that we had a two year's long investigation who's goal was to delegitimize and undercut the agenda of the president. Send in the helicopter gun ships. along our border and give them the same treatment the coast guard gives to suspected drug vessels on the high seas that fail to yield to coast guard demands.
  5. The laws are there. We are not enforcing our laws. That is the problem.
  6. We had some good surf here yesterday morning.
  7. Simple answer. Meuller literally works for Trump. Trump is literally his boss. On Monday go to your boss' office and try to interview him regarding some sort of wrongdoing you accuse him of. See how that works out for you. Beyond that screw Meuller and everyone else trying to undermine a newly elected president for his first two years in office. Zero respect.
  8. A batch from this morning's walk. Only had about 15 minutes of good light.
  9. From this morning.
  10. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ X10
  11. For the record this was in the early 90s not the 80s. I'm not that old.....
  12. For the life of me I can't figure out what that last post has to do with the price of cheese in Saskatchewan.
  13. My background is in electronics repair. If you remember the old IBM electro mechanical typewriters.....the ones with the ball. I started my career trained to repair those. Its a lot like working on a watch just on a bigger scale.....perhaps even more complex. If you think about the ball on one of those typewriters it has 4 rows of characters around it and it has to cock, rotate, fire and hit the paper perfectly square (not too hard and not too soft) and return and be ready to fire again as the carriage advances. Then it has to be able to back space to precisely the same spot to make a correction by placing a character right back in the same spot using the correction tape. Think about what has to go on mechanically to make all that happen. The IBM Selectric Typewriter was a mechanical marvel. I used to disassemble and reassemble and adjust two of them a day when I was in the shop plus I was on the road doing repairs in the field. From there I moved on to electronics as it was the end of the typewriter era.
  14. I've been away from this kind of work for about 15 years now and doing this repair really made me feel old. I'll be 50 in a few months and its surprising how unsteady my hands have become and how bad my eyes are. Notice that there is not one but two pairs of reader glasses in the picture. Part way through I was thinking to myself that if I ever need surgery on my body I really want a young surgeon to do the work.